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Keep a careful eye on your children and elderly relatives with this tracking device built inside a normal looking iPhone charging case. The live GPS tracking module allows you to watch real time movements and download full history journeys - making it ideal for parents with alzheimer, or for general personal safety.


Functional iPhone Charging Case With Real Street Tracking

This is a fully functional charging case designed to fit your iPhone 5 / 5S however, the case is also meticulously fitted with a LIVE tracking module so you will always know the street turn by turn journey the case takes each day.  It is not a requirement to use any iPhone in the case because the case shell itself is the actual tracking device.

By appearance the iPhone Tracker Case looks just like any other high street accessory.

  • Lone Workers - When you are working alone, the case provides vital additional battery power to your iPhone at the same time allowing your employers or partner to know exactly where you are.
  • Elderly Parents - Ideal for knowing where your relatives are should they become lost or become anxious when out alone.
  • Children - Know where your kids are day or night and remove any concerns you may have about their whereabouts.
  • Vehicle / Asset Security - The case doesn't need to be carried with you so for car or other asset security just drop it in the glove compartment and know you can fully track its whereabouts in the event of theft or taken without consent.

The tracking aspect of the iPhone case is always active and is designed to be controlled remotely from your online tracking console.  Get up to seven (7) days standby time or 3-4 days of real-time tracking (sometimes longer) depending on your choice of tracking settings (per charge).


Upon opening the packaging you can be live tracking within minutes without any setup procedures.  Simply login to your secure online tracking console from your computer or mobile device and view super accurate full colour street level tracking throughout the UK and Europe as standard.  For USA customers please contact us.

See every street-by-street turn, where the iPhone case began a journey and where it ended up and for how long.  See full journey movements which can be download to your computer in an easy-to-read journey report, plus much much more!


The tracking console has a neat little function called 'Flight Mode' and when this feature is enabled, the iPhone case can be completely switched OFF for a period up to 16 hours (you select how many hours).  Using the flight mode feature will extend the overall battery performance and is ideal for enabling during times when you know the iPhone case will be stationary for some time.  Once the specified hours have expired, the iPhone case will resume normal tracking.  Of course, the flight mode feature can also be disabled at any time during flight mode.


The online tracking console provides much more functionality than being beautiful eye candy - it allows you to make changes to everything the iPhone tracking case does.  Each journey the iPhone case takes it is logged on your console for reviewing at any time you wish.  The Geo Fence feature can be activated at any time which alerts you by email or by SMS to your mobile phone whenever the iPhone case enters an area, or moves out of an area you specify.  There are many neat features which can be used to fine tune the iPhone tracking case to your preferred needs.


For iPhone users why not download the FREE tracking app available from the iTunes store which provides a simplified and convenient way to log into your online tracking console directly within the app.


The iPhone case can be purchased either as a Pay-As-You-Go or as an unlimited tracking option.  Pay-As-You-Go tracking is ideal for the low user, whilst unlimited tracking is best suited for medium to heavy users.  More about the tracking options are explained in the FAQ's.


This iPhone tracking case is the perfect body worn or vehicle tracking device requiring absolutely no software installation or complicated set up procedures - and works straight out of the box for accurate real time tracking.

More Information

Will the iPhone case actually charge my iPhone?

Yes.  The case will function to recharge any iPhone 5 or 5S model when placed in the cradle and the ON/OFF button pressed.

Is it possible to know the iPhone case is also a tracking device?

No.  The iPhone case looks no different than a standard iPhone charging case.  The tracking module has cleverly been integrated inside the case with incredible engineering.  The tracking aspect can be used with or without an actual iPhone in the cradle.

How do I turn the tracking aspect ON / OFF?

The tracking is always ON - there is no button on the case to switch the tracking OFF completely.  You can change the report timing from within your online tracking console and also use the flight mode feature to switch OFF the tracking remotely for a defined period up to 16 hours, however, the functionality is deigned so the case is always actively available for tracking.

How do I charge the iPhone case?

You are supplied with a lightning cable and a genuine Apple USB plug to recharge the case.

How long will the tracking aspect of the iPhone case work for?

This depends on how often you have the iPhone case reporting its current location and how active the case is moving.  As an approximate guide the standby time is around seven (7) days, and the active tracking can achieve around 3-4 days.  The tracking can be maximised by making small adjustments from within your online tracking platform.

Can I real time track throughout Europe?

Yes.  The iPhone case is capable of being used for tracking purposes throughout almost any country worldwide but if you do intend on using outside Europe please contact us prior to purchasing.

I don't need to track the iPhone case all the time, but I would like to know when the case starts to move off, or moves into an area it shouldn't be going?

If you do not want to sit back and watch on your tracking console as the iPhone case travels through the streets in a city etc.. then there are other options such as being notified by email or by text message to your mobile phone whenever the iPhone case starts to move, or enters an area, or even leaves an area.  The features and functionality that is available to fine tune your requirements are both excellent and easy to use.

I note there is Pay-As-You-Go and Unlimited tracking options?

Yes.  The unlimited tracking is ideally suited for medium to heavy users who want the convenience of an 'always active' tracker without the need of ongoing top ups with Position Credits.  In addition, the unlimited tracking option works out much cheaper in the long run at just £149.00 + VAT per year - this works out at £12.41 per month - outstanding value for unlimited tracking.

P-A-Y-G tracking is ideally suited for the low user where the iPhone case doesn't need to be tracked all the time on a regular basis throughout the year.  For example: you might want to track for a week and then not for a few days or so.

How are SMS credits deducted?

SMS credits are reduced whenever you instruct the iPhone case to do something from within your online tracking console.  For example: you may wish to change how often the iPhone case reports its current location from every 30 seconds to every 30 minutes, or perhaps you may wish to be notified when the iPhone case moves into a area you are not happy the user should be in.  An SMS Credit is deducted for each command you instruct the tracker to perform and costs £12.00 + VAT per 100.

How are position credits used?

If on a Pay-As-You-Go, one (1) Position Credit is deducted whenever the iPhone case moves off, makes a stop, or travels a journey.  When the iPhone case is stationary and not moving, then no Position Credits are deducted.  Position Credits cost £25.00 per 2'500.

Please Note: When either Position or SMS Credits reach zero (0), the iPhone case will be unable to receive your instructions through your online tracking console, nor be able to display or record journey routes taken until further credits are topped up.

Technical Info
  • A fully functional iPhone charging case with internal GPS LIVE tracking
  • The case fits the iPhone 5 and 5S models
  • Watch LIVE tracking every 10 seconds
  • Complete journey routes recorded for evidence and analysis
  • View journey routes in play back mode
  • Flight mode - switch ON / OFF the tracking function for up to 16 hours to extend battery performance
  • In-built fully rechargeable 1'700 mAh lithium battery
  • Charge the iPhone case through normal lightning cable (supplied)
  • Battery charge time - approx three (3) hours
  • Battery performance (per charge) - approx seven (7) days standby time / 3 - 4 days active use
  • Latest UBlox chipset technology
  • Motion movement sensor - 2G acceleration scale-3-axis
  • Geo fence - notifies your mobile phone by SMS or email when the tracking case enters or leaves a defined area that you specify
  • Battery indicator - see the remaining battery level on the tracking console
  • Accurate tracking - 2.5 meters street level
  • Operates throughout the UK, Europe and most of the USA
  • Dimensions - 140 x 35 x 20 mm
  • Available in white and black colour case from drop down menu above
  • Supplied with iPhone tracking case, genuine Apple USB plug, USB lighting cable and User Guide
  • Perfect for monitoring lone workers, children or elderly relatives and also for anti-theft security of your car, caravan, boat, motorcycle, pushbike etc


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