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This custom designed, UK designed and hand built magnetic room recorder can attach easily to a wide range of metal surfaces, recording between 5 - 60 hours on a single charge.  Hand rolled in sand and baked to a precise heat temperature, it's unique texture finish is like no other.  This professional audio recorder is voice activated, and capable of capturing exceptionally clear audio, fitted with one of the best microphones in the world.

Magnetic Sound Detection Recorder; up to 28 Days Standby and 60 Hours Recording

The Atom is a UK hand built and designed, professional room / vehicle voice activated recorder which offers absolutely stunning audio and performance.  Its low power management permits the recorder to standby for up to 28 days, and recording times between 5 - 60 hours (depending on use).  The Atom is finished in a tough coat of rolled sand, and heated to apply an exact finish which oozes quality.  It would be a fair assessment that the Atom recorder encompasses a working mechanism to rival any high end audio recording device.


Measuring just 60 x 35 x 15 mm, the Atom recorder is very easy to use with a single recording switch.  A thin layer of magnetic material is fitted to the underside of the device which provides ideal deployment opportunities where size is minimal and matters of a sensitive nature must be captured as vital evidence.


Small in size but powerful in operation, the Atom recorder offers a superior sound quality because every aspect from its initial design to end product has been built from the ground upwards.  Fitted with one of the finest microphones in the world, the Atom recorder has a three (3)x amplification and a special harmony buffer which melts unwanted background noise for example: TV and radio, whilst capturing the real foreground conversations.


After bench testing real environments the engineers preset the audio threshold at 30 db which means sound detected above that threshold will trigger the Atom to start recording and will continue to record until the audio threshold drops below 30 db.  Consideration was also applied to how the Atom stores audio and the achievement was a success.  The Atom recorder cleverly compresses each separately triggered audio (regardless of recording length) into just a single .WAV file for play back on any Windows or Mac computer without any special software or technical skill required.


Maintaining a small footprint whilst maximising performance is achieved by the combination of a high quality, fully rechargeable lithium battery with extremely low power consumption.  In real terms we were able to achieve approx 28 days of standby time (switched ON but not triggered by audio over this period) and a storage capacity to accommodate between 5 - 60 hours of voice activated audio (overall recording times will vary depending on how often and for how long the Atom is triggered).


Should you wish, each voice activated recording can be time and date stamped for prosperity.  Please note the time / date function can only be set using a Windows computer.


The Atom recorder will be recognised on both Windows and Mac operating systems and no technical skill or special software is needed. To recharge the device, and / or play back recorded content, simply connect the Atom recorder to your Windows or Mac computer to access the recorded folder.  Audio recordings can also be archived or emailed to other recipients in the normal manner.


The Atom recorder supports two (2) jack sockets to accommodate both 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm external probe and pre-cut microphones.  Used for special operations, any of these external microphones when connected automatically isolate internal microphone.


Yes we can.  We understand that whilst the Atom recorder is an exceptional product, your requirement may be slightly different ie: a longer battery performance, a modified external appearance etc, therefore, we can design and build a similar 'one-off' model to best suit your requirements.  If you do not see an alternative 'off the shelf' product on the website please contact us and we will try to accommodate your requirements.


The Atom Magnetic Voice Activation Recorder is a fantastic self contained device, built from the ground upwards for fast deployment and reliable results.  Top class engineering as standard.

More Information
How do I charge and operate the Atom recorder?

The device can be charged by mains power or through a computer USB port.  To operate the recorder a small switch activates the voice activated recording mechanism.  There is no technical skill or any special software required.

Does the Atom recorder have to be magnetic?

No.  We can custom design the recorder to your specific requirements - please contact us.  However, the thin layer of magnetic material we feel provides additional deployment capabilities for example: under a vehicle seat, underneath a desk or table or behind metal surfaces.

Why would I need to use the Atom recorder?

There are many reasons why people use voice recorders for example: you may need to find out who enters your room premises when you are not there, or perhaps you may need to provide audio evidence of an ongoing home or office dispute to the relevant authorities.

Does the Atom record continuously or upon voice activation?

Voice activated recording only.  This means when the microphone detects sound above the preset -30 db, the Atom recorder will silently commence recording and will continue to do so until the audio threshold drops below 30 db.  All recorded audio stored from the period when it was deployed is compressed and stored as one (1) single playable audio file to the Atom's internal eight (8) GB of flash memory.

Can you explain the standby & recording time?

A fully charged Atom recorder can actively monitor for audio within the vicinity it is deployed for up to 28 days.  28 days is the maximum amount of time the device can remain in standby before the internal battery requires recharging.  If sound is detected on day 22 for example, the recorder will have just enough battery juice remaining to capture that audio.  If however, the Atom device is constantly triggered by audio then the maximum 28 days will be reduced.

Why would the Atom record between 5 - 60 hours.. why not for the full 60 hours?

Again, this varies because the amount of times the recorder may be triggered and the length of each recording will also vary.

Is it possible to build me a special audio recorder?

Yes.  The engineers are specialists in this field so just drop us a message to get the ball rolling.

What format is the audio file created in?

Recording files are created and stored in standard WAV format which is supported by many different audio players.

Are there any visible LED's?

An LED will indicate when the Atom device is being charged, when it is powered ON and also when it is recording.  The use of an LED is to show you exactly what is happening whilst being very subtle without bringing unwanted attention.  We can disable LED's but we advise against it.

Does the Atom recorder provide a time / date stamp of the recording?

Yes.  This function is very easy to set but must be done via the supplied software on a Windows computer. If you choose to use this function the time & date is stamped only when the very first audio is triggered.

How are the recorded audio files played?

Simply connect the Atom device to your Windows / Mac computer using the supplied USB cable.  Once connected, your computer will begin recharging the device and at the same time the computer will assign a drive to the recorder (drive a, b, c etc).  Inside the drive will contain a folder labelled 'Recordings' and inside this folder will contain just one (1) audio file compressing all voice activated recordings which can be played through your media player without any special software.

What are the external microphones for?

We offer two (2) external microphones which can be plugged into the associated 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm ports.  The probe microphone can be used when space is minimal and the main body of the Atom recorder needs to be out of sight.  The probe microphone is an extended microphone which can be threaded through small holes in the wall to the other side, under doors, through keyholes or lined underneath carpets etc.

The pre-cut microphone can be clipped onto redundant telephone or alarm cables allowing the main body to the out of sight.

Technical Info
  • Magnetic sound activated recorder
  • Very small footprint
  • Robust design
  • Single switch recording mechanism
  • Time & date stamp (must be set on a Windows computer)
  • No beeps, noises or vibrations when recording
  • Preset -30 db voice activation threshold
  • Internal fully rechargeable 550 mAh / 3.7 V battery
  • Charging time - approx three (3) hours
  • Standby time - 28 days (no sound detected during this period)
  • Voice activated recording time - between 5 - 60 hours
  • Recording distance - 30 feet (under optimal conditions)
  • Recording format - WAV
  • Recording bit-rate - 192 KBPS
  • Storage capacity - eight (8) GB / 96 hours
  • LED charging indicator
  • Power and recording indicator
  • Three (3)x audio amplification
  • Special harmony background filter
  • Connectors - 2.5 mm & 3.5 mm external jack
  • Optional external probe and pre-cut microphones
  • Dimensions - 60 x 35 x 15 mm
  • Charging temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Operating temp - 5 - 40 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with Atom magnetic voice activation recorder, USB cable, genuine Apple USB plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for audio evidence gathering within the home / office
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