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This USB plug spy camera can film for many days, even weeks thanks to being mains powered operation, while also operating as a fully functional USB charger.  Keep a close eye on your home or business room environment with this surveillance camera, which offers SD card storage, motion detection recording and 720P HD footage.  Easy access SD card with time and date stamp recordings.

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USB Mains Powered Plug: with Motion Activated HD 720P Surveillance Camera

Another fantastic hand-built recording camera.  This is a fully functional USB Mains Plug Camera that can also power other electrical devices in the normal manner however, the hidden colour camera will monitor the room environment and record HD 720P video footage to an internal Micro SD card each time motion movement is detected.

The USB spy plug draws its power from the mains supply, so no batteries or recharging is required.  It is ready to operate the moment it is plugged into any wall socket - thus providing extremely long term video surveillance of your building premises or property.

To make things as simple as possible, we have configured the USB Plug so each recording automatically displays the correct time and date for evidential purposes.


While we favour motion-activated cameras with a Micro SD card inside the device, we appreciate some customers prefer to insert/remove an SD card without using a screwdriver or other fiddly methods to open, therefore, we have fitted the Micro SD card slot to the side of the plug for fast and easy access.  A 16 GB SD card is already pre-fitted for convenience with the option to purchase an additional 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.

This fantastic product works straight out of the box, ready to record and store a total of 49 hours of full-colour video footage with audio and a time and date stamp upon motion detection.  Remember, motion detection recording could potentially take many weeks, months or longer to reach full storage capacity.

All recorded video footage can be played on any Windows or Mac computer without any special software.

Recordings are stored in 2-minute video files until the Micro SD card is full.

More Information
Can I power other devices using the USB plug?

Yes.  Simply plug the USB device into any mains wall socket and use it to power other devices in the normal manner.  Please note that you will need to use your own USB data cable.

What is the standby time?

Unlimited!  The USB plug is powered from a mains socket therefore, no batteries or recharging is required.

Is the device set to record when it detects movement?

Yes.  As soon as movement comes within 15 feet of the hidden camera, recording will begin.

How many hours does the USB plug record for?

This depends on the size of the Micro SD card used.  Recording time is approx 23 minutes per GB.  The maximum capacity is 128 GB which is around 49 hours of total recordable hours.  This can be a good amount of time spanning over many weeks/months because the device only records upon motion detection.

Does the USB plug look normal?

Yes.  The recording aspect is engineered inside the plug so from a visual aspect, it is a fully functional device.

Where is the camera and the SD card slot located?

The camera lens is mounted amongst the writing on the front-fascia to camouflage its appearance.  This means that when the adapter is plugged into a wall socket the camera is facing directly outwards and best situated at least 10 inches off the floor to capture full body height.  The Micro SD card slot has purposely been fitted to the side of the device for very easy access without the need to open using a screwdriver.  As SD cards are black in colour and the USB plug is black in colour, then only close inspection would notice the slot.

How do I set the time & date?

The USB plug is already pre-configured with the correct time and date which is displayed on each video file.

Can I play the recorded video files on my Apple Mac?

Yes.  The SD card can easily be removed from the USB plug and inserted into the card reader integrated into your Apple desktop or laptop where the video footage can be reviewed.

What is the video resolution?

The spy camera uses an HD 720P resolution for full-colour sharp footage.

Can the USB plug record in darkness?

No.  All pinhole cameras which are unaided by IR illumination require natural daylight for the best quality footage.  Artificial light given from a normal lightbulb in a room will look great, however, less natural light or artificial light will depreciate the quality of the recording.

Will the USB plug work if it is removed from the electrical wall socket?


Can I use the USB plug outside the UK?

Yes.  Please select which model you require from the drop-down menu.  We can build UK, European and USA versions.

Technical Info
  • A mains powered USB plug with video & audio camera
  • Completely self-contained and portable
  • Plug and Play technology ensures simple operation
  • Standby time - unlimited
  • Motion-activated recording
  • Recording format - SD card
  • Maximum storage capacity -128 GB
  • Maximum recording storage capacity - 49 hours
  • Detection range - 15 feet
  • Time and date stamp
  • 78-degree field-of-view
  • Illumination - 0.2 lux / 30 IRE @ F 2.0
  • Video format - AVI
  • Frame rate - 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • Playback footage through a computer or any other SD card media player
  • Store footage for archive or email in seconds
  • Power supply - 220 - 240 V
  • Computer interface - USB 2.0
  • Dimensions - 65 x 60 x 40 mm
  • Supplied with USB camera plug, 16 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering video evidence within the home/office, or other owned property
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