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The general trend is that 'the bigger, the better'. The bigger a product, the more oomph it has... right?  For some surveillance products like laser beam acoustic amplifiers and jamming equipment, size does matter. The result is a higher output, a further reach, and a more direct and powerful effect. But let's go small.. like really small. When it comes to surveillance and discrete recording, smaller is backed up by "mightier", and the Ultra Small Voice Recorder is that proof in the pudding. Let's touch on that further on.

The Evolution of Miniaturisation

Through the last decade, and certainly since the mid-1990s when Online Spy Shop was born, the technology has leapt. In past years, audio recorders were bulky, with very little storage capacity, and not great sound quality while at the same time not at all conspicuous. Today, there has been an incredible move toward gadgets being so small that they can be hidden in a pen, in a keychain, or even on a lapel pin. As a result, miniaturisation led the voice recorder not only to be more discreet but also to become much more convenient to use.

Why Smaller Is Better

The major benefit of having a small size in a digital voice recorder is discretion. This factor gives these types of devices an upper hand in gathering audio evidence and makes them excellent tools not only for journalists but also for amateur detectives, professionals, businesses and individuals who need to be able to record conversations without being noticed. Miniaturised audio recorders are perfect for deployment in a minimalistic room environment, a vehicle, or carried on your body without being seen.

Technological Innovation

Through advancements in microelectronics, digital voice recorders of the modern-day generation have larger storage capacity, longer battery performance, and high-quality audio capture. In addition, features include one-touch recording (accessible under natural movement) for face-to-face or group meetings, and due to the microphone being of a higher calibre, fine-tune settings to heighten sensitivity to detect speech at longer distances.

The Ultra Small Voice Recorder

Our most recent release is an absolute belter of an audio recorder. It's also one of the smallest and lightest available, measuring a tiny 27 x 23 x 10 mm and weighing 9 grams; it comes in two different shapes - The Coin and The Slim. It also produces linear PCM sound quality up to 705 Kbps (44 kHz), ensuring that all captured audio files are crystal clear.

Whether you need a small voice recorder with unobtrusive recording capabilities or you are simply one of those persons who likes having a small gadget at hand to assist in recording important information, here at Online Spy Shop, we can help you navigate through the chaff for a suitable device to meet your needs. Remember, the crux is to discern your priorities and decide on one that will serve you best in size, quality, and functionality.

Keep in mind that in the world of voice recorders, the best things always come in small packages.