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A fantastic value mini digital voice recorder with superior sound quality, ideal for note taking, capturing meetings and keeping records of conversations.  Its smart LCD interface is easy to use, the battery life offers an impressive 110 days of super voice activated recording time, and the microphone range is an exceptional 30 feet.

Mini Digital Audio Recorder; with PCM Stereo and 110 Days Recording Time

This is a truly fine performing Mini Digital Voice Recorder with a smart LCD interface for ease-of-use navigation, and really stands out from the crowd with its amazing PCM broadcast audio recording quality.  Satisfying demand for general voice recording use, the Mini Digital Recorder also has a unique touch button Super Voice Operated System (SVOS) which turns the recorder into an investigative tool with an extremely long 110 days of voice activated recording time.

Do not under estimate this small pocket sized audio recorder, a highly sensitive in-built microphone can detect noise / sound approx 30 feet away from where the device is placed, storing each recorded file in MP3 format to its internal four (4) GB flash memory.

Play back of recorded audio files can be listened through any Windows or Mac computer but also through the recorders in-built speaker by connecting earphones - which is ideal when traveling or on the move.


A unique feature to the Mini Digital Voice Recorder Pro and not currently found on any similar type of device is the discreet voice activated recording function, which powers the unit down into an incredibly low power consumption whilst capable of monitoring and recording the room environment for sounds over a 16 week period on just two (2)x AAA batteries!  This function can be switched ON / OFF by a single switch found on the side of the device.


Whilst the SVOS feature offers outstanding functionality, other selectable recording modes are available through the recorder's menu which is ideal for recording meetings, interviews, lectures and general dictation.  For example: High quality (HQ mode) will produce 30 hours of recording / 65 hours total storage.  The recorder can also operate without batteries when plugged into a computer USB port and record until its four (4) GB storage memory is full.

The Mini Digital Voice Recorder Pro has a Password Protection system which can be enabled to prevent unauthorised users from accessing recorded audio files.


To enhance audio recording, a special ALC noise filtering technology can be enabled from within the settings menu and is designed to help minimise low band background noise and emphasise on foreground speech.  This provides a much clearer, defined, and well balanced audio recording.


The voice recorder can also be used as a Mass Storage which can hold your important files, documents, images, or any other material in any of the four (4) available storage folders labeled A, B, C or D.

As an example, you could specify Folder A to store audio recordings, Folder B for storing your music, Folder C for storing sensitive documents and Folder D for other miscellaneous.


Simply connect the Mini Digital Voice Recorder Pro to your computer via the supplied USB cable to access the recorded files, and play back audio through the computer's speakers.  You may also store, archive or email any recorded audio file/s in the normal fashion.

This is a solid performing recording device, offering an array of fantastic features whilst maintaining a very user friendly operation.  A beautiful black & silver colour provides a neutral modern appearance and measuring just 30 x 90 x 15 mm, its small size is more than capable of delivering a knockout performance for customers seeking only the very best.

More Information
How small is the voice recorder?

It is pocket sized and measures 30 x 90 x 15 mm and weighs just 35 grams.

Does it have an LCD display?

Yes.  Although the settings are really minimal for ease of use.

Why use SVOS mode?

This feature is called Super Voice Operated System, and has been specifically designed to enable extremely long standby times up to 110 days using voice activated recording.  At the flick of switch the device instantly:

  • Enters super low battery power mode
  • Enables PCM broadcast audio quality
  • Turns the LCD display blank
  • Disables all LED's
  • Heightens the microphone to record only when audio is detected
  • Records for 60 seconds after non audio detection to ensure everything is captured
What is the recording time when not using voice activation?

There are selectable recording quality modes - the lower the quality, the longer the actual recording time.  Using the highest PCM recording quality the device will record for 24 hours using two (2)x new alkaline or lithium batteries.

How far can the microphone record from?

Using PCM mode the device can clearly capture conversations from approx 35 feet.  You can also place the recorder out of sight for example: in a draw or cupboard and the microphone will still pick up clear audio from a closer range.

Does the recorder stamp each audio with a time & date?
Technical Info
  • Mini digital voice recorder pro with top notch features
  • Very user friendly design
  • Beautiful black & silver modern appearance
  • Unique SVOS feature - enters super voice activated recording in extremely low power mode
  • Up to 110 days standby time
  • LCD screen display and LED's disabled
  • In-built speaker for instant audio play back
  • Selectable recording modes - PCM (ultra high broadcast) / HQ / SP / LP
  • Storage capacity - internal four (4) GB flash memory
  • PCM quality - 24 hours recording / storage
  • High quality (HQ mode) - 30 hours recording / 65 hours total audio storage
  • Standard quality (SP mode) - 130 hours storage
  • Long play (LP mode) - 520 hours storage
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Selectable storage folders (A / B / C / D) - each folder can store up to 999 files
  • AGC (automatic gain control) microphone
  • Noise filtering technology
  • Manual / continuous recording
  • Voice activation recording
  • Recording distance - 30 - 35 feet
  • Pause during recording
  • Recording time remaining indicator
  • USB connection
  • Remaining battery indicator
  • Automatic power off (APO) function after one (1) minute non use to save battery power
  • Automatic file save function - prevents loss of files in the event of battery failure
  • External power support
  • Power - DC 5V / 500 mA
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Dimensions - 30 x 90 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 35 grams
  • Operating systems - Windows & Mac
  • Supplied with mini digital voice recorder pro, USB cable, 2x AAA batteries, earphones, external microphone, telephone adapter, audio cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for recording general meetings, interviews, dictation, verbal slander, or for extremely long term discreet use for evidential purposes
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