Are You Regularly Checking Your Home Spy Camera Footage?

If you have installed a home spy camera in or outside your home, you will be familiar with the upkeep they require. Keeping on top of the footage you are recording can be irritating, but it is very important. Luckily, most modern security cameras come equipped with handy software that allows for remote viewing or automatic delete features that eliminate old footage after a set period. Whilst it can seem like a chore, there are many benefits to checking what your cameras are recording.

Make sure your home spy camera is in working order

Whilst it may seem obvious, if you want your security camerato record, they must be switched on and functioning. Whilst a dummy camera can still deter thieves, as its mere presence can put a potential thief off, your cameras must work if you wish to capture and reprimand someone who is not so easily deterred. If you have noticed gaps in footage recording or your cameras frequently stop working, check your main electricity to ensure your cameras are wired/ properly plugged in and switched on.

Depending on the power source your cameras need, you can also check if your devices have the correct batteries and are fully charged by solar or electricity. Regular footage checkups can ensure you spot a recording issue before it’s too late.

Troubleshoot camera positioning

Regularly reviewing old footage can highlight something obstructing your home spy camera's line of sight. Left unsolved, this can play into the hands of a thief or criminal, as their crimes will not be captured, and they can steal your belongings without interruption. Routinely checking the angle and positioning of your cameras and ensuring they are fastened can help you get the clear picture you need. In heavy wind or rain, your camera is more likely to become dislodged, damaged, or foggy, so check through the footage to monitor the quality of the recording.

Spot another crime

While you will understandably focus on your own property, checking your footage backlog could allow you to spot something strange happening on your neighbour's property or outside someone else’s home. While your camera may be pointed at your front door, for example, you may capture the corner of someone else’s driveway or garden, depending on the angle. Especially if they have no home security, keeping an eye out for strange activity around and outside your home creates a safer environment for everyone.

Regularly checking your home security footage can be a valuable part of keeping your home and family safe. If you invest in home security cameras, monitoring and storing footage is the only way to see your space when it is most vulnerable. So don't wait - start reviewing your footage today!