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Key Fob Camera HD Pro with WiFi

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Unbelieveable rock solid performance with this amazing inconspicious car key camera capable of discretely capturing footage in any environment, whether on the road or in the office.  This body worn spy cam offers exceptional high definition 1080P footage, in-built WiFi for easy setup and can even pick up conversations up to 20 feet away.  Outstanding quality not to be missed.

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Car Key Fob; with WiFi HD Body Worn Recording

The original Key Fob Camera was always a popular surveillance recorder but now with integrated WiFi technology gives you access to the settings menu directly on your mobile phone / tablet device negating the need to connect the car fob to a computer.  All the usual high standards remain - true 1080P video resolution with audio capable of picking up clear conversations up to 20 ft.

Without doubt you will be impressed with the quality build and performance this fob delivers and should be firmly amongst your arsenal of hidden cameras.

The camera lens is professionally fitted at the front edge of the car fob which makes filming extremely natural when holding the fob in your hand.  Casually placing the fob on a desk / table / shelf will also yield maximum recording results.

This WiFi Key Fob Camera HD Pro is designed to an exceptionally high standard and without any obvious external USB ports for peace of mind should the fob be visually interrogated.  For your guidance when using the fob to record footage, a subtle LED will indicate to give you confirmation.  It is very easy to mask the LED once you become proficient in operation.


The Key Fob Camera comes with a FREE app which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes / Google Play Store.  The app syncs your mobile device to the key fob over WiFi so you can easily set the time & date and other recording functions through the on-screen menu.  This procedure is incredibly easy to do and removes the otherwise cumbersome process of connecting the fob to your computer and saving .txt files to the root memory of the device.  The app is a genius concept which is most definitely the future of setting up devices with minimum fuss.

Powered by a fully rechargeable lithium battery, the fob will record continuously for approx 65 minutes before a recharge is required and stores the video footage to a removable Micro SD card (16 GB supplied).  To play video files simply remove the SD card and insert into a Windows or Mac computer without any special software or technical skill whatsoever - and all recorded footage is time & dated (can be enabled / disabled as you wish) for evidential purposes.


Whenever obtaining body worn undercover footage there is always a possibility that extra recording time is required but no reasonable way to recharge the surveillance camera between jobs.  Thankfully, the pocket iSmart power bank (measures a compact 90 x 40 x 30 mm) will fully recharge the car key fob whilst on the move.

With a huge 6’700 mAh, its enough juice to recharge the Key Fob Camera many times over, and automatically detects the correct voltage to apply.  The iSmart power bank can be purchased separately from the drop down menu.

Designed for law enforcement, private investigators, reporters, trading standards, mystery shoppers or persons who must obtain high quality discreet video footage for evidential purposes.  For example: presentation of anti-social behaviour, vandalism, animal or child abuse – and has to be one of the best recording cameras for body worn use.

More Information
Do I have to install the FREE app to my mobile device?

It is recommended and easily used by anyone even with minimum technical skill level.  The app removes the need to connect the car key fob to your computer by cable to set up the time and date etc.  Instead, the app communicates directly with your mobile device over WiFi at the touch of a button - removing an otherwise messy setup procedure normally found with surveillance equipment.

Can the car key fob be visually examined?

Yes.  As long as it is not physically interrogated.  There is nothing out of the ordinary to assume this fob is anything other than a normal car fob.

Is sound recorded with video too?

Yes.  All video footage is accompanied with very clear audio and a time & date stamp for each recording.  The time and date can be disabled if you wish.

What is the video quality like?

Exceptionally good!  Recording is captured in true high definition at 1080P resolution and 30 FPS (frames per second) for excellent fluid movement.

When recording is there a vibration or LED to guide me?

Yes.  The fob will emit a subtle LED indicating to you the recording mode (standby / recording / ON/OFF etc).  We recommend that once you become proficient in the fobs operation to apply a little masking tape inside the cover to hide the LED and rely on vibration touch.  With a little practice and without looking you can know when the fob is in standby mode, when it is recording and when you have switched it ON/OFF.

How is the key fob powered?

The in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery will power the fob for approx 65 minutes of HD video recording (per charge).  Optionally, we also supply a high quality iSmart power bank which is small enough to carry and recharge the fob whilst travelling and can be purchased from the drop down menu.

How do I watch recorded video footage?

Recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card inside the car key fob.  Recorded footage can be played on Windows or Mac computers without the need of any special software.

How much footage can an SD card hold?

As a general rule of thumb, one (1) GB will store one (1) hours of recorded footage.  You are supplied with a 16 GB SD card which is more than enough to record several times over before needing to offload video files to your computer.

What is the video recording format?

The fob camera records in pin sharp full colour MOV format.

Does the camera record in darkness?

No.  Good artificial lighting or natural lighting is required.  The better the lighting the more bright and vibrant the footage will look.  Having said that, the fob will work superb in a pub or club or other low lighting establishments.

Technical Info
  • Car key fob with integrated HD video surveillance camera
  • Super clear 1080P footage resolution
  • In-built WiFi for simple setup using your mobile phone
  • WiFi - IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • WiFi protocol - RTSP
  • Time and date stamp
  • Frame rate - 30 frames per second
  • Integrated audio
  • Video recording mode - manual
  • Recording time - approx 65 minutes of HD video
  • Recording format - micro SD card
  • Micro SD card capacity - 32 GB
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Video file format - MOV
  • Audio file format - WMA
  • Recording capability - 1920 x 1080
  • Algorithm - H.264
  • Image sensor - 1/3 CMOS progressive sensor
  • Sensor sensitivity - 3.3 Lux / F 2.2
  • Lens F/number - F 3.2
  • Focal length - 4 mm
  • Angle of view - 66 degrees
  • LED indicator status
  • Vibration - ON / OFF
  • Power supply - DC 5 V
  • Consumption current - 120 mA (standby) / 150 mA (recording)
  • Battery type - lithium DC 3.7 V / 700 mAh
  • Charging time - approx three (3) hours
  • Dimensions - 70 x 40 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 45 grams
  • Compatibility - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with WiFi key fob camera, 16 GB SD card, USB cable and User Guide
  • Amazing video recording with clear audio ideal for individual and business use
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