What Is A Voice Changer Used For?

A voice changer is a fun technology that can change your voice's tone and pitch, making it higher or lower, slower or faster, and so on. You may want to purchase a voice changer for fun, playful means, perhaps prank calling your friends and family, or you may want to use it for a more serious purpose. While voice changers can be fun to pull out at parties, make no mistake thinking these devices should be reduced to a gimmick.

Disguising your voice

When you make a phone call, it can be helpful to disguise your voice. This ability can be useful if you are trying to hide your identity for security reasons. If you want to confuse a caller, perhaps a nuisance number or someone who repeatedly calls your number, a voice changer may leave the caller thinking your number has changed, encouraging them to stop calling. A voice changer can not only make you sound like a different person, but it can also give you a computer-generated voice.

This can allow you to replicate the “Call disconnected” or “That number is not recognised” pieces of speech our phone providers use when we have dialled a number incorrectly. If you are dealing with a case of stalking or an obsessed ex-partner, this feature could help put some much-needed distance between you and them, encouraging them to leave you alone eventually.

Confusing the caller

Voice changers can be used in conjunction with a microphone and speaker to change a person's voice in real-time, or they can be used to change the voice of recorded audio. You can also emulate dialogue between two people, quickly switching voice modes to sound like two people are talking. This can be very useful in getting cold callers off the phone or pretending you have something else you need to be doing and hanging up.

Changing the voice environment

Not only can you change the sound and cadence of your voice with a voice changer, but you can also change the environment of your voice. If you are in a busy office or out in the street, with a voice changer, you can emulate the sound of a quieter environment to ensure the person calling you can hear correctly. A voice change can also emulate more fun environments like car radio crackling, walkie-talkie, etc.

Practical tool

Outside of the more serious, security-related ways you can use a voice changer, they can be very practical tools for everyday use. If you have a job interview or an important phone call and a sore throat, a voice changer can be used to smooth out the sound of your voice, removing any hoarse, croaky noise that comes with being unwell. You truly never know when one may come in handy.