Man with a curious expression pressing his hands to his ears, leaning through a torn hole in a white wall.

Do you thoroughly check your hotel room or Airbnb for listening devices? Not many people do, but it is a new habit we may need to adopt when staying outside of our homes. In this new age of micro-cameras, listening devices and eavesdropping bugs, we must fight against this growing threat to our security. Hidden listening devices are not exclusively used in James Bond movies; there are increasing cases of holiday homes being bugged. One Airbnb user disturbingly found two miniature cameras disguised as phone chargers in a rental unit in America.

How to find a Spying Device during the day?

High-quality hidden cameras can be encased in various household items; the list is endless. From clocks, light bulbs, smoke detectors, pens, extension plugs and so on, With hidden cameras and listening devices being as small as a pin, trying to find one manually can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you notice an object that seems out of place, like an oddly placed smoke detector or teddy bear, check these items for hidden devices. You never know; you could stumble upon a hidden device concealed in a household item. You can also try running your hand down the walls, spotting any unusual bumps or wires which may be linked to a spy device. The best place to start your search is around electronic items, as these can hide a spying device much easier than home decor.

How to find a Spying Device during the night?

Whilst it is by no means a foolproof method, you can use your mobile phone camera to locate a hidden spy device.

  • * Open your phone’s camera.
  • * Grab a tv remote and point the red LED in the remote at your phone camera.
  • * Press any button on the remote whilst looking at your phone screen.

If you can see the tv remote light up, your phone camera can detect IR rays. If you turn off the lights in your room and look through your camera, if a hidden spy device is there, it will glow. This is not a foolproof method, but it can be useful to know.

Using a Counter-Surveillance Detection Device

The most reliable and straightforward way to find hidden spy devices is to use a counter-surveillance device. These devices are a worthy investment for frequent travellers or anyone serious about maintaining their personal privacy when away from home. A counter-surveillance device effectively finds hidden devices, removing the need for time-consuming manual searches, which are mostly ineffective and tiring. Once a counter surveillance device is purchased, you can carry it to new locations, providing peace of mind wherever you go. Most devices have eight hours+ of battery life, so they require very little maintenance with a very large payoff.