Smoke Detector HD Surveillance Camera


No one ever looks twice at a smoke alarm, making it the ideal place to conceal a secret CCTV camera. This motion activated spy camera offers 16 hours of recordable storage, and 72 hours standby time.  As there's no messy wiring, this product is portable and can be mounted on a ceiling for excellent aerial monitoring.

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A Modern Smoke Detector; with Surveillance HD 720P Video Recording Camera

The Smoke Detector camera is a popular choice for clients looking for a wireless surveillance camera which observes events from an aerial view.  This Smoke Detector is professionally fitted with a colour high definition 720P video camera and ready to capture events within the room environment for the security conscious, or monitoring sometimes sensitive situations when you are absent.


As standard, the camera lens is fitted to view directly downwards but can also be modified to view at a 45 degree angle so the camera pans downwards and slopes across the room.  Please select your preferred model from the drop down menu.


As you would expect from the quality of our surveillance equipment, no untidy wiring - simply mount the Smoke Detector to the ceiling as you would with any normal Smoke Detector, and be ready to capture crisp footage whenever movement is detected within the spy camera's field-of-view.

As the camera system is contained within the shell of the Smoke Detector and by the very nature is fitted out of reach, it makes for superb hidden recording for security purposes of your home or business whilst blending in with the rooms natural environment.

The Smoke Detector is powered by a fully rechargeable, high capacity 5'200 mAh lithium battery, which provides sufficient standby time up for 72 hours / three (3) days (per charge).  The unit is quipped with 32 GB of internal memory which is enough to store 16 hours of HD video recording.

Recharging the Smoke Detector is a simple procedure of taking the unit down from the ceiling, opening the clasp and connecting the supplied USB cable from the recorder to your computer's USB port.  The Smoke Detector may also be recharged via a mains power socket.


The supplied Widget software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers which allows you to access the user friendly menu to fine tune camera settings to your requirements.


When the camera lens detects movement within its 62 degree field-of-view, recording will commence in 10, 15 or 20 minute recording bursts depending on your preferred choice.


Best suited for clients who absolutely must record without any breaks in recording.  Whilst in continuous recording mode all activity is captured however, this recording mode will drain battery performance much faster than motion activation mode.


This recording mode is best used when you specifically know in advance the time of an event you wish to capture.

The Smoke Detector unit is the ideal surveillance solution for most room environments including the office, living room, bedroom, kitchen etc to capture evidential footage.


Please Note: Due to the internal camera system, this unit does not function as a working Smoke Detector.

More Information
Can the smoke detector power from a mains socket?

No.  This unit is designed to be powered from its internal fully rechargeable 5'200 mAh lithium battery which makes it easier for deployment almost anywhere, and without the concerns of needing a power outlet.

How will I know where to fit the smoke detector to get the best viewing?

We offer two (2) camera fittings, so you can select the best model to suit your requirements.  We have a model where the camera faces directly downwards so the smoke detector is best fitted to the ceiling directly above the area you wish to monitor.  The other model is with the camera fitted at a 45 degree angle, so the smoke detector is best fitted to the ceiling where the area of concern would be in front of the smoke detector.

How long will the battery last?

Once fully charged, the battery can provide sufficient standby power for up to 72 hours / three (3) days.  Please remember, that actual recording will reduce the overall standby time.

How much video footage can be stored?

The 32 GB storage capacity is enough to hold 16 hours of HD video footage.  It is advised to transfer recordings from the device to your computer on a regular basis to free up memory of the smoke detector.

Is it possible to extend the battery performance more than 72 hours?

The overall performance is reflected on the record settings you have selected.  The higher quality settings that are used, the more battery juice will be needed and thus, less overall battery performance.  You can help the device extend battery power by:

  • Reducing video resolution from HD 720P to 640 x 480.
  • Disabling audio.
  • Using motion activated recording mode only.
  • Disabling the LED mode.
  • Reducing the recording split time (20 / 15 minutes to 10 minutes).
  • Disabling the auto switching feature.

Choose settings what you really need.  For example: if the recording distance is only a few feet away, consider using standard 640 x 480 resolution instead of HD resolution.  Do you really need to record for 20 minutes at a time?  Reducing to 10 minutes maximum (each time movement is detected) will save valuable battery because standby time draws considerably less power consumption than actual recording time.

Can the smoke detector record in the dark?

No.  The unit is not equipped with infa-red LED's.  There is, however, a setting from within the Widget Tool software called Auto Switch, to enable recording in lower lighting conditions, but this should not be confused with night vision.

Are there any beeps or buzzing noises the smoke detector makes?

No.  Due to the absence of moving parts, there are no beeps, buzzing noises or any indicators that would attract attention.

Can I play the recorded video files on my Mac computer?


Technical Info
  • Non functional smoke detector unit with integrated video spy camera
  • Easily fitted to a ceiling for an aerial camera view
  • No technical skill required
  • No messy wires
  • Selectable camera position looking directly downwards, or outwards at a 45 degree angle
  • Selectable recording modes including motion and continuous recording
  • Selectable lighting levels: day / night / auto switch mode
  • Video resolution - HD 1280 x 720 / 640 x 320
  • Video format - AVI
  • Standby time - 72 hours / three (3) days
  • Recording time - 16 hours
  • Maximum storage capacity - 32 GB
  • Split file recording time - 10 / 15 / 20 minute bursts
  • Circular recording - ON / OFF
  • Loop recording - ON / OFF
  • Time & date stamp (ON / OFF)
  • LED - ON / OFF
  • Microphone - ON / OFF
  • Camera lens - 62 degree field-of-view
  • Frame rate - high / low
  • Internal battery - 5'200 mAh
  • Upgradeable firmware makes our technology future proof
  • Storage temperature - 0 - 45 C
  • Operation temperature - 0 - 45 C
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with smoke detector HD surveillance camera, genuine Apple USB plug, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for aerial surveillance of your home and business property for evidential purposes
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