Close-up of a person's fingers holding a very small camera components, possibly from a compact or spy camera.

Whether you're a professional in the field or just someone keen on the latest in surveillance tech, there's a plethora of gadgets designed to keep you a step ahead. In this feature, we spotlight ten cutting-edge spy gadgets that could be pivotal additions to your arsenal. From tracking devices to covert cameras, these tools are engineered to empower you with the capabilities of a high-level operative, ensuring that you're prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.  The following devices are also some of our all-time best sellers in 2023 for gathering important evidence to support sensitive cases and require the very best equipment.

Ten Spy Gadgets You Need Today

Pro 1207i RF Bug Detector

Sophisticated in tech but easy to use, this bug detector is engineered for scanning 'over-the-air' transmissions to locate and identify a wide range of radio frequencies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM), ensuring private spaces remain secure from remote video and electronic eavesdropping.  Available with heightened antennas to give your outfit a professional appearance and exceed where other similar bug sweepers fall behind.

SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker

A durable and extremely accurate tracker, the SMS Terrain Vehicle Tracker is essential for keeping tabs on real-time locations sent directly to your smartphone, offering peace of mind where your vehicle is 24/7 through advanced tracking technology.  The SMS Terrain has one of the best battery performances, with extremely long standby times and upwards of 21 days of active tracking on a single charge.

Listen Through Walls Device (Pro)

This professional-grade handheld device empowers users to hear through thick concrete walls, which is invaluable in intelligence gathering where discretion is paramount. The Listen Through Walls is one of our all-time top sellers for Noisy Neighbours, Search and Rescue, Diagnostics and Plumbing.

Bluetooth Invisible Earpiece

Perfect for covert audio communication, this invisible earpiece is made of a specially weighted ball bearing that captures vibration from the neck loop using Bluetooth technology to facilitate undetectable, clear, two-way conversations.  The earpiece is incredibly small that it cannot be seen in your ear. Imagine a little voice in your head coming from an accomplice hundreds of miles away! 

Air Freshener DVR Recorder

Disguised as an ordinary air freshener, this DVR (digital video recorder) is an innovative solution for hidden surveillance, blending seamlessly into its room environment. With an impressive 30-day standby time, it has enough battery juice to actively monitor body movement and capture ultra-high 2K video resolution.

Dark Box WiFi Night Vision Camera

With its ability to view footage and record in near-complete darkness conditions, this small black-coloured oblong box is a must-have for gathering visual intelligence or for just keeping tabs on your room when you are absent.  The Dark Box has an impressive 30-day standby time before a recharge is required, and that's enough battery juice for the most demanding user.

Bug Detector Pro 1217 Anti-Tracking Mobile System

A powerhouse of a Bug Detector, this anti-tracking system is designed to locate and identify attempts at surveillance, offering a shield against unwanted GPS tracking, plus audio and video monitoring systems.  If you wish to protect your privacy, there is no other handheld RF device on the market that competes on performance for the price.  Aimed at the professional user but is also a stunning piece of kit for businesses and individuals.

Mini Desktop Air Purifier WiFi Camera Recorder

Hidden within a dummy desktop air purifier, this WiFi-enabled camera recorder is an unobtrusive surveillance device for keeping an eye on the room's surroundings. Live video is streamed in stunning 1080P pin-sharp resolution accompanied by clear audio straight to your smartphone anywhere in the world.  You can select between motion recording and continuous recording, enable and disable push notifications, and remotely view and download video files when connected to the same WiFi network as the device.  All video files can be stamped with a time and date to provide evidence if required.

USB Powerbank WiFi Camera Recorder

Doubling as a power bank, this device not only charges mobile devices but also live streams and records video in high-quality 1080P resolution, making it a versatile tool passing between operatives for surveillance on the go. Likewise, it's a fabulous stand-alone recorder to catch any wrongful activity in the act!

Mains Powered WiFi Audio And Recorder

This functional USB Plug is powered from a mains for 24/7 audio surveillance without worrying about draining battery life - perfect for long-term monitoring. The secure smartphone app provides you with real-time room listening with the extra bonus of sound-activated recording, which is accessed via the app for instant playback and download to your phone as evidence.  It wasn't too long ago that this type of technology, combining live listening and recording, was only available to a select few with deep pockets. Grab yourself an absolute low-cost audio surveillance investment at a fraction of the price.

Rounding off our guide to spy gadgets, these tools are handy for anyone needing a bit of extra security. They're simple to use and do a top job of keeping your stuff safe. So, whether you're watching over your car or making sure no one's snooping around, these gadgets have got your back.