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A professional but very easy to use USB stick voice recorder with a superb 30 foot microphone range.  Discreet black colour and fully portable, you can confidently take this body worn audio recorder anywhere in the world without raising an eyebrow.  2 recording modes: voice activation and manual recording, plus even records when plugged into a computer USB port.  As an added bonus, each audio recording can be time and date labelled too.

USB Flash Stick Voice Recorder; with Super Long Standby & Time / Date Stamp Recording

Hands down this is currently one of the better spy voice recorders on the market today.  This little marvel of a recorder oozes quality and performance to encompass almost everything you need in a professional but 'easy-to-use' audio recording device.

To the naked eye the USB Flash Voice Recorder Time & Date Stick can be displayed and used as a normal eight (8) GB Mass Storage Device for holding your important documents, spread sheets, files, photos etc, however, a subtle recording mechanism enables the powerful and sensitive microphone to capture events as a surveillance voice recorder.  The in-built AGC (automatic gain control) adjusts the voice level to accommodate close up recording and distance recording up to 30 feet away without any distortion whatsoever.

In our tests using a Mac computer with a software program called 'Boom 2' installed from the app store, the computer speakers were capable of playing audio files of the USB stick some 30 feet away from where the device had been placed, but was also capable of playing whispers around 15 feet away.  This really is supersonic recording quality.  The recording mechanism switch is very subtle so that manual or voice activation modes can be started / stopped under natural movement.


A much sought after functionality is to know exactly when each recording was created.  This can help to resolve disputes, provide an accurate timeframe of any given situation or just for your own memory recap when playing audio files.  Simply press a button to sync your computer time & date with the recorder - its that easy!

Please Note: Syncing the time & date to the USB flash stick can only be done using a Windows computer.


At the flick of a switch you can selectively choose your preferred recording mode:

  • Voice Activation Recording - place the USB flash stick within the room or vehicle environment to cover a lengthy 25 days / 600 hours standby time
  • Continuous Recording - carry the USB flash stick as a body-worn recorder to capture audio 'on the fly' at any time for a total recording time up to 24 hours!

The USB flash stick can withstand close visual examination and for added peace of mind there are No LED's, No noises, No sounds, and No moving parts during recording.


If you have the capability to plug the USB flash stick into any computer port the recording time can be substantially increased.  For example:

  • The huge 24 hours of continuous recording the USB is already capable of from its own internal fully rechargeable lithium battery can be increased to a whopping 288 hours of continuous recording time (until its eight (8) GB capacity has been reached)
  • The outstanding 25 days standby time can be increased to several months standby time (or until its eight (8) GB capacity has been reached)

Fantastic MP3 encoding @ 64 KBPS for an enhanced and clearer audio recording sound than ever before!


We appreciate that in some circumstances gathering audio evidence is important and most people are very observant which is why this USB stick recorder with time & date offers a subtle recording mechanism for peace of mind.


No special software is required to play the audio recordings on your computer.  Designed for use on both Windows and Mac computer without the need of any technical skill whatsoever using simple Plug & Play technology.

Simply carry this slimline USB flash stick about your person either in your outside shirt / blouse pocket or under light clothing, or casually leave the device behind in a room or vehicle to capture audio for general meetings or for gathering evidence to support ongoing disputes etc

More Information
Can I show the USB stick as a normal USB storage device?

Yes.  The USB flash stick can be seen and used as a fully functional mass storage device to hold your files, documents, images etc.

How easy is it to start and stop voice recording?

Very easy!  The top of the USB stick has a natural sliding laynard which can be moved depending on the recording mode you wish to apply.

I need to know the time & date each file was created, is this possible?

Yes.  This USB device supports a time & date function for evidential purposes if required.  This procedure must be set on a Windows computer only.  Playback of the audio can be on ANY computer (Windows or Mac).

How many continuous hours can I record for?

The USB stick can record as a standalone device for a total of 24 hours per charge which is fantastic length of time.

What if I need it to record for longer than 24 hours?

If you connect the USB stick to your computer (plug into a USB port) then the device obtains its power from the computer and can record continuously for 288 hours!

In voice activation mode, how long is the standby time?

The device can remain in voice activation mode for up to 25 days thats 600 hours!  That really is an outstanding length of time.  Likewise, as per the question above, if connected to a USB port of a computer can remain constantly powered for months and months in voice activation mode.

How good is the audio voice recording?

Outstanding @ 64KBPS, it is easily one the finest recorders on the market for audio quality and ease of use.  You will be very pleasantly surprised just how clear the recordings are and the range the microphone can pick up.

What recording format are the files created?

Recordings are stored in MP3 format, which is supported by many different audio players.

What's the difference between voice activated recording and manual recording?

When you need to capture audio 'on the fly' whenever the need arises then simply flick the switch and the device will commence recording until you flick the switch back again.  Should you need to record audio when you are absent from a room or vehicle or for extremely long periods of standby then flick the switch the other way and activate the voice detection mode.

Are there any visible LED's or noises when the USB stick is recording?


Can audio recordings be password protected?

Unfortunately not.

How do I play back the recorded audio?

Simply plug the USB stick into your computer (Windows or Mac) to access the folder which contains the recorded files.  No special software is required to play the audio files.

I must have the best audio quality, is this something you can assure me?

Yes.  All of our USB stick voice recorders are selected for the highest quality and will not disappoint.  This model is no exception.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional USB flash stick with spy voice recorder
  • Captures each audio recording with a time & date
  • Powerful and sensitive microphone capable of clear recording up to 30 ft away
  • Single switch recording mechanism
  • No visible LED's / noises / vibration / moving parts whilst recording
  • Manual recording & voice activated recording modes
  • Battery type - 3.7 V / 180 mA
  • Charging time - two (2) hours
  • Recording time powered from internal lithium battery - 24 hours (creating 4x files @ 5 hours long and 1x file @ 4 hours long)
  • Recording time powered from a computer - 288 hours
  • Voice activated standby time - 600 hours (25 days)
  • Voice activation detection level - 60 dB(A)
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Recording bit-rate - 64 KBPS
  • Recording distance - 35 feet (under optional conditions)
  • Frequency response - 100 Hz - 1000 KHz
  • ALC function - automatic level recording control
  • Storage capacity - eight (8) GB
  • Total audio storage capacity - 288 hours
  • Maximum number of recording files - 999
  • LED charging indicator and battery level indicator
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Dimensions - 70 x 10 x 20 mm
  • Weight - 15 grams
  • Usage temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Humidity - 20 - 80 %
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with USB flash voice recorder time & date stick and User Guide
  • Ideal for recording meetings, interviews and general dictation for evidential purposes
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