Hidden Cameras For Women's Safety

In today's world, women's safety is a topic gaining more and more traction and awareness. Recent devastating accounts of women being attacked now flood the news on a regular basis. With so much media coverage of violence against women, it’s hard to know how women can protect themselves in public and at home. In the case of women’s safety, hidden cameras can be a very valuable tool.

The benefits of Hidden Cameras for women's safety

Here are just a few of the benefits that hidden cameras can offer:

Providing evidence

In the unfortunate circumstance of an attack in public or at home, a hidden camera can provide valuable evidence of the crime which has taken place. This evidence could help identify the perpetrator and bring them to justice. If an attack has occurred in public, hidden camera footage combined with general surveillance cameras outside could help capture the event fully and catch the perpetrator. In some cases, security footage recorded by individuals has been instrumental in catching the criminal committing an unlawful act.

Feeling of security

Having a hidden camera on your person can help provide an extra feeling of security whilst going about your daily life. Especially in public or late at night, a hidden camera can act like a safety net in recording any strange behaviour you see happening around you. A hidden camera can also be fixed to a jacket, watch, or unidentifiable object. This means you can capture the true behaviour of those around you as they will not know you are filming them.

Multiple uses

Unlike larger, fixed security cameras placed on your home's perimeter, hidden cameras are much more mobile as you can pick them up and place them where you please. Depending on where you are going during the day, a hidden camera can accompany you on holidays, work, long journeys, and so on. Modern hidden cameras can also be encased in objects like teddy bears, plug sockets, and smoke alarms, meaning they are completely indetectable to guests in your house.

Women's safety

For women who wish to improve their feelings of safety at home or in public, a hidden camera would be an excellent investment. Turn your camera on, point it in the direction you wish, and automatically record and save footage to your chosen device. If you wish to set your hidden camera up in a different room, you can use remote viewing to watch footage live from your phone, tablet or laptop. More so, all video footage recorded carries a time and date stamp in case it needs to be used as evidence.