Mother and child using tablet and laptop on sofa

In a world where digital interactions are increasing every day, the safety and privacy of a parent's child have become a paramount concern. Technology can serve as both a resource and a risk, especially for teenagers who are navigating the digital realm. Here, we'll explore a few various monitoring tools and technologies that parents can consider to help ensure the safety of their teens, all while respecting their privacy.


GPS-enabled smartphone apps and devices are commonly used to keep track of location. This technology can be especially reassuring for parents when their teens are out and about. Both iOS and Android platforms offer built-in family location-sharing options, providing real-time location tracking in a non-intrusive manner. For concerned parents with children who have vulnerabilities and need extra peace of mind, commercially available location-tracking apps like Flexispy may be a suitable option.

Screen Time Insights

Understanding how and where time is spent online can be eye-opening. Operating systems like iOS and Android now offer built-in features that track screen time across various apps and websites. These statistics can be an excellent starting point for a conversation about healthy digital habits. To check your screen time on an Android device, this Trusted Reviews article will help.

Social Media Monitoring Software

The potential pitfalls of social media are well-documented, including exposure to inappropriate content and cyberbullying. Specialised software exists that can flag certain types of content or interactions, providing parents with summaries without giving them direct access to their teen's accounts. Websites like Sprout Social will do the trick.

Home Security Tech

Today's home security systems like Arlo go beyond basic alarms. With smart doorbells, cameras, and entry logs, parents can receive notifications and video clips when someone enters or leaves the home. These features can offer peace of mind while also ensuring the security of the household.

Vehicle Tracking

For families with driving-age teens, car tracking devices can monitor almost everything a vehicle does, including speed, street-level location, starts and stops, but also, you can apply invisible geo-fencing to your secure tracking console to be notified if your teen enters a location area you have discussed they shouldn't visit. These devices are often marketed as safety tools, providing data that can be useful for both parents and teen drivers alike.

Internet Filters

Safeguard your computer against inappropriate content and ensure a safe web environment for younger users with specialised software from Media Detective. This software will effectively scan a computer for any traces of pornographic material, including deleted files and internet cache. Its portability, combined with advanced forensic data technology, makes it an essential tool for maintaining internet safety and cleanliness.

Consent and Privacy

It's essential to be aware that monitoring tools vary widely in their data collection and privacy policies. Some may store data or share it with third parties, so it's crucial to read the fine print before implementing any tech solutions. While various tools and technologies can assist in maintaining a balance between safety and privacy, it's essential to recognize that no solution is foolproof. Monitoring tools can provide an extra layer of security, but they are most effective when used as part of a broader approach to safety that respects the individuality and growing independence of your teenager.