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A portable table lamp fitted with a high performing CCTV motion activated surveillance camera, ideal for the home, office or workplace.  The spy camera in this lightbulb cam is not too obvious when seen at a distance and can film to a removeable Micro SD card - day and night thanks to IR night vision recording. 

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Table Lamp DVR Light Bulb; with Motion Activated Recording & Invisible Night Vision

This is a small, modern Desk Lamp which comes supplied with a surveillance bulb camera which provides excellent CCTV monitoring of your home or office premises.  Screw the bulb into the Desk Lamp and connect power to the lamp (as a normal desk lamp would be) and the security camera is ready to capture motion activated movement.

The spy bulb has a subtle dark fascia which allows the camera to see through the bulb but isnt too obvious when looked at from a distance.  Passing glances would easily pass this product as a normal working lamp.


Inside the bulb camera are 36 invisible 940 nm no glow illuminators which are not detectable to the human eye when activated by low level lighting.  The illuminators provide invisible lighting so the camera inside the bulb can record - even in complete darkness.  If you want to catch any sneaky movements in the night - the Desk Lamp will catch the act on camera!

Remember, there is no flashing LED's - this looks just like an innocent Desk Lamp.  No technical skill is required to operate this product.  No wiring, no complicated setup procedures - just pop a Micro SD card in the bulb and screw the bulb into the lamp.  Thats it!

  • Add CCTV security to your home and office
  • Capture a thief or activities in a store room
  • Surveillance a building, event, or activity over long periods
  • Monitor and record activities in your absence

Whatever your reasons for using surveillance within your property, this Small Desk Lamp Bulb Camera provides reliable 24/7 security to capture events in colour footage with audio during the day, and automatically switches to black / white footage during the night.

All recordings are captured with a time & date stamp for evidential purposes.

Please Note: The bulb is not designed to be a spy device, and is more aimed towards the security conscious as a CCTV security product in the guise of a bulb.  The Desk Lamp can however, easily pass as a normal item at a short distance.


To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality Class 10, 16 GB SD card at no extra cost.  The card can be removed and the footage played through any Windows or Mac computer.

This product is a cost effective and discreet solution for providing long term surveillance of your property but without any complicated setup procedures.  Ideal for use within the home, office, supermarkets, schools, warehouses, shops, garages, out-buildings, caravans, holiday homes etc.

Please Note: The light bulb spy camera does not work as a normal bulb light.

More Information
Does the bulb function as a normal light bulb?

The bulb is specially designed for recording and does not function as a normal light bulb.

Is it possible to see the bulb's camera?

The camera lens and 36x illuminators are cleverly fitted inside the bulb which has a subtle dark fascia which allows the camera to see through the bulb but restricts the visibility of you noticing the camera.  Any close up visual inspection then potentially its possible to discover, but as a general table lamp its really a nice addition to a room.  Under our tests this table lamp DVR has proved to blend into the environment and not arouse any suspicion whatsoever.

Will the bulb camera capture a good portion of the room I wish to monitor?

Yes.  The camera uses a 2.8 mm lens which provides a wide 110 degree field-of-view.  Fitted inside the bulb around the camera lens are 36x night vision illuminators which automatically switch ON under low light conditions.  These LED's use invisible 940 nm no-glow illuminators so recording in complete darkness is undetectable to the human eye.

How do I power the bulb camera?

Simply plug the table lamp into any mains wall socket.

Where are the video recordings stored?

All recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card which is fitted inside the bulb and can be played on any Windows or Mac computer or any other compatible SD card reader.  The maximum 32 GB SD card will provide approx 96 hours of recordable footage.

How do I change the settings from motion detection to continuous recording and vice versa?

You are supplied with a Widget Tool software for Windows which allows you to make any changes to the bulb settings.  Simply insert the SD card into your computer and open the widget tool software and make any changes using the widget menu interface.  Any settings saved are then stored to the SD card which is slotted in the side of the bulb.

What happens when the Micro SD card is full?

You can select loop recording or SD card full recording.  Using loop recording means once the SD card is full, it then rewrites over the earliest recorded footage.

I need to catch a thief who comes into our property?

Easy!  The table lamp will actively monitor the environment ready to capture high quality full colour 640 x 480 video resolution and is equipped with 36 night vision illuminators so recording in darkness is easy too!  Furthermore, the recording LED can be deactivated via the Widget Tool software.

Technical Info
  • Table lamp light bulb camera
  • Subtle dark bulb fascia
  • Easy installation - simply screw the light bulb into the table lamp and connect power
  • Power the table lamp from any wall socket - no batteries or recharging required
  • Unlimited standby time
  • No technical skill required
  • Completely portable
  • Windows widget tool software provides refinements to the camera settings
  • Recording modes - motion detection and continuous
  • Trigger recording distance - approx 30 ft (daylight)
  • Recording storage - SD card
  • Recording capacity - maximum 32 GB holds approx 96 hours of video footage
  • Record till card full or loop record
  • 36x invisible 940 nm night vision LED's for recording in total darkness
  • LED recording indicator can be switched OFF (using widget tool)
  • Time / date stamp
  • Core processor - ARM9 32-bit
  • Camera lens - 2.8 mm
  • Image sensor - 1/4" CMOS
  • Camera lens - 2.8 mm / 110 degree field-of-view
  • Lens resolution - 300'000 pixels
  • Min illumination - 0 Lux (IR ON) / 0.5 Lux (IR OFF)
  • Video encoding - 3GP
  • Video resolution - 640 x 480
  • Frames per second - 30 fps
  • White balance - automatic
  • Audio - ON / OFF (using widget tool)
  • Audio format - ADPCM format
  • S / N Ratio - 48 db
  • Power consumption - >5 W
  • Working temperature - -20 - 70 C
  • Dimensions - 110 x 70 mm
  • Weight - 120 grams
  • Supplied with table lamp and light bulb camera, FREE 16 GB SD card, widget tool software (Windows) and User Guide
  • Ideal for any indoor surveillance for gathering video evidence whilst in your absence
Please Note: The bulb camera does not work as a normal bulb light.
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