Digital voice recorder resting on a notebook beside a laptop.

Spy cameras and voice recording gadgets are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced, but sometimes simple innovations make the most difference. Want an example? You can now buy magnetic voice recorders, which sounds like a small change but which opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Gadgets such as the Atom II Magnetic Voice Activation Recorder can be placed absolutely anywhere, provided there’s a metal surface handy. This means no worries about installing, attaching or hiding the device, and no tools or special skills are required. The ability to stick it on a wall or hang it upside down means that devices like these can be far more discreet than ordinary recorders.

With Atom II, you can pop it on a magnetic surface and walk away. It’s also only 8cm long, which is only a touch larger than a matchbox, making it super discreet. Keep it in your pocket, and as and when you need to, you can position it:

  • * Underneath a desk or chair – stick to a metal leg or bracket.
  • * Under a vehicle seat.
  • * At the back of a metal cabinet.
  • * Behind a radiator.

It can be used at home, in the workplace, in a car or pretty much anywhere. With so many options available for placement with gadgets like the Atom II, you won’t need to do as much forward planning before recording. This means more chances to catch unguarded conversations. You can place and start recording at a moment’s notice, making it more likely that you’ll be able to record undetected.

Self-contained power

The Atom II is self-contained, meaning it doesn’t need to be powered by a main connection. This is another brilliant feature that helps this clever device to remain incognito.

You charge it up at the mains, and the small but powerful battery offers a standby time of up to 25 days and a recording time of between 5 and 60 hours. The recording function is voice-activated, all to help preserve the battery and prevent you from having to listen through hours of empty recordings. It only switches on when sound above -50 dB is detected within its recording range of up to 30 feet and switches off again afterwards to preserve the battery.

Tips for positioning your Voice Recorder

While magnetic voice recorders like the Atom II can be placed virtually anywhere, you’ll want to avoid sources of background noise where possible. Keep the device away from computers or other electrical equipment that may generate a background hum.

It’s also important to remember that it’s against the law to record in places where people reasonably expect privacy—for example, bathrooms and changing rooms. Remember to keep the recording safe if you have a legitimate reason to record (such as gathering evidence for a legal case or catching out fraudulent behaviour in the workplace, for example). You mustn’t sell, share or give away a recording of someone else without their permission.