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A mini internet security camera that looks like a little speaker system, perfect for CCTV surveillance of homes, workplaces and more.  With a fantastic 90-day battery performance on a single charge, and motion-activation, night vision and real-time alerting functions of this tiny WiFi surveillance camera allow you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world from your mobile phone. 


Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera; with Night Vision and 90 Day Battery

This little spy camera looks like a tiny home speaker, but is in fact a brilliant indoor CCTV security camera which measures just 100 x 45 x 60 mm - that's small enough to sit on the palm of your hand!  You can place this little camera anywhere indoors for example: the home or office, a hotel room or perhaps your caravan home and remotely monitor LIVE video footage over WiFi on your mobile phone or tablet device from anywhere in the world, and also receive push notifications (explained further below) when motion is detected.


The Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera has HD 720P colour resolution for excellent daytime viewing and an infra-red for night vision too.  The camera uses a low-power battery management for superior performance up to 3 months on a single charge - so its ideal for very long term and portable surveillance monitoring.  Who enters your room when you are not there?  Who shouldn't be in the office storeroom?  Get notified in the event of a break-in, or if someone accesses the hotel room or caravan home when they shouldn't.


Setup is incredibly easy - all you need to do is select the WiFi network and input the password!  Using the FREE app available from the Apple and Google Play Store for iOS, Android and tablet devices provides simple touch button control.  Launch the app to watch real-time action (with audio) + monitor the status of your camera + download photos and videos to your mobile device for evidence and safekeeping.

If you wish to store video recordings for later playback, the camera accepts an SD card (not supplied) which can be removed, and the footage played on any Windows or Mac computer. Full step-by-step instructions are included, and no technical skill is required, no computer needed, no ethernet cable or any special software whatsoever.

Please note you will need to use your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.


Push notifications are instant messages immediately sent to your mobile phone or tablet when the camera detects movement.  Then check your phone and see what is happening in real-time.  The camera will also take a time and date snapshot of any movement and send the image to your mobile phone too.  Also, the camera will send you a push notification when the battery is getting low or to provide status updates.  If you have an SD card inserted into the camera, then recordings will automatically be stored to the card for playback on any computer.

The Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera is an ideal travel accessory to take anywhere.  The camera is easy to set up and operate and provides remote monitoring of your premises day and night.

More Information

How easy is the camera to setup?

Super easy!  We provide a full step-by-step User Guide so you can be viewing live footage remotely on your mobile or tablet device within 5 minutes.  A FREE app is available for Android, iPhone and tablet devices which makes the process incredibly easy.  No technical skill, no computer, no ethernet cable and no special software required.  Just your WiFi network name and password - it's that simple.

Once fully charged, how long will the camera work for?

This camera has an amazingly long battery performance to monitor activity in standby mode for up to 90 days and even with 10x motion detection triggers per day has an average 60 day operation time.  Very few portable WiFi camera systems can match this kind of performance.

How does the camera of its small size provide such a long battery performance?

Its a combination of ultra-low power consumption and deep sleep mode.  The PIR sensor will always actively monitor for movement even when the camera is in sleep mode - but unlike other WiFi cameras which keep the WiFi element enabled (regardless of whether you are watching or not), this camera only enables the WiFi element when you are actively using it.  By working in this manner, the camera fully maximises the battery performance.  It's a clever technology concept which outperforms almost all other WiFi cameras.

Can I remotely view the camera from anywhere in the world?

Yes.  Place the camera anywhere within WiFi range of the network, and from a smartphone/tablet device you can remotely connect to the surveillance camera anytime, and anywhere through your mobile device 3G/4G/5G data.  For example: set up the device in a hotel room and keep an eagle eye whilst you are out.  Knowing you will receive instant push notifications (day or night) in the event of unauthorised entry.

Does the camera have night vision?

Yes.  Even if the room is in complete darkness, the camera can monitor and notify you if movement is detected.  The camera will then record to Micro SD card, and you can remotely view live footage with audio and even download the footage to your mobile as backup evidence.  Footage is captured in HD 720P resolution for excellent viewing imagery.

Note: The camera will emit an infra-red LED in darkness when you are remotely viewing.  At all other times the infra-red LED remains unseen.  For example: If somebody enters your room at night, the infra-red LED will not be illuminated but will alert you of movement.  If you decide at that point to remotely view the room, the infra-red will then illuminate.  If you decide not to view, then the infra-red LED will not illuminate but will still capture events to a Micro SD card which you can review later - or download the footage to your mobile / tablet device.

Can I power the camera from a mains supply?


How do I play the recorded footage back?

All recorded footage is saved to a removable Micro SD card (not supplied) which is inserted inside the device.  The card can be removed, and the video files played on any Windows or Mac computer without the need of special software.  Also, the recorded footage can be stored to your mobile phone.

Can I keep tabs on the camera's battery level from my mobile or tablet?

Yes.  From within the app you can see all information regarding your camera and make changes to best suit the working environment.  Besides, the camera will send you a push notification when the battery level drops below 20% giving you ample time to recover and recharge the device.

How many cameras can I set up to view through the app?

You can have 2x cameras working together on the same network, so perhaps in a home environment one camera placed upstairs, and one camera placed downstairs, or perhaps in an office environment one camera placed in the stock room and one camera placed in a storeroom where valuables are kept.

Technical Info
  • A mini internet security surveillance camera
  • Monitoring in the guise of a small speaker
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • View live action on your phone and tablet device
  • 720P video resolution
  • Colour footage (day) / Black and White (night)
  • 110-degree field of view (2.1 mm wide interface)
  • Integrated audio microphone
  • In-built 3'400 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Ultra-low power consumption - 90 days standby time
  • 75 days operation time - 10x motion triggers per day
  • Receive push notifications to your mobile device
  • Can be powered from the mains for unlimited operation
  • Records and stores footage to Micro SD card
  • Maximum SD storage - 32 GB
  • Download snapshots and video clips to your mobile device
  • FREE WiFi app for simple setup
  • Battery indicator and camera status within the app
  • Camera detection range - 20 feet (day) / 15 feet (night)
  • Time and date stamp
  • File format - MP4 video
  • Standby current - 0.5 mA
  • Working current - 200 mA (day) / 250 mA (night)
  • Video compression - H.264
  • Storage temp - 0 - 20 degree
  • Operation temp - 0 - 20 degree
  • Computer interface - USB 2.0
  • Dimensions - 100 x 45 x 60 mm
  • Supplied with Mini HD WiFi Speaker Camera, USB data cable, FREE USB mains plug and User Guide
  • Ideal as a surveillance CCTV camera for your property for evidential purposes

Note: This product is one of very few available WiFi spy cameras that will stream live audio over WiFi and with exceptional standalone battery performance.


Customer Reviews

Neat product
Review by Sampson 221
not sure it looks like a "speaker" but it is a good working camera and battery life is a core advantage. good.

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