How To Track Your Vehicle With a GPS Tracker

Fitting a GPS tracker within your car is one of the best things you can do to secure your vehicle. A tracker allows you to monitor your vehicle's location 24/7 and provides analytics on your driving and speed.

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device fitted into a vehicle that monitors your car's location. Using the Global Positioning System, the device receives data from satellites in the sky. This transfer of information helps repeatedly locate the vehicle as it moves. Data is then sent to a chosen cellular network, like a web browser or phone app, allowing you to view your car as it moves. A GPS tracker is much more reliable than other tracking methods; unlike mobile apps, they don’t need internet access to work. Modern trackers use WiFi/3G to boost functionality, but a GPS tracker like the SMS Terrain Tracker does not rely on cellular data. This means in remote areas that are slightly more off-grid, a GPS tracker will still function where a mobile phone won’t. This makes trackers the perfect companion for holidays and long road trips.

What data do they collect?

A tracker provides real-time tracking and can help you understand your car usage better. A GPS tracker can provide the following pieces of information:

  • * Real-time tracking; where is my car right now?
  • * History logging; Where has my car been?
  • * Distance logging; How many miles has my car travelled this week/month?
  • * Speed logging; Has my car been driven at excessive speed?

This data can be very practical in understanding the health and usage of your vehicle. If you share a car with a partner, or someone who has just passed their test, these statistics can be very handy to have. 

What are the benefits of GPS Tracking?

GPS trackers are low in cost and easy to install; once purchased, they can be used to track cars or any other object, and their uses are endless. A GPS tracker can also be used to set up a geofence, an invisible parameter in which a car is tracked. You will immediately be notified if a car is moved from this area. This can allow you to be the first to know if your car has been moved from a parking space, allowing you to notify the police of a theft.

GPS trackers increase vehicle security and make you more aware of your car's movements and fuel usage over time. The analytics mentioned above can help you save on fuel costs and allow you to spot where you are braking excessively or going too fast. Overall, a GPS tracker is essential for monitoring your car's security and overall health.