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A world’s smallest digital voice recorder built inside a functional SD Card.  This law enforcement grade recorder provides exceptionally high-quality audio with digitally signed time and date and AES 256-bit encryption.  25 feet microphone range with continuous, voice-activated and scheduled recording modes.  Recording modes can even be combined.  Android smartphone software allows remote live audio streaming plus configure and download audio files remotely over Bluetooth.


SD Card Digital Audio Recorder; with Encryption and Remote Bluetooth

A world’s smallest digital voice recorder incorporated inside a functional SD Card.  This groundbreaking nanotechnology is suitable for law enforcement operations and professionals looking for a unique recording product.  Various SD Card brand stickers are available to give a truly authentic appearance.  The recording mechanism is genius with multiple recording modes including continuous, voice activation and scheduled. In addition, the SD Card provides online audio streaming plus configure and download audio files remotely to a smartphone via a miniature internal Bluetooth transmitter.


The SD Card can be freely shown, can be visually examined and demonstrated to be an ordinary working SD Card.  The card can be inserted into a computer and used to store documents, files and pictures to its 32 GB capacity as usual.  However, a sequence of moves will switch the card between normal mode and surveillance mode.  While in surveillance mode recording can be enabled by sliding the natural (lock/unlock) switch at the side of the card.

Recording time is up to 10 hours (see 'More Information' tab), and the microphone is capable of picking up audio approx 20-25 feet away.  If the card is inserted into a computer, the card then obtains its power through the computer and recording time/s can be substantially increased until the card's 32 GB capacity is reached.  Loop recording can be enabled which maintains constant recording by overwriting the earliest audio.


The SD Card can be pre-programmed using the supplied software for Windows and offers a diverse range of recording and functionality which can be enabled / disabled including:

  • Digitally signed time and date
  • AES 256-bit encrypted audio files
  • Status LED
  • Selectable sound quality up to 24-bit @ 44 kHz
  • Selectable ADC compression and sampling frequencies
  • Selectable recording modes - continuous, voice-activated and scheduled
  • Combine recording modes together
  • Remote Bluetooth

The Windows software can instruct the SD Card to accept remote commands from an Android smartphone installed with a special application which allows you to get an online audio stream, and configure and download audio files remotely via an internal Bluetooth transmitter fitted inside the SD Card.  When Bluetooth is enabled, and a command is sent to the SD Card, it takes priority over any settings the SD Card has - until disconnected and then the settings of the SD Card resume.  The Bluetooth function is undetectable by sweeping tools because the SD Card has a hidden Bluetooth mode.


In this mode, the SD Card will commence recording when voices/sounds are detected, automatically recording according to the environment sound level.  The recording length can be pre-set for example; save recording/s in 5 minute, 10 minute, 15-minute lengths etc.  The card will record and save files in this cycle until the card's internal battery drains, or the 32 GB storage becomes full (unless loop overwrite recording is enabled) - whichever comes first.

From an Android smartphone (installed with a special application) a Bluetooth command can force the recording to start immediately, even if the environment is silent.  Recording will then begin as if it was triggered by voice activation, and if the environment remains below the sound level for the specified time, the recording will terminate.  Likewise, you can send a Bluetooth command to force recording to stop.  However, if the environment is above the sound level, then recording will be triggered again.  If you disconnect Bluetooth, voice activation will automatically resume and record according to the environment sound level.


In this mode, the recording will begin automatically according to the schedules you set, but you can also force recording to start even outside of the scheduled times by sending a Bluetooth command.  In other words, Bluetooth commands have priority over the schedules.  If you schedule the SD Card to record daily from 11:00 am to 14:00 pm, you can send a Bluetooth command to activate recording earlier for example; at 10:00 am.  However, recording will not terminate until you disconnect from the SD Card - and will then resume operating according to the schedule.  This means that if you send a Bluetooth command to activate recording at 10:00 am and disconnect at 10:30 am, then recording will start at 11:00 am to 14:00 pm as scheduled.

Likewise, you can terminate recording earlier than scheduled for example; at 13:00 pm by sending a Bluetooth command, and this will make the SD Card ignore its schedules as long as you stay connected.  If you disconnect at 13:30 pm, the SD Card will immediately start recording until 14:00 pm - exactly as scheduled.


The SD Card is packed with smart functionality, and the Windows software is both intuitive and easy to use.  Whilst no technical skill is required to use the product, some common logic and patience to understand its capability is an advantage.  This is undoubtedly a product of superior technology and quality using one of the smallest voice recorders in the world.  Best suited for law enforcement, trading standards, councils and agencies but also businesses and person/s looking for the ultimate professional spy gadget.

Please contact us prior to purchasing this specialised product to specify a card design.

More Information


Yes.  The SD Card is completely authentic by appearance and functions as usual.  Even the branding of the card will be exacting standards.  Two different modes can be applied to the card:

Memory Card Mode - switches the SD Card to operate completely normally, i.e., can be used as a normal SD Card, the natural switch on the side of the card works as the lock function, and the card will be recognised by a computer / SD Reader when connected.

Voice Recorder Mode - switches the SD Card to operate for audio surveillance, i.e., cannot be used as a standard SD card, the switch now serves as the recording mechanism, and the card is not recognised by a computer / SD Reader when connected.  The card can record when connected to a computer and obtains its power from the computer.


You are supplied with a Windows management software which permits access to the menu settings of the SD Card. The software has a comprehensive range of actions to fine-tune preferences depending on operational use.  You can also apply AES 256-bit encryption to audio files preventing access without the decryption key.


The SD Card can be activated by the natural switch that is present on the side of the card.  Also, the SD Card accepts remote commands by an Android smartphone installed with a particular application which allows you to get a live online audio stream, and configure and download the audio files remotely via internal Bluetooth transmitter.

Relying on Bluetooth technology makes the radio receiver undetectable by sweeping tools because the SD Card has a hidden Bluetooth mode.


The SD Card has multiple recording modes which can be pre-set using the Windows management software.  The card supports continuous recording, voice-activated recording and scheduled recording.  The card can also be remotely triggered to start recording through Bluetooth command sent by an Android smartphone with a particular application installed.


The card provides a fantastic, diverse range of singular and combined recording options selectable from within the software for example;

Continuous + Bluetooth 
Voice Activation + Bluetooth 
Schedule + Bluetooth 
Voice Activation + Schedule
Voice Activation + Scheduled + Bluetooth


Yes.  The SD Card has a real-time clock to support scheduled recording.  For example; You may wish to commence recording on a Monday morning between the hours of 7:00 am - 11:00 am.  The card will then continuously record between those hours and then store the recording to the card’s internal 32 GB storage capacity.

You may also enable voice activation with scheduled mode so that recording only commences when audio is detected between the specified times and not continuously.

Note: Up to 4 different scheduled recording times can be set to operate daily or on specified days of the week.


Recording times will vary depending on various factors including the audio quality setting (technically referred to as ADC compression/sampling frequency) and the recording mode/s however, bearing in mind the size of the product an impressive 10 hours recording is achievable.

Note: Audio can be set to record for different lengths of time, for example; if you choose to record in 10-minute periods, a 30-minute recording will produce 3x 10-minute files.


A professional Knowles ICS microphone is integrated for exceptional audio quality, and the management software allows adjustment of the microphone sensitivity depending on the environment the SD Card is operating.  Also, the microphone has a sound buffer to enhance foreground audio while filtering background noise.


A status LED can be enabled to help guide you on understanding the behaviour of the card.  The LED state can be switched ON / OFF via the management software; however, it's recommended to leave the LED enabled until you have become complacent using the product.


All recorded audio file/s are stored in chronological order to the SD Card’s 32 GB memory and can be protected using AES 256-bit encryption.  The supplied management software (password protected) will display detailed information on each recorded file, for example; duration, file size and what event has activated and deactivated the recording.  A key icon will appear to the left of each recording for files that are encrypted.  Only using the decryption key (password) will file/s be recoverable.

Audio recordings can be played directly through the management software or downloaded to a computer for playback using Windows Media Player or any other media player.


Not currently at this time.  The management software is compatible with Window operating systems only.


Of course!  This product is ideal for operational use by professionals and is one of the smallest digital audio recorders in the world built inside a functional SD Card!

Technical Info
  • An authentic SD Card digital voice recorder
  • Professionally manufactured to law enforcement grade
  • Authentic branded design sticker/s
  • Discreet manoeuvre switches the card between ordinary and surveillance use
  • 32 GB internal memory / 260 hours of storage
  • Selectable audio settings - Up to 24-bit @ 44 kHz
  • Charging time - 10 minutes
  • Recording time - Up to 10 hours
  • No moving parts, vibration or noise
  • Status LED - Charging / memory / operation (ON / OFF)
  • Recording modes - Continuous / voice activation / scheduled
  • Up to 4 different scheduled times can be used at any time
  • Voice activation can be enabled during scheduled mode
  • Record whilst inserted into computer or USB Reader card slot
  • SD Card purposely not recognised by the computer when inserted
  • Record by sliding the natural switch at the side of the card
  • Record by remote Bluetooth command
  • Undetectable Bluetooth mode from sweeping equipment
  • Broadcast encrypted audio to an Android smartphone in real-time
  • Configure the recorder and download recordings remotely via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth download speed - Up to 1 Mbit
  • AES-256 encryption protects audio files from being accessed
  • Digital signature
  • Internal clock for precision time code of stored recordings
  • Selectable ADC compression/sampling rates
  • Selectable recording length
  • Loop overwrite recording 
  • AGC (automatic gain control)
  • Password-protected access
  • Integral Knowles ICS-43434 microphone
  • Microphone sensitivity -26 bBFS
  • Audio range - approx 25 feet
  • Frequency response flatness - -3 dB / 60 - 15'000 Hz
  • Power noise suppression (PSR) - -75 dBFS
  • Power capacity - Fully rechargeable Li-Pol battery
  • Consumption rate - 1.3 mA whilst recording
  • USB speed - 30 Mbit
  • Operating temperature – 0 - 40 degrees
  • Dynamic effective range - 87 dB
  • Size - 32 (L) x 25 (W) x 0.2 (D) mm
  • Compatibility - Windows Operating System (32 and 64-bit)
  • Supplied with SD Card Digital Voice Recorder, Windows software management and User Guide
  • Professional-grade digital audio recorder for evidential purposes


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