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This is a super gem of a recorder.  An ordinary looking USB flash stick with a very high quality microphone fitted inside, and capable of recording voices up to 30 feet away.  Gather audio evidence reliably with this powerful USB memory stick.  2 recording modes - 25 days voice activated standby time, and 10 hours continuous recording time, this is superb body worn recording.  The USB stick can also be powered from a computer for up to 144 hours recording time too! 


USB Memory Stick Voice Recorder; with 25 Days Standby Time & Voice Activated Recording

This product is without doubt, one of the most reliable, and quality built USB Voice Recorders available - absolutely amazing.  Superior sound quality and a massive 25 days standby time, it is sure to impress the most demanding user.  The USB Stick Voice Recorder Pro is a super little surveillance voice recorder which can also be used as a Mass Storage Device to safe keep important documents, files and pictures etc.

The recording switch is very subtle so the start / stop recording mechanism can be done under natural movement.


We understand that in some circumstances gathering audio evidence should not be shouted from the rooftops.  People can be very observant which is why this USB Stick Recorder provides a subtle recording mechanism and with two (2) recording modes:

  • Continuous Recording - use this mode of recording when you carry the USB device about your person, ready to commence 'on-the-fly' voice recording at a moments notice.  Great for workplace use, entering a meeting, catching verbal slander etc.
  • Voice Activation Recording - use this mode of recording to capture gossip or important conversations when you are not there.  This mode of recording enters a super long 25 day standby time, ensuring battery resources are maximised.  Recording will only start when audio is detected.

The USB Stick Voice Recorder Pro can be visually inspected - its appearance is that of a normal USB memory stick.


There are no lights, no noises, and no beeps during recording.  Furthermore, if the USB device is plugged into a computer it can record until its four (4) GB memory is full - that's enough storage to record for 144 hours!


Superb MP3 encoding @ 64 KBPS for an enhanced richer audio recording sound.  The microphone is sensitive enough to pick up audio some 30 feet away from where the device is placed.


There is no special software and no technical skill required to use this device - simply plug into a Windows or Mac computer to recharge the device, play back the recorded audio files, and access your normal data like documents.

Please Note: No time and date stamp is available on this model.

This is a versatile USB recording device offering exceptional standby time with both manual and voice activation recording modes.  Easy-to-use and a very high quality product.

More Information

Will anybody know this is really a voice recorder?

No.  The flash stick can also be used as a fully functional mass storage device!

What format is each voice-recording file created?

Recordings are stored in MP3 format, which is supported by many different audio players.

How many recording modes does the USB stick have?

Two (2).  You can commence recordings manually 'as and when' you need anytime, anywhere.  You can flick a switch and record using voice activation too!

What's the difference between manual and voice activated recording?

When you need to capture audio on the spur of the moment then use the manual recording mode.  When you need to capture audio when you are absent from the room or for over long periods, use the voice activation recording mode.

How long do recordings continue for when using voice activation?

Each triggered recording lasts five (5) minutes before a new file commences.

What is the standby time?

This has the longest of all our USB memory sticks - a massive 25 DAYS standby time (per charge).

How many hours will the USB memory stick record for?

In manual recording mode, the device will record continuously for 15 hours, or you can make lots of separate recordings totalling 15 hours.  In voice activation mode, the device will record for a total of 15 hours over a 25 day standby time.

Are there any lights or sounds when recording?


Are audio recordings stamped with a time / date?


Are audio recordings password protected?


Can I record if the USB device is plugged into my computer?

Yes.  This way you can utilise the full four (4) GB memory and record for 144 hours if connected to a computer.

How do I play back the recorded audio?

Simply remove the cap from USB stick and plug straight into your computer (no messy cables).  Once connected, your computer will open the memory storage where the audio files can be viewed and played.

Can I play back the audio recordings on my Apple computer?

Yes.  Both Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible.  No special software is required.

I need the best audio - can I be quality assured by this product?

Absolutely!  All our USB voice recorders are selected for quality workmanship and will not disappoint.  This model records @ 64 KBPS - capable of recording distances of approx 30 feet away from where the device is situated.

Can I store my personal documents to the USB stick's memory?

Yes.  Simply Drag & Drop your documents or other important data to the USB memory stick.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional USB memory stick with surveillance audio recorder
  • High sensitive microphone with excellent audio quality
  • One switch operating mechanism
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibration / moving parts when recording
  • Manual recording
  • Voice activated recording
  • Voice activation detection level - 60 dB
  • Charging time - two (2) hours
  • Standby time - 25 days
  • Standby power - 0 watt
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Recording bit-rate - 64 KBPS
  • Total recording time when not connected to computer - 15 hours
  • Recording time when connected to computer - 144 hours
  • Recording distance - 30 feet (under optimal conditions)
  • ALC function - automatic level recording control
  • Storage capacity - four (4) GB
  • Audio storage capacity - 144 hours
  • LED charging indicator
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Dimensions - 67 x 20 x 10 mm
  • Weight - 13 grams
  • Charging temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Operating temp - 5 - 40 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with USB stick voice recorder pro and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing important meetings, interviews, dictation, gossip, and verbal slander for evidential purposes


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Arrived quickly and work excellently
Review by Customer: 00000333XXX
I’ve ordered 2 products and both have arrived quickly and worked excellently, cannot fault them at all. Would highly recommend

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