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On the surface, a completely normal and fully functional AC USB charger.  Under this expert disguise, a WiFi security camera capable of capturing HD 1080P footage, motion activation and unlimited standby operation thanks to the use of mains power.  You can even stream footage live to your mobile phone from this plug adaptor from wherever you are in the world.  Interchangeable power plugs for UK, EU, USA and Australia included.

Mains Powered AC Charger; with Motion Recording & LIVE Viewing

This functional AC Charger Plug is equipped with an HD 1080P colour camera allowing you to monitor your home or business straight on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.  Simply plug into any mains wall socket and AC Charger will monitor the direction in which the hidden camera is pointing.  In addition, the camera is fitted at a 15 degree upward angle which helps capture events even when the AC Charger is plugged low to the floor.

Any motion movement in front of the camera lens will notify your phone so you can then check in and identify the activity in real time.  You can also record what you see on your smartphone and the footage is automatically stored as a backup to a removable Micro SD card (inside the AC Charger) for evidence. Video files can be played on any Windows or Mac computer without the need of any special software.


The FREE app which can be downloaded from the iTunes / Google Play Store to your iPhone, Android or tablet device allows you to remotely watch, hit the record button, adjust the time & date and other features with just the touch of a button.  Setup is super easy and there is no complicated router settings or configuration needed.


No matter where you use the WiFi Spy Camera AC Charger all you need to setup is the network password which makes it incredibly easy to deploy a surveillance camera in your parents house (with permission) so they know you are looking after their welfare.  Another great use is knowing your hotel room remains secure when you are out and about.  Any movement and you will be alerted straight to your phone.


The AC Charger is powered from an electrical mains socket therefore, no need for batteries or recharging.  This means the AC Charger can remain plugged within the room you wish to monitor for 24/7 around the clock guardian eyes of your home, office, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, outbuildings, caravan - or anywhere you feel needs watchful security.


In addition the to the standard UK power plug, we also include interchangeable power plugs for use in the EU, USA or Australia.


Provided with this product we also supply free of charge a high quality 16 GB Micro SD with adapter so you are ready to go straight away.


Also included, we provide a standard, black coloured USB cable for use with an iPhone.

The authenticity of this product looks fantastic and can actually power other devices too!

More Information
How is the AC Charger camera powered?

The AC Charger operates by mains power only.  No batteries and no recharging needed.  You are supplied with four (4)x interchangeable power plugs (UK, EU, USA and Australia).

Does the AC Charger function as a normal USB power charger?

Yes. you can use any USB cable with the AC Charger to recharge small electrical devices in the normal manner.

What does 'WiFi' mean?

Almost all premises use WiFi these days so you can browse the internet, which simply means the camera can use any WiFi network ie: coffee shop, hotel, home, business, library etc so you can remotely view the camera from your smartphone - no matter where you are in the world.

Can I add more than one (1) camera to the same WiFi network?

Yes.  So you can monitor upstairs as well as downstairs or different rooms at the same time.  You can simply assign each camera with a different name.

Is the camera password protected?

Yes.  Nobody can access your video feed unless you provide them the Camera ID and Password.

Why do I need the smartphone App?

The FREE app for iPhone, Android or tablet devices is like a little menu screen which allows you to remotely view and record on your smartphone. The app can do much more - everything is controlled at the touch of a button and no technical skill is required.

Please Note: You can not use a computer with this product. Only smartphones.

Where is the camera hidden on the AC Charger?

The camera is located on the front of the charger's facia camouflaged amongst writing.  This means when you plug the charger into a wall socket the camera is directly facing outwards but at a slight incline of 15 degrees which helps get a better viewing angle if the charger is plugged low to the floor.

What kind of picture resolution does the camera provide?

Stunning video in high definition 1080P for the very best image quality.

Is audio supported?

Yes.  You get both video and audio together.

Where is the recorded footage stored?

You can backup video (and picture snapshots) to an SD card inside the AC Charger using your smartphone.  The maximum capacity SD card that can be used with this product is 32 GB which we can supply from the drop down menu.

IHow do I play back the recorded video footage?

Remove the SD card from the AC Charger and insert the card into your Windows or Mac computer.  No special software is required to play back the recorded video.

Wil the camera record at night?

No.  The camera is not designed to capture footage during complete darkness.  Ideally the pinhole camera requires a decent flow of artificial light or natural light conditions.

Can the AC Charger still record if unplugged from the mains?

No.  The camera is powered from the mains electrical supply therefore, if the AC Charger is removed there is no power being fed to the unit and live viewing or motion activated recording cannot happen.

Can I turn OFF motion alerts?

Yes.  Through the app on your smartphone you can enable and disable any feature and at any time you wish.

Technical Info
  • A mains powered AC wall charger with WiFi security camera
  • View footage in real time straight on your smartphone
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • Receive instant motion detection alerts to your phone
  • Interchangeable power plugs for use in UK, EU, USA and Australia
  • Surveillance camera fitted to the front fascia filming directly outwards
  • Camera is angled upwards at 15 degrees
  • Full 1080P HD video resolution for superb picture quality
  • Two (2) mega pixel CMOS lens
  • Free smartphone app for iPhone / Android / Tablet
  • Backup recorded video & picture snapshots to SD card
  • Recording format – SD card
  • Storage capacity – 32 GB maximum
  • Camera detection range – 15 – 20 feet
  • Camera field of view – 90 degrees
  • Time & date evidence stamp
  • File format – H.264
  • Frame rate – 25 FPS
  • Power supply – 110 – 240 V
  • Dimensions – xx x xx x xx mm
  • Supplied with wifi ac charger, interchangeable power plugs, USB cable, FREE 16 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for security monitoring of your home or business for evidential purposes
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