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What better disguise for a motion-activated security camera than a PIR sensor unit?  Looking just like an ordinary alarm sensor (with random flashing LED), this professional surveillance camera protects homes and workplaces with unlimited standby time, fantastic HD 720P recording and 32 GB internal storage capacity.  


Mains Powered PIR Surveillance Unit; with Motion-Activated HD Video Recording

Another professionally hand built HD surveillance camera integrated inside a wall-mounted PIR unit.  Once fitted to the corner of a room, the PIR Camera DVR Recorder gives the impression of a functioning PIR alarm sensor with random illuminating red LED to authenticity to the product.  PIR units can be found in most offices, homes and walkways etc, therefore, will not bring any unwanted attention.

The PIR hidden camera uses 62 degree, HD 720P video resolution lens, which points slightly downwards through the natural aperture hole to easily capture most room environments from an elevated position.  The recording mechanism is completely concealed from visual examination for peace of mind, and the calibre of this tidy PIR unit cannot be found as good anywhere else on the market.

The PIR Camera is powered by simply plugging the USB cable from the rear of the PIR into a mains socket behind a wall, or the USB cable can be fed through a false ceiling and plugged into a mains socket.  Should the mains power be disconnected, the in-built backup battery takes over and provides up to 10 hours of power, so there is no potential loss of recordings.

All video footage is captured and stored to the PIR's internal 32 GB memory which can be played on any Windows or Mac computer.  As an example: 2 GB of storage will hold approx 1 hour of recording; therefore, 32 GB will hold 16 hours of actual recorded footage.  Video files are accompanied with audio and a time/date stamp for evidential purposes.


By default, the PIR spy camera is ready to record once motion is detected.  HD video recordings with audio are silently stored without any indication to a perpetrator.


The PIR Camera DVR Recorder can change recording modes from motion recording to continuous recording and vice versa via the supplied software.  Recording will continue either until manually stopped, or the memory storage is full.  Loop recording can also be enabled so when the 32 GB memory is full, recording will continue by overwriting the earliest footage.


The PIR Camera is an ingenious product designed to be overt (in plain sight) but fitted high enough out of the normal reach to be tampered with.

More Information

Is the PIR unit fully functional as an alarm sensor?

No.  The PIR cannot be connected to an alarm system, and the camera system replaces movement sensor.  From an external examination the PIR looks incredibly normal, and the engineering is first class.  To add further authenticity to the PIR, the red LED will illuminate randomly just as a normal PIR sensor would function.

How is the PIR fitted and powered?

The PIR is mounted to the corner of a wall using the supplied swivel bracket and a standard USB cable fitted to the back of the PIR (see images of product) is fed through a wall or false ceiling and plugged into a mains power supply.  As the PIR is mains powered, it offers the advantage of being constantly powered in standby mode indefinitely.

Additionally, the PIR unit has an in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery pack which takes over for up to 10 hours should the device be disconnected from the mains power supply.

Where is the hidden camera located?

The tiny camera lens aims downwards which spans a 62-degree field-of-view as the PIR is mounted above head level.  The camera replaces the existing hole already in place for the second aperture of the PIR.

What type of recording modes does the PIR have?

Using the supplied Widget Tool software for Windows / Mac computers, you can easily connect the PIR to your computer via the USB cable and using the widget tool select the recording mode for your preference between motion-activated or continuous recording.

Is the recorded video footage clear and presentable as evidence?

Absolutely!  The camera is a full colour high-definition 720P fluid motion.

How many hours recording does the PIR offer?

The unit is integrated with a 32 GB storage capacity which is enough memory to hold approx 16 hours of actual recorded footage.  If using continuous recording, the unit will either stop recording once the full memory capacity is reached or you can select loop recording using the widget tool which records 24/7 overwriting the previous footage in a loop configuration.

Can I playback the video recordings on my Apple Mac?

Yes.  The video files can be viewed on either Windows or Mac computers.

Does the PIR record audio and with a time/date stamp?

Yes.  The camera is integrated with a sensitive microphone to provide clear audio recording, and each video file is stamped with a time/date for evidential purposes.  Using the widget tool software, you can make changes to the operation of the PIR, including switching OFF the time/date and/or the audio if this is not required on recordings.

Do I need any special software to play the video recordings?

No.  We do recommend that your computer is using the most recent media player or please download and install the latest VLC Player from videolan.org

Technical Info
  • A wall-mounted PIR unit with HD 720P video recording
  • Professional design
  • Powers from a mains supply for unlimited standby time
  • Continuous recording time - 16 hours
  • Motion-activated standby time - 72 hours | 3 days
  • Integrated backup power pack - provides 10 hours of operational use when disconnected from a power supply
  • Storage format - internal 32 GB memory
  • Storage capacity - approx 16 hours actual footage
  • Recording modes - motion-activated recording / continuous recording
  • Switch PIR camera ON / OFF by small magnet
  • Widget Tool software for Windows and Mac allows you to pre-configure the PIR camera settings
  • Detection range - 15 - 20 feet
  • Integrated audio
  • Time and date stamp (can be switched ON / OFF)
  • Camera lens - 62-degree field-of-view
  • Illumination - 1.0 lux
  • Fully rechargeable battery - 3.7 V / 5200 mAh
  • Recharge backup battery through PC / mains supply
  • Upgradeable firmware makes our technology future proof
  • Computer interface - USB 2.0
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac compatible
  • Supplied with PIR Camera DVR Recorder, software, Apple USB plug, USB cable (connected to PIR), miniature magnet and User Guide
  • Ideal for use within an office/shop environment for evidential purposes


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