Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera

Mini Night Vision WiFi Speaker Camera

Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

Phone Charging Dock with Hidden Camera

AC Power Plug with Spy Camera

It would be hard to guess that this ordinary fully functional AC power plug contains a miniature colour WiFi surveillance camera.  In addition to having the perfect guise, this internet cam also offers true HD 1080P video resolution and remote viewing from your phone or tablet from any location.  Included are interchangeable power plugs for use in UK, EU, USA and Australia.

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Functional AC Power Plug with Spy Camera; with Remote Watch, Listen and Record Function

A new addition to our smart range of WiFi surveillance cameras - this fully functional AC Power Plug is meticulously fitted with a mini HD security camera that will capture glorious high definition video footage when motion is detected, or record continuously around the clock 24/7 (whichever you prefer from the settings).  Video footage is stored to a removable Micro SD card can be played on any Windows or Macintosh computer.  But thats not all.. in addition to recording as a standalone camera, the device is fitted with WiFi so you can also view LIVE footage on your mobile phone.


The WiFi Spy AC Power Plug Camera works straight out of the box to charge your electronic USB devices in the normal manner, and at any time, a secret recording mechanism can be enabled to capture events as an undercover motion activated video camcorder.  Simply plug the device into any mains socket, then activate the recording mechanism and its ready to record pinsharp 1080P video when motion movement is detected.


The FREE software app available for your iPhone and Android from the iTunes and Google Play Store, remotely streams live footage directly on your smartphone or tablet device.  You can be a 'fly on the wall' in any room environment to remotely watch, listen and record at the touch of a button on your mobile device - and because the AC Power Plug Camera is mains powered, no batteries or recharging are required. 

Monitor events and obtain video evidence within your home and office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, meeting room stock room.. even hotel rooms for use as an anti theft product.


The AC Power Plug can send you push notifications whenever movement is detected (this feature can be switched ON / OFF at any time) so you never miss a thing.  Be in confident knowledge that at anytime, from anywhere.. sat on a bus, travelling on the tube, lounging in a waiting area etc.. you can be notified of activity and see exactly what is going on.


This product can be used in the UK, EU, USA and Australia by switching over the USB power plugs.  Now you can surveillance events to ensure the security of the premises you occupy whilst travelling too!


To help you get the most from your product, we supply a 16 GB high quality SD card at no extra cost.  We also supply a 32 GB SD card as an optional upgrade which is enough storage capacity to hold a total of 16 hours of total recordable footage which is ample for many days, weeks or even months when in motion recording mode.

This WiFi AC Power Plug Camera is a fantastic and innovative product offering outstanding remote monitoring and recording features and always with reliable performance.  An ideal product to introduce into most room environments for gathering video evidence over long periods.

More Information
Can I use the AC power plug to charge electrical items?

Yes.  You can connect any USB cable and it can be used as a normal USB charger for your Android, iPhone or tablet devices.  This is a multi-national plug so the 3-pin connector for UK sockets can be interchanged for an EU, USA or Australian 2-pin connector which is perfect for travelling too.

Can the surveillance camera be positioned to where I need to point it?

The camera records straight ahead because the lens is fitted to the front of the AC power plug.  This product is ideally suited where the plug socket is facing the area you wish to monitor or you could perhaps plug the adapter into an extension lead and move to point in a general direction.

Can I plug the power adapter in and use to record upon motion movement?

Yes.  If you want to use as a standalone surveillance recorder, simply insert a Micro SD card (supplied) into the concealed compartment of the power adapter and then plug into a wall socket.  The device is then ready to capture HD video with audio to the SD card when motion is detected.  You can then remove the SD card and play the captured footage on a Windows or Mac computer without any special software.

What is the FREE software App I need to install to my phone?

Available from the iTunes and Google Play Store, the software App simplifies the setup by negating any need to connect the power plug to your computer.  The software App syncs with the power plug so you can set the time & date, change the recording mode plus other features at the touch of a button.

Do I have to use the WiFi function of the power plug?

You do not need to use the fantastic WiFi feature but it does give you much more control to remotely communicate with the power plug and make changes, watch activities through the power plug's camera on your mobile device, touch button record events and receive notification alerts when the camera detects movement.  The WiFi function also allows you to backup recorded video files to your smartphone.  Appealingly, no technical skill is needed, the WiFi feature is designed to be super easy to use - unlike other internet setups there is no IP configuration or any requirement to connect the power plug to a router.

Does the power plug support audio?

Yes.  Audio is supported if you use the power plug as a standalone surveillance recorder, for example: simply plug in any electrical socket to capture activity to the Micro SD card when movement is detected.  However, audio is not supported when streaming LIVE video footage over WiFi to your mobile device.

Are the recorded video files of good quality?

Yes.  When used as a standalone hidden camera the video resolution is recorded at 1080P resolution which is outstanding image quality.  But, when remotely watching LIVE footage on your mobile phone or tablet through the power plug's camera the footage is not 1080P resolution because the camera is streaming real time - but it is exceptional quality footage with high detail.

Where are the recorded video files stored?

All video recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card fitted inside the power plug.  You can either remove the SD card from within the device and play / store the footage on a computer, or if your smartphone or tablet is connected on the same network as the power plug you can access the backup screen within the App and select which recorded video file/s to download to your smartphone / tablet for safe keeping.  If your smartphone or tablet is not connected on the same network the video files will only appear for backup when you do.

Please Note: The maximum SD card capacity that can be used with this product is 32 GB which will store approx 16 hours of footage.  After 16 hours, the SD card will stop recording unless you switch ON 'Loop Recording' from within the App which will then begin to overwrite the earliest footage so the camera will always record in a loop cycle.

Can the high definition camera record at night time?

No.  The power plug does not have infa-red illumination (IR) therefore, the room in which the plug is being used must have adequate lighting.

What happens should the power plug be disconnected from the mains socket?

In this case because no power is being applied to the hidden camera it cannot operate either as a standalone recorder or as a WiFi camera.

If somebody does a WiFi search on the network, can they find the camera?

No.  From within the software App on your phone or tablet you to hide the SSID so other people cannot find the camera on the network.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional mains AC power plug with surveillance camera
  • Multi national USB charger includes UK, EU, US and Australia plugs
  • Stylish design with high quality finish
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • View remotely and in real time through the plug's pinhole camera
  • Hide SSID so other people cannot find the camera on the network
  • HD motion activated recording to Micro SD card
  • Alert notifications on your mobile phone when motion detected
  • Mains power operated for unlimited standby time
  • No batteries or recharging required
  • 15 feet trigger detection range
  • Time and date stamp
  • Clear integrated audio
  • Selectable video resolution - 1080P / 720P / 480P
  • Selectable recording modes - motion activated / continuous
  • FREE smartphone / tablet app for super easy setup (iTunes / Google Play)
  • Overwrite SD card function (ideal for continuous recording)
  • Frame rate - 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Camera lens - 1/2.9 CMOS
  • Sensor resolution - 2000 x 1121
  • Camera sensitivity - 0.03 LUX @ F2.0
  • Focal lens - 3.64 mm
  • Lens angle - 78 degrees
  • Recording format - micro SD card
  • Micro SD card capacity - 32 GB maximum
  • File format - MOV / JPG
  • Code compression - H.264
  • LED status indicator (covered)
  • PC interface - mini USB 2.0
  • Storage temperature - -20 - 80 degrees
  • Operating temperature - -10 - 60 degrees
  • Operating current - 200 - 470 mA
  • Operating humidity - 15 - 85 %
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Dimensions - 65 x 55 x 40 mm
  • Weight - 97 grams
  • Supplied with WiFi AC spy power plug camera, interchangeable USB plugs (UK, EU, US, Australia), USB cable, 16 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring and recording activities within any room environment for evidence gathering

Please Note: This product cannot stream live audio when viewing LIVE footage on your mobile device due to the power consumption used when streaming.  However, video and audio is automatically recorded and stored to the Micro SD card as a backup.

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