Executive Pen Voice Recorder


A beautiful executive looking writing pen that doubles up as a clever audio recorder capable of voice-activated recording.  Reliability and performance guaranteed, but also peace of mind knowing meetings and appointments etc are being captured without disclosure.  Outstanding audio quality for up to 13 hours - or use this voice recorder as a useful memory aid. 

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Executive Slimline Writing Pen; with PCM Broadcast Recording Quality

This is a beautiful, smart and modern writing pen which offers outstanding audio recording in PCM format.  PCM stands for Pulse Code Modulation and typically separates the wheat from the chaff, so that you can be assured of fantastic sound quality.  The pen is equipped with a barely noticeable digital OLED display which provides easy access to the menu settings.  When recordings are activated, the microphone is capable of picking up distances some 30 feet away from where the Executive Pen Voice Recorder is placed.

The pen oozes craft, not only a stunning pen to carry but also superb high-quality digital voice recorder.

  • PCM (highest audio quality) - 3 hours recording time
  • XHQ (extra high quality) - 10 hours recording time
  • HQ (high quality) - 12.5 hours recording time
  • LP (long play) - 13 hours recording time

Although by appearance the Executive Pen Voice Recorder looks completely normal by visual inspection, it should not be confused as a typical 'spy pen'.  With both manual and voice-activated recording modes, you can carry the pen about your person, or casually leave the pen behind on a desk, or shelf, to capture important meetings, interviews, dictation or verbal slander at the highest order.


The USB port at the top of the pen is designed for easy connection to a computer to recharge and access the recorded audio files.  We supply a small plastic pen cap which plugs into the USB port to hide this fact.  

Whilst we feel the pen cap isn't a necessity, it does add extra confidence should the pen have been visually glanced.

Finished in a black slimline aluminium design, the Executive Pen Voice Recorder can also be used as a Mass Storage to store important files, pictures or documents, and because its appearance is that of a normal writing pen - who would ever suspect?

There is no software to install, no setup procedures, and during recording, there are no flashing lights, beeping noises or moving parts.

A luxury design and top-quality artistry for close-quarter recording or from a fair distance for evidential audio purposes.

More Information
Is the item a combined pen and voice recorder together?

Yes.  The purpose is that you have a luxury writing pen combined with a powerful digital voice recorder.

How do I make a recording?

Each pen is crafted with an effective but simple recording mechanism built through the OLED display.

How good is the audio quality?

Exceptionally good!  In PCM mode (the highest audio setting) you can expect the pen's microphone to pick up clear audio some 30 feet away.

How many hours will the pen record for?

This depends on the audio recording quality.  If you set to the highest quality at PCM, the pen will record for 3 hours, or if you set to Long Play (LP), the pen will record for 13 hours.

How do I change the settings?

The pen is supplied with a remote controller which plugs into the top of the pen, thus allowing you to navigate through the menu settings which is shown on the OLED display.

Is there any way to tell it's a voice recorder?

By appearance, it is clearly a writing pen, but it's not designed to be a surveillance/spy pen.  The pen is designed for convenience as both a pen and a digital voice recorder.  We also supply a pen cap cover which masks the small USB port at the top of the pen if you wish to make the pen look less conspicuous.

Is the pen bulky?

No.  This pen has a very nice slimline body.

Can I write with the pen?

Yes.  Put pen to paper and write away.  We do not recommend you use this pen as an everyday writing pen, although it can write as normal when needed.

Is there any flashing lights or buzzing noises when recording?

No.  Additionally, you can switch OFF the OLED display.

Where can I get the recorded audio from?

Each recorded audio file is stored in WAV format to the pen's internal 1 GB flash memory

Can I use the pen as a normal flash storage device too?


Can I playback the audio recordings on my Apple Macintosh?

Yes.  The pen connects to either Windows or Mac computer.

Technical Info
  • Executive slimline writing pen with superior PCM audio recording
  • Tiny OLED crystal display for navigating the menu
  • Black aluminium design
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibration / moving parts whilst recording
  • OLED display can be switched OFF
  • Manual recording
  • Voice-activated recording
  • LED charging indicator
  • Recording times - PCM: 3 hours / XHQ: 10 hours / HQ: 12.5 hours / LP: 13 hours
  • Recording format - WAV
  • 4 recording folders - A, B, C, D
  • Charging time - 2.5 hours
  • Playback time - approx 8 hours
  • Storage capacity - 1 GB
  • Recording distance - up to 30 feet
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Optional pen cap cover
  • Dimensions - 140 x 11 mm
  • Weight 22 grams
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Supplied with Executive Pen Voice Recorder, remote control, stereo earphones, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander audio for evidential purposes

Note: This pen does not provide a time / date of audio recordings.

Note: This pen should not be used as a full time writing instrument due to the shortened ink cartridge.

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