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When size is important, this very small, ultra thin, digital surveillance voice recorder can be carried about your person, or placed in most indoor enviroments to gather evidence relating to sensitive matters.  The recorder can also be used as a compact 8 GB Mass Storage device for holding documents and images when travelling from A to B destinations.  Excellent build quality with top notch audio microphone.

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Skinny Digital Surveillance Audio Recorder; with 10 Hours Continuous Recording Time

This is a very small, slim, digital audio recorder for general surveillance deployment within most room environments or body worn audio recording.  Operation of the Skinny Audio Recorder is by a single ON / OFF switch and with approx seven (7) hours of continuous recording time - its enough to cover the majority of customer demand.


Being of tiny footprint, the Skinny can be placed for example: in a car, bedroom, caravan, hotel room, office stockroom, kitchen, garage etc.  You can also slip the Skinny Audio Recorder in your pocket to capture verbal / abusive behaviour, or record an important meeting, interview, medical appointment etc.  Furthermore, the Skinny Recorder does not flash or emit sound when recording.


Each Skinny Audio Recorder is equipped with three (3)x core processor @ 192 KBPS to provide clear recording and play back sound quality.


When travelling, or have limited access to a computer, a set of earphones are included so you can listen to audio through the earphones.


The Skinny can be connected to a Windows or Mac computer via the supplied USB cable for recharging and play back of recorded audio files. No special software or technical skill is required.

With an eight (8) GB of flash storage, the Skinny can hold approx 96 hours of total audio recordings and can also be used as a Mass Storage Device for safe keeping important files, pictures or documents.

Please Note: The Skinny does not support a time and date stamp.

More Information
How small is the recording device?

Very small measuring just 45 x 15 mm.  The thickness of the recorder is just 0.5 for an ultra slimline appearance.

How do I make a recording?

The recorder has only an ON / OFF switch and a charging port.  Simply slide the switch to the ON position and the recorder instantly begins recording until you slide the switch to the OFF position.

How far will the device pick up clear audio?

Because the microphone is so sensitive with an integrated tri-core processor, audio recording is captured @ 192 KBPS and is surprisingly clear even from distances of approx 20 feet from where the device is situated.

How many hours will the device record for?

The device is integrated with a lithium battery which will provide sufficient power for seven (7) hours recording time.

How do I charge the device?

Simply plug the supplied USB cable into the device and then connect to the USB port of your computer.  The device supports both Windows and Mac computers.  Recharging the device will take approx 2-3 hours.

What is the standby time?

The device will hold its power for three (3) days (without any recording being made) before a recharge is required.

Are there any buzzing noises or flashing lights whilst recording?

No.  For convenience we have removed any visible LED indicators when recording.

How is the audio stored?

Each recorded audio file is stored in WAV format to the device's eight (8) GB flash memory - thats enough storage to hold 96 hours of actual recorded audio!

How can I play back the recorded audio?

You can use the supplied earphones, or your own earphones which connect to the device so you can listen whilst on the move, or you can connect the device to your Windows or Mac computer.  Audio can then be played through the computers Media Player.

Can I store my personal music or documents to the device's memory?

Yes.  The device acts as a Mass Storage Device for holding your documents etc, or you can store music in MP3 format.

Technical Info
  • A skinny sized digital voice recorder
  • Extremely thin
  • Slimline and black colour
  • Fast start recording
  • No software or setup procedures
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibration or moving parts whilst recording
  • Can be used as a Mass Storage Device for storing documents etc
  • Fully rechargeable integrated lithium battery
  • Play back audio via supplied earphones
  • Play back time - eight (8) hours
  • Charging time - two (2) hours
  • Recording time - seven (7) hours
  • Recording distance - approx 20 feet
  • Recording format - WAV
  • Recording bit rate - 192 KBPS
  • Storage capacity - Eight (8) GB / 96 hours
  • LED charging indicator
  • Dimensions - 45 x 15 x 5 mm
  • Weight - seven (7) grams
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Supplied with skinny digital voice recorder, USB cable, earphones and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing important meetings, interviews, dictation, or verbal slander for evidential purposes

Please Note: This device does not provide a time / date of audio recordings.

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