NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device

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One of our most popular real time GPS trackers, very small in size, and suitable for all weather conditions as it is completely sealed.  Very easy to move from vehicle to other asset due to its strong magnetic base, without messy wires in sight.  Track vehicles for up to 7 days per charge with this live GPS tracker and watch turn by turn movements from a smartphone or computer.  A fantasic little product for car security, cycles and motorbikes etc.

A Magnetic LIVE Tracking Device; with Seven (7) Days Battery Performance

The NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device is one of our personal favourites, due to is small 60 x 30 x 35 mm size and sealed waterproof design.  The NanoMag tracker is also magnetic for rapid deployment and a wise investment for those seeking accurate live tracking of your vehicle or other valuable asset from a computer or smartphone.

To recharge the tracking device, simply place the NanoMag on the supplied wireless charging mat - it's that easy.  You are supplied ready to track from opening the box and if requested at the time of purchase, you can login to your secure online tracking console and view street by street movments as it comes to you.


The NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device can report its location movments as quickly as every five (5) seconds.

  • Based on two (2) hours driving per day - approx seven (7) days battery
  • Based on little movement - up to 40 days battery
  • Based on reporting a location in every four (4) hours - up to three (3) months battery

From the tracking console simply click the flight / steath mode button to remotely deactivate the tracker for a selectable period up to 16 hours.  This neat little feature completely disables all tracking functionality to maximise battery performance.


The SIM card fitted inside the NanoMag provides reliable tracking throughout Europe and UK as standard.  If you need the tracker to operate in other countries, for example: USA, then please contact us prior to purchase.

All tracking journeys are recorded for prosperity and / or evidential purposes to your secure tracking console and stored for three (3) months.  History storage is ideal if you wish to show proof of movements to a client, or provide accurate location movements in the event of theft etc.  Furthermore, using the Geo fencing feature on the secure tracking console means you can be alerted by an SMS to your mobile phone when the vehicle moves away or enters an area it shouldn't.

The NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device is a fantastic all round performer for surveillance operations including monitoring employee company vehicles, rental vehicles, plant machinery, trailers and containers, or for monitoring your vehicle or other valuable assets for security and insurance.

And for ease of use, there is no software installation nor any setup.  Just charge and track.


iPhone users can download the FREE mobile tracking app available on the Apple iTunes Store. The app gives you complete flexibility on your smartphone at the touch of a button to display real updates and make changes as you see fit.


The NanoMag tracker will work throughout the UK and Europe and is available to purchase as either a Pay-As-You-Go or Unlimited tracking.

For further information on which tracking option is best for you, please read the FAQ page.

More Information
Im unsure which is best - Unlimited or PAYG tracking?

Unlimited tracking is best suited for customers who need consistent 24/7 tracking use and who do not wish to be concerned about topping up.  P-A-Y-G tracking is best suited for the low user who may only use the tracker sporadically for a few weeks then put it away for a little while etc.

How much does unlimited tracking cost?

This is a one-off cost of £149.00 per year which allows you to track around the clock as much as you like and is available from the drop down menu.

Why not use a network voucher?  Why apply PAYG credits instead?

Applying PAYG credits is a much more convenient way to top up by removing the need of visiting a supermarket, buying vouchers, dialling the automated network service number and applying funds to the tracker.  PAYG credits also removes doubt of how much balance is remaining, and if you allow your balance to drop to zero then no tracker can function properly.  For this reason we use ‘Credits’ as an alternative and faster way to apply top up balance to your tracking console so you can visually see how many credits are remaining on your tracking console.  Credits also allow the tracker to work throughout UK, Europe and most of the USA.

What are Position Credits?

For tracking by Pay-As-You-Go, your console will show how many Position Credits you have remaining.  A position credit is used when the vehicle moves from a static position, then at intervals along its journey, and finally when the vehicle comes to a stop. For example: 1x position credit is deducted when the tracker sets off on a route (in order to report its live location), and another position credit is deducted when the tracker comes to a stop (to report the last live location).  If you have the tracker set to report its position say every 15 minutes then a position credit is automatically deducted every 15 minutes so you can real time track the vehicle on its journey.

What are SMS Credits?

Regardless of the tracker having unlimited or PAYG tracking, your console will show how many SMS Credits are available.  An SMS credit is automatically used whenever you command the tracker to change its interval times (5 mins to 10 mins etc), or if you set an invisible fence around a street zone so the tracker can alert you when it enters or leaves the area.  Any instruction you command the tracker to do by remote changes from your console will deduct 1x SMS credit.

What costs are Pay-As-You-Go tracking?

Tracking usage will inevitably vary for each customer - some customers will use less tracking than others.  The Pay-As-You-Go costs are:

  • 2’500x position credits – £25.00
  • 100x SMS credits – £12.50 (these are applicable to both unlimited and PAYG)
What is the size of the tracker?

This tracking device is very small and measures just 60 x 35 x 30 mm.  To give you an idea of actual size, it can be placed on the palm of your hand, and your fingers can wrap around it completely.

How do I track the tracker?

You are provided with a private tracking console from which you can login from any Windows or Mac computer, or mobile and tablet devices.  If you are an iPhone user, we also provide a free tracking app for fast login and easy navigation of the tracker in real-time.

Is my tracking console secure from 3rd parties?

Yes.  In addition to the unique six (6) digit login, you can apply a further password.  We do not have access to a password you specify so if you forget it, the console will need to be reset and the associated tracking history will be deleted.

Would the tracker fall off my vehicle?

No.  Although small in size, the device uses a very powerful neodymium magnet with a pulling force of 20 KG, so you can assured it will stay firmly attached.

Is the tracker waterproof?

Yes.  The tracker is completely sealed with a strong rubberised coated material making it 100% waterproof.  In fact, as the unit is sealed, there are no external charging ports or buttons whatsoever!

So how do I charge the tracker?

The tracker uses wireless charging technology, therefore, simply by placing the tracker on the supplied wireless mat, the tracker will automatically recharge back to full strength.

How long does the battery last after a full charge?

The tracker is integrated with a 2'000 mAh lithium battery, but the actual performance will vary each time based on many factors i.e.: how often the tracker is used, and how often the tracker reports its real-time location to your private tracking console.  As an estimate based in two (2) hours use per day, approx seven (7) days tracking can be achieved before a recharge is required.

Can I switch the tracker OFF for a number of hours when not being used?

Yes.  The button 'Flight Mode' can be clicked at any time, from which you can specify x amount of hours (up to 16 hours) to remotely turn the tracker OFF.  This is ideal for situations when you know the vehicle will not be moving for a period of time, and therefore, will help save valuable battery performance.  At any time, you can remotely turn the tracker back ON too.

What if I need longer use than seven (7) days tracking?

In this case, please consider our other superb tracking devices A-GPS MiniMag (14 days tracking per charge) or the Trackerpro Live Car Tracker (21 days tracking per charge).

Technical Info
  • A nano sized real-time tracking device
  • Self contained
  • Sealed & waterproof casing
  • A powerful fitted magnet - 20 KG pulling power
  • Selectable live tracking intervals responsive as every 10 seconds
  • Fully rechargeable in-built 2000 mAh lithium battery
  • Battery charging - wireless charging mat
  • Battery charging time - approx five (5) hours
  • Battery performance - approx seven (7) days LIVE tracking (per charge)
  • Low battery power consumption
  • Latest UBlox chipset technology with high gain antenna for super fast A-GPS acquisition
  • Integrated motion sensor - provides the tracker with the ability to know when to power down and wake up to conserve valuable battery life
  • Geo fencing - will alert you via SMS message when the vehicle enters or leaves any defined area you specify
  • Full drive reports - email or print off full detailed reports of every journey via the tracking console calendar
  • Flight mode feature - switches OFF the tracker for any specified period up to 16 hours, but can be switched ON again at any time.
  • Standby time - three (3) months
  • Battery status indicator - visually see the battery performance level on the console
  • Multiple tracking platforms including Google street view
  • Accurate tracking - 2.5 meters (to street level)
  • Secure tracking console
  • Automatic screen updates - seamless motion integration
  • No sight of sky - can be placed inside or the underside of any vehicle or other valuable asset
  • Play back any journey visually on the console
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Dimensions - 60 x 35 x 30 mm
  • Supplied with A-GPS nanomag tracking device, mains charger and User Guide
  • For theft management - ideal for monitoring your assets in real-time including your vehicle, plant machinery, holiday caravan, trailers, small packages and large containers
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