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An ordinary looking air freshener with a pleasing scent and a professional WiFi internet spy cam concealed inside.  Film surveillance footage for up to nine hours on a single charge and monitor footage from this quality surveillance camera in real time from your mobile phone or computer -  from anywhere in the world.  Footage is password protected and completely secure. 

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Fragranced Air Freshener; with Surveillance WiFi Camera and Motion Activated Recording

To compliment the professional range of hand built WiFi internet cameras, this newly released modern Air Freshener Spy Camera compliments the home or office as a normal fragrance however, the Air Freshener provides stunning remote CCTV live viewing and recording.

Powered from its own internal fully rechareable lithium battery, the Air Freshner can be placed on a shelf, a desk or a table within most room environments and monitored in real time from your smartphone for up to nine (9) hours on a single charge.  The option to purchase a spare 'quick change' battery is available.

The Air Freshener has a multitude of fine tune settings accessible from a Windows or Mac computer, laptop or mobile phone, for example: set to hidden camera to record when motion is detected and send an email notification at the same time.


Add security and surveillance to your premises by introducing this innocent looking Air Freshener - the ideal portable spy cam for short term video monitoring without the need of a mains power.


Unlike many WiFi camera systems, this WiFi HD Air Freshener requires very little technical skill to setup and operate.

  • Install the supplied Widget software to a Windows or Mac computer
  • Connect the Air Freshener to the internet router via the supplied ethernet cable
  • The Widget software configures everything automatically
  • Enter the Widget software settings and type the network password to authorise
  • Remove the ethernet cable from the Air Freshener

Finished.  You can now access the Air Freshener's surveillance camera on a computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world.


From the purchase options, choose between standard 640 x 480 video resolution, or super clear HD 1280 x 800 video resolution.  All video footage is accompanied with clear audio and a time and date for prosperity.


The WiFi HD Air Freshener has an internal 32 GB of back up flash memory which automatically stores video footage should there be a temporary loss of internet connection.  Once the internet connection resumes normality, you can then remotely access the Air Freshener's internal storage to transfer the recorded video files during the time of internet disconnection.


This product should not be confused with other similar WiFi camera systems.  Rest assure you are purchasing a high quality, hand built product for top level evidence gathering video surveillance.

More Information
How is the air freshener powered?

Inside the air freshener is a 7800 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery which powers the WiFi camera for approx nine (9) hours.  We also supply additional battery packs so you can swap over quickly and with minimum fuss.

What if I need longer than nine (9) hours or unlimited operation time?

From the drop down menu you can purchase additional battery packs to swap over when the battery inside the air freshener requires recharging.  This is very easy to do and does not disconnect the WiFi connection making the changeover hassle free.  To provide unlimited operation - an always ON surveillance then please view our other equally superb WiFi Radio which is powered from the mains supply.

Does the air freshener record in darkness?

No.  The air freshener is not equipped with invisible infa-red.

Do I need to manually configure my broadband settings for the air freshener to work?

No.  The supplied Widget Tool sent to your specified email address does the work for you - eliminating any technical procedure.  You are only required to type the network security key (password) to authorise the WiFi camera to use your broadband connection.

How can I see the real-time activity from another location?

Each device is assigned a unique ID.  When you need to login, simply type the ID into the viewing console on your computer (or app if using a mobile device) and the connection is easy and automatic.  You can then see and hear LIVE as the action happens.

I have a Mac computer, is that OK?

Yes.  Both Windows & Mac computers can install the Widget Tool software.

Does the air freshener record when motion is detected?

Yes.  You may switch ON / OFF this feature and all other security features from your control panel.  Once movement is detected, the air freshener will send you an email notification whilst recording the activity to your computer hard drive.

Does the WiFi camera record in colour or black and white?

WiFi recording and viewing is full colour 1280 x 800 HD resolution @ 30 FPS (frames per second) with audio.

How many WiFi surveillance cameras can be used on the same connection?

Up to 16 cameras.  So you can monitor multiple rooms at the same time.  You can have an air freshener deployed in one room, a radio in another, a carbon monoxide camera in another etc..

Will too many cameras cause interference?

Each camera uses digital data streaming which means that no interference can be expected from other systems.  However, the WiFi network can possibly be affected by bandwidth issues which may impinge on the video / audio streamed.

Is there any back up memory in the event of a lost internet connection?

Yes.  Inside the air freshener is 32 GB of back up storage which comes into effect should the internet connection drop or lose signal where the air freshener is situated.  Recordings are then stored to the memory of the air freshener which can be retrieved once the internet is back online.

I travel a lot, can I remotely watch events whilst on the move or from another country?

Yes.  The viewing console can be installed to any Windows or Mac computer, or Apple iPhone / Android phone.  You only require an internet connection to remotely view and record events through the camera.

Technical Info
  • A fragranced air freshener with WiFi surveillance camera
  • Professionally hand built
  • Completely portable and wireless
  • Remotely view, listen and record in real-time
  • No technical skill required
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Up to 16 additional cameras can be used on the same viewing platform
  • High sensitivity audio microphone
  • No flashing LED's, beeps or noises etc
  • Remotely configurable through settings menu
  • Standby time - nine (9) hours
  • Manual recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Motion activated recording
  • Motion activated email notifications
  • Time & date stamp
  • Storage capacity - computer hard drive
  • 32 GB internal back up storage
  • Video resolution - HD 1280 x 800 / 640 x 480 @ 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Auto adjusts video / audio quality depending on transfer speed and bandwidth
  • Password protection
  • Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android compatible
  • Dimensions - 125 x 95 x 40 mm
  • Supplied with WiFI air freshener, genuine Apple USB plug, Widget Tool software and User Guide
  • Optional 7800 mAh battery packs available
  • Ideal for monitoring your home, office, workshop environment and gathering footage for evidential purposes
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