Junction Box Wifi Spy Camera


A smart junction box professionally integrated with a powerful WiFi surveillance camera, so cleverly disguised that it will never look out of place in hallways, or other external covered areas.  Remotely view and record HD CCTV footage and powered from the mains provides unlimited power.  Other great features include instant email notifications if motion is detected. 

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A Small Junction Box; with WiFi Spy Security Camera

To further compliment our hand built range of WiFi spy cameras, this small, authentic looking Junction Box Wifi Spy Camera would not look out of place on a wall surface within the environment you wish to monitor.  The Junction Box is professionally integrated with an internet surveillance camera which allows you to remotely view, record, and receive instant email notifications when motion movement is detected.

The WiFi Junction Box Surveillance Recorder is powered from the mains supply providing long term observations in real time from your mobile phone or Windows or Mac computer.


There is no technical skill required to learn this internet camera.  The supplied Widget software will automatically configure the WiFi camera within the Junction Box to your existing broadband connection.  Simply input your network password.  All recorded files are stamped with a time & date and accompanied with clear audio.


Do not settle for grainy low pixel resolution footage - we use only high definition 1280 x 800 miniature cameras for extremely clear video footage, which can also be encrypted by password protection and stored to the hard drive of the computer from which you are monitoring the Junction Box camera from.  This means your computer can hold many weeks, months or even years worth of recordable footage depending on the hard drive capacity of the computer.


The WiFi Junction Box Surveillance Recorder is integrated with internal flash memory which stores the video footage should there be a temporary loss of internet connection.  In this case, the Junction Box will continue to record and store the footage to its internal memory until the internet is back online - avoiding potential loss of captured evidence.

Once the internet connection is back online, you can remotely access the Junction Box's storage to remotely view the footage, and also transfer the recorded footage over to your computer hard drive for safe keeping.


Please Note: If you do not have the capability to connect this device to a mains power, then this is not a suitable product for you.  In this case please consider our other superb range of products.

More Information
Does the junction box support batteries?

No.  This is a mains powered unit for providing long term video surveillance monitoring.

Is it easy to setup as I'm not very technical.

Yes, the setup procedure is incredibly simple, and unlike many other IP cameras, we supply an excellent widget tool software which automatically configures your WiFi to the junction box.  You will need to input the network password key to authorise the junction box to use your internet connection but thats as difficult as it gets.

Can I use a Mac computer to view and record?

Yes.  The supplied Widget Tool software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Does the junction box record audio too?


Where is the video footage stored?

All video files are stored on the computer hard drive from which you are monitoring the junction box spy camera from.  The advantage of this technique is that recorded video evidence is always held with you - and never stored on the junction box.

What happens if the WiFi location where the junction box is fitted goes offline?

We have also built 32 GB of internal flash storage to the junction box to cover this eventuality.  In this case, the junction box will continue recording and storing footage to its internal memory which can then be accessed remotely and the video files transferred to your computer once the WiFi connection is back online.  This powerful function ensures no loss of functionality or recording evidence.

Will it record when motion is detected?

Yes.  You can click a button from within your viewing console to activate this feature but you can also setup the junction box to notify you by email when movement is detected too.

Is there any interference from other transmitting devices?

No.  The junction box streams digital data so there should be no interference from other units.

What is the video footage quality like?

We use a HD camera which streams full colour 1280 x 800 video resolution which will not disappoint.

Im travelling around, so can I remotely monitor events from another country?

Yes.  Simply install the supplied widget tool on the Windows laptop you carry with you, and at any time (internet connection required), you can login and watch LIVE, and record at the click of a button.  The Apple iPhone & Android phone is also supported for viewing LIVE too.

Technical Info
  • WiFi surveillance in the form of a superb, small plastic junction box
  • Small pinhole internet camera cleverly integrated within the front fascia
  • Wall mounted and professionally hand made
  • Unlimited standby and operation time due to mains power connection
  • View activity in real-time, listen with clear audio and record as the action happens
  • No technical skill needed to setup and operate
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Up to 20 further WiFi surveillance cameras can be added to the viewing console
  • Motion activation recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Manual recording
  • Email notification upon movement
  • Time & date stamp of video footage
  • All video footage is stored to the computer hard drive and not the actual junction box
  • 32 GB of internal flash storage to contin
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