Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

Mini DVR Tilt Camera Box

Mini DVR Tilt Camera Box

Dark Box Junior HD Security Camera

A discreet and high performing little CCTV surveillance camera box with invisible IR night vision and a number of recording options including motion detection, sound detection and vibration detection modes.  Capture 720P HD footage with this small spy cam with a standy up to 14 days and much longer with the optional iSmart power bank.

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The Dark Box Junior; with 720P HD Video Resolution and Day / Night Recording

The Dark Box Junior is the original little HD security camera with 720P HD video resolution - and one of our personal favourites at the moment.  The device is palm sized with razor sharp movement detection capabilities including night vision recording!

The Dark Box Junior HD Security Camera is small and portable so it can be taken almost anywhere and deployed amongst everyday items to blend into the environment. Likewise, the smart box can be placed on a shelf or just about anywhere that requires proof by video footage.

The camera uses a wide angled 160 degree field-of-view lens to ensure the room area is fully captured. Footage is accompanied with clear audio and a time / date stamp which is saved to a Micro SD card (not supplied) which can be removed from the device and played on a Windows or Mac computer.

Please note you will need to use your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.

A decent standby time up to 14 days and a total recording time of 24 hours over this period is achievable, making it an ideal surveillance companion to monitor your home / office / caravan / stock room / hotel room etc..


The Dark Box Junior can also operate in very low lighting, even down to darkness levels using its own in-built infa-red illumination, although the little box must be placed closer to the subject area to capture effectively.


The camera has a quick response sensor lens which can detect movement up to 25 feet - and once triggered, recording is captured and stored in 10 minute cycles.


You may need to record only during a preset time and date.  Now you can.


The device has an in-built shock sensor which triggers recording once vibration is detected.


Once sound is detected within range of the device's in-built microphone recording will commence.


You may wish to record events continuously without any breaks in recording to ensure everything is captured.


Supplied with the Dark Box Junior is an easy-to-use Widget software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Simply connect the device to your computer via the supplied USB cable and open the Widget software to make any fine tune settings to the recording options. The Widget software is extremely easy-to-use and eliminates complicated setup procedures normally found with other similar devices.


To obtain unlimited operation, simply plug the Dark Box Junior into a mains wall socket and the device will remain powered 24/7.  This is ideal when you need to monitor and record over a much longer period than the devices own internal power supply.

Please Note: If the device is receiving power from the mains, there may be a lower audio quality output.


This external iSmart 6'700 mAh power bank measures just 90 x 20 x 40 mm and provides massive battery juice not just for the Dark Box Junior but to any connected electrical appliance including iPhone, Android and tablet devices.

The iSmart power bank simply plugs into the USB socket of the Dark Box to provide well over twice its battery performance.  The iSmart automatically detects the optimal charging current of any connected device to ensure a super fast efficient charge.  The iSmart power bank can be purchased from the drop down menu.

More Information
Explain the battery performance for each full charge of the device.

Depending on the settings you have selected for the device will essentially reflect the overall battery performance for each full charge.  Increasing features to maximise the dark box's full potential will reduce the battery usage, for example:

  • Using HD 720P video instead of standard 640 x 480 video resolution
  • Using more than one (1) recording mode at the same time
  • Enabling the LED
  • Increasing the recording split time (10 minutes to 15 or 20 minutes)
  • Enabling the auto switching function (day to night vision mode)
  • Enabling audio

The good news is there are options to have your cake and eat it.  The dark box junior can be plugged into any mains wall socket which will provide constant around the clock power.  For some customers this viable option means you can keep all of the maximum features without a concern of battery drain.  Another option is to purchase the external iSmart power bank which simply connects to the dark box and boosts the devices 2'500 mAh internal battery with a further 6'700 mAh performance.

The iSmart power bank is available from the drop down menu for just £15.00 and is a superb investment not only for the dark box junior, but as a small portable accessory for fully recharging your mobile devices.  You never know when this could come in real handy.

Is the dark box HD junior a hidden spy camera or CCTV security camera?

Its the best of both.  The device is small enough to place within the environment you wish to monitor as a surveillance camera, but has the functionality of a long term home / office CCTV security camera.

Can you provide me an example of utilising better battery use?

Yes.  From within the settings menu there is an option to enable the auto switching day / night function.  This feature enables the IR (invisible infa-red illumination) so that the device can detect for changes in lighting and automatically switch between day and night modes.  As the IR is always ON to monitor for light changes, considerable battery juice will be used.  In order to maximise battery performance, do not use the auto switching (day / night) feature unless you absolutely do not know if the light levels will change from light to dark.

Is the video recording quality in high definition?

Yes.  This is true 720P HD video without any software upscaling so the picture quality is smooth motion in stunning full colour.

Will it also record with audio?


Can it record under very low light and the dark?

Yes.  The camera uses light recognition to automatically switch between day & night recording depending on the lighting conditions.  During very low light or night conditions, the camera uses invisible infa-red illumination to provide black and white video recording.

Is it possible to customise the device inside everyday items?

Yes.  Why not build a hideout inside a normal tissue box?  You may be surprised to learn how easily the dark box junior blends into an environment when simply placed on a shelf or amongst other everyday items.

Is there any internal memory to store the video footage?

No.  The dark box junior is designed to accommodate a removable Micro SD card up to 64 GB - this is where the video footage is stored.  The SD card can be removed from the device and played on any Windows or Mac computer.

Can I customise the settings of the device?

Yes.  You are supplied with a Widget Tool Software compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.  Simply connect the dark box junior to your computer via the supplied USB cable, then open the widget tool software to display the settings menu.  Configure the device exactly how you want it to work for you.

Does the device have motion detection recording?

Yes.  Actually, the device has several different recording modes which include: motion recording / continuous recording / scheduled recording / vibration recording / sound recording.  One or more recording modes can be selected at the same time - although this will impact on the overall standby and recording times.

Technical Info
  • A small palm sized dark box with video / audio recording camera
  • Self contained, lightweight and portable design
  • Easy-to-use Widget software for setting preferred recording modes
  • Recording modes - motion detection / continuous / scheduled / sound / vibration
  • Light level adjustment - day / night / automatic switching mode
  • Video resolution - 1280 x 720 (HD) / 640 x 320
  • Video format - AVI
  • Standby time - 30 days (using lowest available settings)
  • Recording time - 24 hours (recording mode selected will reduce the overall capable recording time)
  • Recording format - Micro SD card
  • Maximum storage capacity - 64 GB
  • Split file recording time - 10 / 15 / 20 minutes
  • Loop recording - ON / OFF
  • Orientation adjustment - normal / upside down
  • Time and date stamp - ON / OFF
  • LED - ON / OFF
  • Audio microphone - ON / OFF
  • Camera lens - 160 degree field-of-view
  • Frame rate - high / low
  • Internal battery - 3.7 V / 2'500 mAh
  • Optional iSmart 6'700 mAh power bank
  • Connect to any mains socket for unlimited standby time
  • Upgradeable firmware makes the technology future proof
  • Storage temperature - 0 - 45 C
  • Operation temperature - 0 - 45 C
  • Current consumption - day 100 mA / night 400 mA
  • Dimensions - 110 x 60 x 20 mm
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with Dark Box Junior HD Security Camera, mains power charger, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for home / office / building premises surveillance and security
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