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This seemingly ordinary ballpoint writing pen is actually a high end digital voice recorder in disguise, and one offering the world's longest standby time at an impressive 30 days.  Place it in your pocket or leave it in a room for manual or voice activated covert recording up to 19 hours.  Each audio file can also be labelled with a time and date for evidence.  This is our firm favourite and a cracking recording pen that you will be proud to own.

Manual and Voice Activated Recording Pen; With 30 Days Standby + Time / Date

Boasting the world's longest standby time of 30 days, this real ballpoint pen voice recorder offers everything you could need for gathering discreet audio recording from inside a room, a vehicle, or conversations of a meeting, an interview, or a dispute within the home or workplace.  In fact, because the Deluxe Pen Voice Recorder has a completely normal appearance it will pass any visual inspection for complete peace of mind.

The pen has a truly great physical design - no buttons, no sliding clips, no moving parts, no markings and no recording indicator, so you can confidently leave the pen in full view without drawing any attention.

It should be noted that this pen has a slightly thicker body measuring 14.5 mm compared to a standard 10 mm however, because writing pens are made in all shapes and sizes these days, the amazing features of the pen far outweigh this consideration.


Generally, covert voice recorders do not offer a time and date functionality however, this pen gives you the option to label each audio recording exactly when the file was created.  Simply press a button to sync your computer's time and date with the pen recorder - its that easy!

Please Note: Syncing the time and date to the pen can only be done using a Windows computer.


Two (2) recording modes:

  • Record 'On-Demand' - carry the pen out of sight, in a pocket or leave casually on a desk.  Start and stop recordings at any time under natual body movement.  With 19 hours of recording time its a perfect surveillance product for capturing a wide range of situations
  • Voice Activation Recording - place the pen inside a room, or a vehicle (or any other indoor environment) and it is ready to record when sounds are detected - for up to 30 days!  So, if you believe (for whatever reason) somebody is entering your property or perhalps you need to capture high end audio of an upcoming event days in advance then this recording pen is a must

When the pen is connected to a computer's USB port it can record continuously for 144 hours (thats a huge six (6) days) until its storage memory is full.  Or, put the pen into voice activation mode to extend its 30 day standby time to unlimited standby time!


The pen records each audio file in MP3 format @ 128 KBPS for a superior and clearer sound than ever before.  Furthermore, the in-built ALC function automatically balances sound for perfect audio levels.


We understand that gathering audio evidence will sometimes need to pass the most observant person/s.  For this reason the pen offers a rather unique 'twist' mechanism so recordings can commence and stop under completely natural body movement.


The pen is designed to be connected to any computer.  No special software or technical skill is required to play the audio recordings.

The pen can also be used as a normal eight (8) GB Mass Storage Device for holding spread sheets for example: Excel, Word, Powerpoint or photos and other documents etc.

Without doubt, this beautiful and modern pen is an excellent investment for all your audio recording needs with the highest quality assured.

More Information
Are there any recording indicators or LED's to arouse suspicion?

No.  There are no buttons, no sliding clips and no switches.  In fact, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and the pen can be freely shown.  It should be noted that the pen does have a slightly thicker diameter than our other pen recorders due to the amazing recording capabilities.

What are the different recording modes of the pen?

There are two (2)x recording modes you can quickly select depending on your preference.  For example: If you are about to go into an important meeting or you are having a face to face conversation or perhaps a conference chat around a table then standard / continuous recording mode would be used.  If, for example you were to absent from the room or wanted to catch speech in a car and did not know when such conversations would take place then you would select super voice activation recording mode.

Whats the procedure for starting / stopping recording?

The design of the pen uses a clever 'twist' recording mechanism that is so subtle its impossible to notice by other people.

How do I select the recording mode?

Because everything is hidden away, you will need to unscrew the pen centre to reveal the charging USB (direct USB connection without messy cables) and the recording mode switch.  Simply slide the switch to your chosen recording mode and screw the pen halves back together.  Its that easy!

How long can the pen record for?

A fully charged battery will provide sufficient power to record continuously for 19 hours or in super voice activation mode the pen will remain powered for up to 30 days waiting to record audio.  This is a substantial length of standby time.  Please bear in mind that standby time is reduced as recording time takes place.

What is the pen's total memory size?

The pen uses an internal storage capacity of eight (8) GB which is enough to hold 144 hours of recordable audio.  In addition, you can also drop documents and other private material to the pens storage memory.

Can the pen be powered by an external power supply like a computer?

Yes.  When you connect the pen to your computer this will automatically recharge the pen's internal battery but if you activate recording then the computer will power the pen whilst recording.  With an eight (8) GB storage capacity this means a continuous recording of 144 hours or the computer can power the pen for many weeks and months until 144 hours of voice activated recording is reached.

What recording format are audio files created in?

Each recorded audio file is stored in MP3 format @ 128 KBPS.  MP3 is encoded and suitable for play back on all computers.

Can the audio files be time and date stamped for evidence?

Yes.  We supply a software which is compatible with Windows computers and allows you to easily set a time & date when each file is created.  This is a good feature to use if you must know what the specific time or day something happened.

Technical Info
  • Real ballpoint writing pen with super voice activated recording
  • Black and silver colour design
  • Very discreet ON / OFF recording mechanism
  • Continuous recording - 19 hours (split in 5 hour length files)
  • Connected to a computer the pen can record continuously for 144 hours
  • Super voice activated recording - 30 days standby time
  • Connected to a computer the pen can be powered for unlimited standby time
  • Maximum recording files - 999
  • Time and date stamp of audio files (must be set on a Windows computer)
  • Microphone pickup range - 25 - 30 feet
  • ALC function (automatically controls the audio level)
  • No flashing LED's, sounds or beeps, or any other indicators
  • Recording format - MP3 @ 128 KBPS
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Storage capacity - eight (8) GB
  • Charging time - two (2) hours
  • LED charging process
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Dimensions - 133 x 14.5 mm
  • Weight 28 grams
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Supplied with deluxe pen voice recorder, two (2) additional ink refills and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering important audio of meetings, interviews, or disputes etc
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