If you’re worried that a room is bugged with hidden cameras or recording devices, you may not be paranoid. It’s something of a concern these days, especially with stories of bugged rental properties, changing rooms and even tanning salons regularly appearing in the news. Bugs can also be used to steal your identity or commit fraud, as well as corporate espionage and many more unwanted issues. 

To put your mind at ease that a room is 100% bug-free, follow these essential tips…

Get a pocket bug detector 

Keep a handy pocket-sized Combi Bug Detector with you wherever you go. This enables you to quickly and easily sweep any space for hidden devices. It’s battery-powered too, so you can take it anywhere without having to connect to the mains. 

This essential gadget is easy to use and extraordinarily thorough – being able to effectively locate all kinds of different transmitting devices. It can sniff out spy cameras, audio listening devices, GSM type listening devices, trackers, UHF/VHF and FM carriers and much more. 

How does it work? It’s surprisingly simple. The Combi Bug Detector has a simple bar-graph display that shows you how strong a transmitting signal is. It’s very sensitive, so can pick up signals between 20 MHz and 6.0 GHz. 

Move slowly around the room with your bug detector, keeping a close eye on the display. The higher the indicator, the closer you are to the bug that is transmitting a signal. To make it easier, the Combi Bug Detector has a vibration mode to help you inch closer to the source of the signal. 

Check for hidden cameras 

Poorly hidden cameras can be detected just by taking a closer look at the room. Move slowly around looking for:

  • Anything that’s out of place, if you’re familiar with the room, checking key points such as light fittings, bookshelves and under desks
  • Small round holes that could be hiding a camera lens 
  • Objects that should function but don’t – as these could be hiding surveillance cameras. Take a look at our range of cleverly disguised cameras for an idea of the objects to look out for. 

You can turn out the lights to look for tiny red or white lights that indicate that a camera is recording. This only works for less sophisticated gadgets, but you can catch them all using your Combi Bug Detector. This has another incredibly handy feature, an infra-red viewer which reflects on even the tiniest pinhole camera – even if it’s turned off!

Remember, all bugs have to transmit a signal. If you don’t detect one using your Combi Bug Detector, you can be confident that a room is bug-free. It’s also worth regularly checking your laptop for malware and de-bugging your phone. 

If you need help, Online Spy Shop has a wide range of bug detection and counter surveillance equipment. We can also offer expert advice if you’re not sure which product to go for, just give the team a call on 0161 537 0550.