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Insert your favourite picture and place the Picture Frame on a shelf, desk, or even wall-mounted - and you have a motion-activated WiFi surveillance camera with super-sharp video resolution and night vision technology.  The Picture Frame Camera is effortless to set up and has an incredible battery performance of approx. 30 days on a single charge.  The smartphone app for iOS and Android smartphones allows you to view LIVE, manually record and playback footage and receive motion-activated push notifications.  A removable Micro SD card storage system backs up video files for playback on Windows or Mac computers.


Picture Frame; with Live WiFi Viewing, Recording and Motion-Activated Push Notifications

Place the Picture Frame on a table, a desk, or a shelf and watch the real-time activity on a smartphone from anywhere in the world.  The WiFi surveillance camera will automatically monitor activity and alert your smartphone with a push notification while recording 60-second motion-activated video footage - even in the dark.  Recorded video files can be stored as backup evidence on a removable Micro SD card fitted inside the Picture Frame.  To enhance the Picture Frame's authenticity without revealing its security CCTV capabilities, insert your favourite picture to best suit the room environment.

Imagine you are travelling and receive a Push Notification that movement has been triggered.  Launch the smartphone app to view the activity.  Was it something to be concerned about?  Tap the record button or take a picture snapshot as video evidence.


The camera is powered by a 10'000 mAh internal battery that provides up to 30 days of working time.  A helpful battery indicator is shown on the smartphone app so you know when the camera requires recharging.  Battery performance will vary depending on the number of recordings, the length of each recording, and how often you launch the app to live view; however, up to 30 days is an impressive performance from a single charge!

Charging the Picture Frame is easy by removing the frame's outer cover and connecting the unit to mains power.  An LED indicator will advise when the Picture Frame has achieved full charge.  Then replace the cover to continue remote surveillance.


The Picture Frame has an incredibly simple setup procedure that compliments the smartphone app, allowing you to monitor remotely from anywhere in the world.  No technical skill is required; you can have the camera online within minutes.  Remotely monitor your room environment, including; basement, office, workshop, lobby, stockroom, holiday home, caravan etc.

  • Receive a push notification when motion is detected
  • View LIVE on your smartphone at any time and from anywhere worldwide
  • Automatically records 60 seconds of video with audio
  • Playback recorded video footage through the app
  • Download recorded video footage to your smartphone
  • Backup video files to an optional SD card
  • Enable scheduled recording times
  • Manually record video and take picture snapshots


Available to download from the Google Play | Apple Store, the smartphone app puts you in full control of the Picture Frame's security camera at the touch of a button.  You can enable push notifications so your smartphone will receive an on-screen alert when the camera detects movement while recording 60 seconds of burst video evidence.  Recorded footage can be accessed through the app and backed up to an optional removable Micro SD card fitted inside the Picture Frame.  Launch the app to watch real-time activity, record the room environment, take picture snapshots, set up scheduled recording times, and playback captured video footage.

Note: The intelligent motion detection sensor will only trigger the full 60 seconds of recording if the movement continues for 5 seconds or longer.  Less than 5 seconds of movement and the recording will stop after 10-15 seconds to reduce false triggers and save storage space and battery performance.


The Picture Frame is integrated with invisible infra-red night vision that automatically enables when room lighting is low - thus allowing the camera to see in the dark up to approx. 3 meters.  Viewing and recording will then be produced in black and white images.


Pictures around the home and office are a natural compliment to the room environment.  You can turn this to your advantage without broadcasting that you have access to remote surveillance, which is ideal for:

  • Knowing when a person/s enters your room | personal space when you are not there
  • Catching a sneaky thief in the act
  • Peace of mind that your elderly parents, children or pets are safe when you are not there
  • Remotely check your home or business premises are secure

Note: A USB mains plug (not supplied) is required to recharge the Picture Frame Camera from a mains power, or you may optionally purchase a genuine Apple USB plug from the menu above.  A USB mains plug is not a necessity; the Picture Frame can be charged through a computer, although at a much slower charging rate.

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Yes.  The photo should be a portrait with dimensions 182 (H) x 132 (D) mm.


An integrated, fully rechargeable 10'000 mAh battery provides around 30 days of operation time.  This is an excellent amount of battery performance for a standalone WiFi camera.  When the Picture Frame battery requires recharging (battery level is indicated through the smartphone app), the unit can be connected to mains power via a USB mains plug (not supplied).


Yes.  The Frame is integrated with several IR night vision LEDs (not visible to the human eye), automatically illuminating when low light is detected.  This enables you to remotely view the room environment in black and white imagery and capture/record events in darkness.


The image is sharp HD @ 1080P, and the video recordings are accompanied by audio that can be switched ON / OFF through the app.  To maximise battery performance, the frame rate (FPS) is automatic and will stream a couple of seconds slower.


The camera is designed to record in 60-second bursts when each motion is detected.  Therefore, the number of video files that can be stored will vary depending on the SD card size and how many times the movement is recorded.  In our tests, we achieved 33 days of operational time, including a few push notifications to our smartphone when the camera detected movement.  To maximise the battery, you should use this product for surveillance monitoring, whereby you do not need to keep launching the app to live to view the camera or tap the record button.  Instead, trust the camera to monitor, record activity, and send you a push notification upon movement.


To maximise battery performance to a realistic 30 operational days, the recording length of each motion activation is limited to 60-second bursts.  If there is movement after 60 seconds, the camera will continue to record by creating a new video file for a further 60 seconds... and so on.

Note: The intelligent motion detection sensor will only trigger the full 60 seconds of recording if the movement continues for 5 seconds or longer.  Less than 5 seconds of movement and the recording will stop after 10-15 seconds to reduce false triggers and save storage space and battery performance.


No.  The camera is designed to work only when connected to a WiFi network (home, office) and with the smartphone app, available to download to iOS and Android devices.  Setup and connection are very easy without wiring or fiddly configurations.


An internal Micro SD card of up to 32 GB can be fitted into the Picture Frame to store recorded footage.  You can remotely view the footage stored on the SD card on your smartphone and transfer video files from the SD card to your smartphone.  Alternatively, you can remove the card from the Picture Frame and play the recordings on a Windows or Mac computer.


Yes.  Through the smartphone app, you can select times for any day or all days of the week to enable recording when motion is detected between certain times; for example: detect movement only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10:00 am - 14:00.


No.  The Picture Frame Camera hides its SSID (name) from being discoverable to people searching for WiFi-enabled devices.  The camera is password protected and must also use the associated smartphone app.

Technical Info
  • Picture Frame with WiFi surveillance security camera
  • Completely wireless
  • Approx. 30 days of operation (per charge)
  • Integrated night vision
  • Convenient for the office, workshop, storeroom etc
  • Place it on a desk or even mount it on a wall
  • Easy to setup - limited technical skill required
  • FREE Google Play | Apple Store smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Watch real-time footage on a smartphone worldwide
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • Time and date stamp
  • Automatically captures 60-seconds of burst recording when motion is detected
  • Receive push notifications when motion is triggered
  • Manually record real-time footage and take picture snapshots
  • Playback recorded video files through the smartphone app
  • 65-degree field-of-view camera
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • Hidden SSID
  • Recording format - SD card / 32 GB maximum
  • Sensor detection range - 15 - 20 feet
  • Battery capacity - rechargeable 10'000 mAh
  • Frame rate - 0 - 25 FPS
  • Charging source - Mini USB 5 volt / 1 amp
  • Frame dimensions - 255 (H) x 200 (W) x 15 (D) mm
  • Weight - 520 grams
  • Supplied with Picture Frame Surveillance WiFi Camera, wall mount bracket, USB cable, SD card reader, cleaning cloth and User Guide
  • Ideal for office and home remote observational CCTV security


Customer Reviews

We’re loving the photo frame camera, works perfectly
Review by Customer # 00001154X
It’s made so much difference in how we keep an eye on my husband’s elderly father! Thank you again for all the great advice and help.
Amazing Product & Service
Review by Customer # 00001152X
I wasn't sure what to purchase in a minefield of spy cam products on the internet, I found Online Spy Shop in a Google search and emailed them to seek advice and clarification. The owner of the business called me and we had a great no obligation chat. He answered all my questions and made no attempt to sell me something just to get my money. Armed with lots of useful information, I spoke to my husband and we decided to go with the photo frame camera.

My order was due in a couple of days, but it arrived the morning after ordering! Fantastically packaged, secure, and discreet. I dreaded setting it up, the instructions were lengthy! I didn't really need the instructions though, it was really simple to set up. I knew I'd have the support of OSS if I struggled, which is good to know.

So, super fast delivery, great packaging, amazing personal support, easy to set up, easy to use, amazing picture quality, very very happy with our purchase and considering buying a second one for another room!
Review by Customer ID 00000773X
This is some incredible product and customer service, really amazing!
Really pleased 5/5
Review by Mr Brett Jnr
Purchased for general house keeping. Simple to setup, very good video quality and live streaming and remarkable battery I haven't needed to recharge. Recommended.

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