A person working at a home office desk with a sandwich plate on the side, typing on a keyboard, with a smartphone and glasses in the foreground, representing the multitasking nature of modern work environments.

Remote working has opened new experiences and horizons for many professionals but it has also introduced fresh security challenges. Safeguarding your home office against cyber threats is important, but what about the physical side? Utilising the right spy gadgets can help you enhance your home office security, adding an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Here's a rundown of practical surveillance gadgets tailored for a home workspace.

Doorbell Cameras

In a traditional office, a receptionist screens visitors by looking at the CCTV monitor. In your home office, a smart doorbell camera can serve a similar role. These devices also record video clips to a secure cloud portal and allow two-way audio communication, letting you verify visitors' identities before opening the door. They can also capture potential package thieves and unwanted visitors.  Most systems are wire-free, so there is no drilling required. The company Swann makes decent door cam systems for your perusal.

Hidden Cameras

A hidden camera can be an extremely valuable asset to help you monitor your home office when you're not there, capturing any suspicious activity. Consider models that look like everyday items, like a Bluetooth Speaker or, from an aerial observation point, a Smoke Alarm, to blend seamlessly into your room decor. The most popular models are generally WiFi-connected and motion-activated and will send real-time push notification alerts and video feeds to your smartphone anywhere you are located worldwide.

Biometric Safes

Sensitive documents, hard drives, and other confidential items don't always need to be stored in the cloud and can be stored in a physical biometric safe. These safes require a fingerprint or retina scan to verify it is you. They are an ideal choice for keeping all kinds of confidential material like client invoices, contracts and personal identification documents. The company Simply Safes makes decent biometric-safe storage.

Phone Safes

For safeguarding private conversations in a home office, a Phone Safe is an essential tool. This device, conveniently portable, can be placed on a desk or table, acting as a preemptive measure against unauthorised listening of sensitive meetings. It operates as a guard against the risks of potential blackmail or espionage, ensuring that your discussions remain undisclosed. The Phone Safe Summit is particularly valuable for those meetings where confidentiality is paramount, offering peace of mind and is an indispensable asset for maintaining the privacy and security of your verbal communications.

Smartphone-Controlled Locks

Switch to smart locks on the doors leading to your home office. These can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, allowing you to lock or unlock your office even when you're not at home. Most smart locks also feature logging capabilities, recording who accessed your office and when. The company Electric Lock makes fantastic mobile device-controlled systems.

Computer Webcam Covers

The low-tech webcam cover is one of the simplest yet most effective gadgets you can use if you value general privacy. It may not be a spy gadget per se, but covering your webcam when it's not in use will help protect you from potential hackers who might gain remote control over your computer camera. The company Totally Branded make nice web covers.

Sound Recorders

A discreet sound recorder can be beneficial if you hold important meetings in your home office and need a record of what was discussed. Although not technically a security feature, it can protect you in case of legal issues or disputes.  It's always been a popular product - even for recalling what you said in a general conversation that you may need to refer back to.

GPS Tracking for Office Equipment

High-end electronics like desktops and laptops store important information and can be easy targets for theft. Equip them with small GPS trackers to help police locate them in case they are stolen.  Specialised companies will custom fit satellite and RF tracking tech into computers (and other valuable assets) and are a worthwhile investment that provides super accurate street-level tracking right to the door number!

Personal Alarms

While you're engrossed in work assignments, it's easy to lose awareness of your surroundings. This includes walking down a street oblivious to who is around - we all do it. A personal alarm can be activated to emit a loud sound in an emergency, alerting nearby people of your SOS but also some models that will then send a message to family members or neighbours. The company Personal Alarms makes decent models, especially for the elderly.

Legal Considerations

Surveillance equipment can be wonderful; it can obtain evidence to confirm, deny, and quash allegations, help protect your integrity and reputation and provide you with a sense of security, but it is also important to understand that before installing any gadgetry, to familiarise yourself with the laws in your country. Unauthorised surveillance can be illegal and ethically questionable. Always respect the privacy of others, including family members and guests.