Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

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Place this ordinary and modern looking iDock charger in your home or office to covertly film in stunning HD 1080P quality.  This iDock charger with WiFi surveillance camera offers automatic video recording to a removeable Micro SD card, but also remote viewing and recording from an iPhone or Android smartphone.  And because the iDock is mains powered, it provides unlimited standby, and even functions as a real charger too.  An absolutely outstanding quality product for gathering evidence.

Functional iDock Charger; with High Definition Recording and Remote WiFi Viewing

This is a fully functional iDock Charger which sits on any desk or shelf to recharge your iPhone or Android smartphone in the normal manner.  The Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera is a smart and modern accessory to grace any home or office environment without drawing attention, and professionally fitted with a miniature motion activated HD internet camera so you can remotely view and record activities directly from your mobile phone.

Because the iDock charger is mains powered, there are no batteries or recharging required, thus providing unlimited 'around the clock' surveillance operation.


The iDock Charger Camera offers fantastic, standalone video recording so you can simply plug the iDock into a mains wall socket to automatically record events to a removeable Micro SD card when motion is detected, but also at any time, you can LIVE view and record in glorious 1080P picture resolution from your smartphone - anywhere in the world.

If you require additional security of your premises, the iDock Charger is the perfect camera system for use around the home living room, kitchen, office boardroom, meeting room, stock room, workshop, hotel room etc.


If you wish to use the iDock to its maximum potential, using WiFi is extremely easy and the setup process, unlike other IP cameras, has no messy wires, no ethernet cables, and no fumbling with WiFi settings.  Simply download the FREE software app available from the iTunes or Google Play Store and enter the network password of the router where the iDock will be used - and your good to go!  You can even hide the SSID through the software app so other people searching on the network cannot find the camera.


From anywhere, and at any time - whether you are sat on a bus, travelling on a train, waiting in a lounge - you can see exactly what is happening in real time.  And dont forget, the iDock will automatically store any recorded video footage to the SD card regardless if you are watching ot not, ready for you transfer through the app to your smartphone as a backup, or you manually retrieve the SD card and play back on a Windows or Mac computer.  No special software or technical skill required.


To help you get the most from the iDock Charger Camera, we include a high quality SD card at no extra cost.

The iDock is an outstanding product - use as a normal iDock to recharge or maintain charging of your iPhone / Android device.  At any time enable the surveillance mechanism for motion activated recording to SD card and/or view and record LIVE events from your mobile phone.

More Information
Can I use the iDock to charge my Android phone and tablet device?

Yes.  Use it as a normal charger for your Android phone or tablet which can sit on your office desk or table at home.

Is it possible to know the iDock has a fitted spy camera?

No.  The iDock looks completely normal by visual inspection and powers from the mains just like any other normal iDock charger.  The recording mechanism and SD card slot are concealed.

Why do I need to use the WiFi aspect?

No more messy wires!  No more connecting devices to a broadband router!  You can set up the iDock camera super easily on your mobile phone or tablet device with the FREE WiFi software App available from the iTunes and Google Play Store.  Set the time and date, change the recording mode, hide the SSID so other people cannot find the camera on the network, remotely watch in real time and download recorded video files to your Android smartphone and much more using just your finger tip on your phone!

Normally, a WiFi surveillance camera initially needs to be connected to a router and then a computer to setup the camera however, both these processes has been removed so all you ever need is the network password.  Its very clever technology made simple - no technical skill is required and you can be up and running in less than 2 minutes!

Can I use the iDock charger as a standalone motion activated video recorder too?

Yes. Simply plug the iDock charger into any mains powered wall socket and aim the front of the iDock in the direction you wish to monitor and record activity.  High definition 1080P video and audio will be captured and stored to a removable Micro SD card for later analysis on any Windows or Mac computer without any special software.

How do I know where to aim the iDock to get best viewing angle results?

The camera is cleverly fitted on the front of the iDock's facia and with a decent 78 degree field of view so with minimal rehearsal its easy to direct the camera towards the area you wish to monitor.

Is clear audio accompanied with video recordings?

Yes.  Audio is supported if you use the iDock as a standalone surveillance recorder by plugging it in to capture activity upon motion detection or continuous recording however, audio is not supported when streaming LIVE video footage over WiFi to your mobile device.

Will the recorded video camera images be good quality?

Yes.  Full 1080P resolution is stored to the Micro SD card either upon motion activation or when continuously recording as a standalone spy camera.  The better the lighting in the room where the iDock is being used, the brighter and more vivid the images will be.  When viewing LIVE on your mobile phone or tablet through the iDocks camera you are real time streaming therefore, the video is not 1080P resolution - but it is exceptionally good quality footage.

How do I access the recorded video footage?

All video recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card fitted inside the iDock. The maximum SD card capacity that can be used with this product is 32 GB which will store approx 16 hours of footage.  A lower capacity SD card will store less recording.

Do I need to be technically savvy to play back the video footage stored to SD card?

There is no special software required to play back recorded footage and only basic computer knowledge to use an SD card.  You can play back the contents of an SD card on any Windows or Mac computer by simply launching the media player (we recommend installing the free media player from

Is it possible to download any recorded file from the iDock to my smartphone?

Yes.  From within the App simply press the 'video files' screen to open the folder where the video files will be displayed and then select which files to download to your smartphone.  Please note that your mobile phone must have a Micro SD card inserted or have enough storage memory to support downloading and storing video files.

Does the HD camera record at night time?

No.  This product does not have infa-red illumination (IR) therefore, adequate lighting with a light bulb switched on in the room is required.

What happens is the iDock is unplugged and removed from the mains socket?

In this case the camera cannot operate and WiFi cannot be connected from the iDock to your mobile or tablet device.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional iDock desk / table charger with security video camera
  • Modern design with high quality finish
  • Remotely view LIVE through the iDock's pinhole camera
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • Motion activated HD video recording to Micro SD card
  • Recieve alert notifications on your mobile phone when motion activated
  • Hide SSID so other people cannot find the camera on the network
  • Operates from the mains power for unlimited standby time
  • No recharging or batteries required
  • 15 feet trigger detection range
  • Time and date stamp
  • Integrated clear audio
  • Selectable video resolution - 1080P / 720P / 480P
  • Selectable recording modes - motion activated / continuous
  • FREE smartphone / tablet App for easy setup (iTunes / Google Play Stores)
  • Overwrite SD card function (ideal for continuous recording)
  • Frame rate - 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Camera lens - 1/2.9 CMOS
  • Camera sensitivity - 0.03 LUX @ F2.0
  • Focal lens - 3.64 mm
  • Lens angle - 78 degrees
  • Recording format - micro SD card
  • Micro SD card capacity - 32 GB maximum
  • File format - MOV / JPG
  • Code compression - H.264
  • LED status indicator (covered)
  • PC interface - USB 2.0
  • Storage temperature - -20 - 80 degrees
  • Operating temperature - -10 - 60 degrees
  • Operating current - 200 - 470 mA
  • Operating humidity - 15 - 85 %
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Dimensions - 70 x 70 x 50 mm
  • Weight - 75 grams
  • Supplied with WiFi iDock charger camera recorder, mains power adapter, USB cable, 16 GB SD card, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for use within any room environment for day and night evidence gathering

Please Note: This product cannot stream live audio over WiFi due to the power consumption used when live streaming.  If using as a standalone recorder (not streaming over WiFi) then it will support and record clear audio.

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