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Aptly named 'Ultra Small' for a good reason, these are the smallest and thinnest digital voice recorders producing superior audio sound quality.  Incredibly lightweight, it can be carried in an open shirt pocket or placed in or around the smallest spaces to gather clear audio evidence.  Both recorders are beautiful black matt colour with recording modes including voice activation, continuous and scheduled, plus a built-in magnet for attachment to metal surfaces.  Audio files are listed in chronological order and stamped with a time and date.  Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight, these are reliable, robust powerhouse voice recorders that will impress.


Ultra Small Voice Recorder; with Magnetic Design and 25 Hours of Time and Date Recording

If you are looking for the smallest digital voice recorder with the highest sound quality, the Coin and Slim recorders are absolute belters!  These nano-sized devices have impressive build quality and are ideal for body-worn (in a pocket) meetings and interviews or placed in a confined environment like a vehicle or minimalistic room where only the smallest device would accommodate.  With selectable recording modes, including voice activation and continuous and scheduled recording, you can be reliably assured of capturing time and date-stamped audio evidence for the most demanding and sensitive scenarios.


We offer two differently shaped recorders, the Coin and Slim.  Both are beautiful matt black colours with the same amazing features and functionality, including a single ON/OFF recording switch and a built-in magnet for attachment to metal areas.  The difference between the two models is that you may prefer one cosmetically-shaped design over the other.

The Coin - Measuring 27 x 23 x 10 mm and weighing 9 grams, this model is incredibly small, approximately the size of a 10p coin, making it better suited for body-worn deployment or blending inside or amongst small home and office objects.

The Slim - Measuring 48 x 23 x 5.5 mm and weighing 10 grams, this model is slightly longer than the coin model but almost half the thickness.  This makes it better suited for deployment inside thinner fittings or can visually appear almost negligible in bulk when placed in your top shirt pocket.


The recorder has a highly sensitive microphone that produces 705 Kbps (44 kHz) of stunning sound clarity.  Linear PCM stands for Pulse-Code Modulation, a superior broadcast quality that ensures that all captured audio files are crystal clear.


The recorder is supplied with easy-to-use software that syncs the time and date from your computer to the device.  Each recorded audio file is then stamped with the correct time and date and listed in chronological recording order.


The device has three selectable recording modes.

Voice-Activated Recording - This is the most popular recording option when you are absent from the target area and do not know when the activity you wish to record will happen.  Recordings will automatically start and stop when sound is detected, saving audio files to the device's memory in chronological order of events. Voice activation will preserve overall battery performance and storage.

Continuous Recording - This recording option is best for 'on-demand' situations or for a face-to-face meeting or group discussions.  The device will continue to record without breaks until you manually stop the recording, the storage is full, or the battery requires recharging.  This mode of recording ensures every spoken word is captured.

Scheduled Recording - Ideal for recording at a pre-determined time and date in the future.  The device's internal clock (set by the software) will trigger to start and stop recording during a time period that you specify.

Remember, when fully charged, the recorder conserves excellent battery management and is ready to record at a moment's notice, even after many weeks resting in your pocket.  The recorder is ideal for use in sensitive situations to capture 'on-the-fly' audio, for example, when an ex-partner may approach you, or perhaps you encounter a scenario at any given moment in which you may need to prove your side of events.

Note: The supplied software for accessing the device settings is designed for Windows computers.  If you have a Mac or other operating system, you will not be able to set the time and date or select the recording mode, sound and VOS levels, but you can recharge and playback audio files as normal.


In addition to setting the time and date, as well as the recording mode, Windows software allows you to adjust the sound quality and microphone sensitivity.  Although the recorder will work brilliantly without adjusting settings, you can fine-tune it to maximise its potential within the room environment.


It doesn't matter which recording mode is enabled. A fully charged device supports 25 hours of recording time, which is more than ample for the majority of uses.  Recharging to full battery capacity takes approximately 1 hour, a very fast turnaround.

Note: We optionally offer an iSmart Power Bank from the menu above that connects to the device to recharge if you are travelling or access to a computer or mains power is unavailable.  A Power Bank is a great little accessory to keep in your bag or car glove box and will recharge other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.


The Ultra Small Voice Recorder can be used as a 'Mass Storage Device' to drop documents, pictures, spreadsheets, etc, into the device's internal memory for safekeeping.  Please note that any media stored in the device's memory other than audio files will reduce the maximum number of audio files that can be stored (9999).

Note: To recharge the Ultra Small Recorder from a mains power supply, you will need a USB mains plug (not supplied), or you may purchase a genuine Apple USB mains plug from the menu above.

More Information



We have phrased both recorders as 'The Coin' and 'The Slim' for explanation, and both offer an extremely small footprint. The coin-sized model measures 26.8 x 23.25 x 9.6 mm and weighs 9 grams.  The slimmer model measures 48.85 x 23.25 x 5.45 mm and weighs 10 grams.  Both are extremely small and lightweight, very easy to operate (single ON/OFF recording switch) and pack a BIG punch when it comes to recording time and audio quality.


Very few digital recorders can match the superior sound quality offered by these little devices, and certainly not without a high price tag.  Both devices can be set to record at Linear PCM 705 Kbps / 44.1 kHh. PCM stands for Pulse-Code Modulation, a superior broadcast sound quality that has certainly never been found on recorders of this size.  Both models offer exceptional audio recording quality that will satisfy the most demanding operational requirements.


Once fully charged, either device can record for a maximum of 25 hours on the highest PCM setting.  This is ample record time for meetings, interviews, disciplinaries, and other one-to-one and group conservations.  Due to their tiny size, these recorders can easily slip into your casual shirt pocket or office attire and operate completely unnoticed.

Don't forget, by connecting the recorder to a computer to power the device, it can record until its 8 GB storage is full - 9999 files or up to 576 hours (a massive 24 days).  Just incredible!


You can use multiple recording modes.  Regardless of the recording mode, the maximum recording time before a battery recharge remains the same: 25 hours.

Manual - Record at a moment's notice and 'on the fly'.  Start and stop recordings at any time by sliding the switch ON/OFF.

Voice Activation - Ideal for leaving the device behind while you are absent or in a quiet room or vehicle where you do not know when the occupants arrive.  Voice activation preserves storage by recording only the relevant audio when detected by the microphone.

Continuous - Ideal for capturing every word without gaps.  Whether the device is body-worn or placed in a room or car, the recording will not stop until the battery depletes or the storage is full.

Scheduled - Ideal for recording at a pre-determined time and date.  The device's internal clock (set by the Windows software) will start and stop recording under your instruction.


Yes.  The supplied software for Windows syncs the time and date from a computer to the device so that every recorded file is stamped in chronological order of when each event occurred.


Yes.  The supplied software for Windows computers has an easy 'tap-and-save' interface with selectable options.

Time and Date - The Windows computer's time and date are synced to the device, which stamps each audio file with the time and date when created.  If a scheduled recording is selected, it knows the time and date to start/stop recording.

Voice Activated Recording - Enable or disable.

Scheduled Recording - Enable or disable.

Selectable Sound Quality - HQ, XHQ, and PCM (highest audio setting)

Selectable Microphone Sensitivity - low, medium and high.  If you select high, the microphone is in a heightened state of effectiveness.

Select the voice activation level between the settings of -2 and +2.  When +2 is selected, voice activation will react to lower sounds, and when -2 is selected, it will react to louder sounds.


The recorder's default settings are more than adequate; however, the additional settings maximise the recorder's potential for experimentation.

When body-worn recording events like a meeting or deploying inside a vehicle, the area is small and contained; therefore, the basic setting of HQ and medium microphone sensitivity will be suitable.  If the recorder is being deployed in a room or a larger area, you may wish to select XHQ and medium microphone sensitivity.  And, if you want 'creme-de-la-creme' of audio quality, you may wish to apply PCM and high microphone sensitivity to larger areas.


No.  While recording, the device shows no external LEDs nor produces sound or vibration.


Yes.  The device has an internal 8 GB of storage, but remember, using the storage to hold other files will reduce the memory to store recorded audio files.


Connect the little recorder to a Windows or Mac computer via the USB cable.  Inside the associated drive will be a 'Record' folder that contains all the relevant recorded audio files.  No special software is required to play the audio files.  However, a Windows computer can use the supplied software to access the recorder settings, and a Mac computer can only recharge the device and playback audio files.

Technical Info
  • An ultra-small digital voice recorder
  • Two exceptional design models - Coin and Slim
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Built-in magnet for attachment to metal surfaces
  • Single switch recording ON/OFF
  • Selectable recording modes - voice activation | continuous | scheduled
  • Selectable sound quality - HQ @ 64 Kbps | XHQ @ 128 Kbps | Linear PCM (pulse-code modulation) @ 705 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
  • Selectable microphone sensitivity - low | medium | high
  • Microphone detection range - 25 - 30 ft
  • Recording time - 25 hours
  • No LED, noise or vibration while recording
  • Time and date stamp for each recorded audio file
  • Battery - internal rechargeable 3.7 V Li-Polymer
  • Charging time - approx. 1x hour
  • Charging and battery level LED indicator
  • Connect to a computer and record for up to 576 hours in HQ mode
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Storage capacity - 8 GB
  • Maximum number of recordable files - 9999
  • Dimensions - Coin: 27 (H) x 23 (W) x 10 (D) mm | Slim: 48 (H) x 23 (W) x 5.5 (D) mm
  • Weight - 10 grams
  • Usage temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Humidity - 20 - 80 %
  • Operating system - Windows | Mac (Windows software for record setting)
  • Supplied with Ultra Small Voice Recorder, Windows software, USB cable, remote control, earphones, clip and user guide
  • Ideal for very long-term standby and audio recording times, capturing meetings, interviews and general dictation


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Outstanding little recorder
Review by Customer # 00001151X
Thanks to Sxxxx advice, I opted for the coin-sized model. Fast delivery, well packaged - it is very small, and the sound is awesome. An outstanding little recorder.

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