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DAB Radio with WiFi Spy Camera

Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Spy Camera

Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Spy Camera

WiFi HD Smoke Alarm Camera

What better place for a concealed HD surveillance camera than a seemingly normal smoke alarm mounted on the ceiling?  This aerial view WiFi remote CCTV camera is mains powered for unlimited operation, with the added bonus of motion sensors and instant email alerting. 

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A Ceiling Mounted Smoke Alarm; with WiFi Security CCTV Camera

This ceiling mounted WiFi HD Smoke Alarm Camera has been professionally integrated with a WiFi surveillance camera to provide an effective arial overview of your room premises below.  Powered from the mains supply for unlimited working operation, the WiFi HD Smoke Alarm is a static mounted remote surveillance camera without the need for batteries or to recharge the unit, thus providing extremely long term security.

Once fitted to the ceiling and connected to a mains power, the appearance is that of a normal smoke alarm with of course, cutting edge viewing and recording capabilities from a Windows / Mac / iPhone or Android devices, from anywhere in the world.

Please Note: Due to the in-built CCTV camera system, this unit does not function as a working Smoke Alarm.


Unlike most IP systems, the WiFI Smoke Alarm requires very little, if any, technical skill to setup and operate.  The supplied Widget software (for Windows computers) automatically configures the internet camera to your router - thus making the entire setup process child's play.  From opening the box you can be monitoring your location in under 10 minutes!

Watch, listen, and record LIVE over the internet is in addition to the supplied PC based software's many features which include motion detection and scheduled recording.  All recordings can be password protected and stored to the hard drive of the computer from which you are monitoring.  No recorded footage is stored to the actual Smoke Alarm.  The storage capacity is limited only by the size of your computer hard drive therefore, many weeks or months of video recordings can be stored.

This WiFi HD Smoke Alarm is engineered to the highest standards and sits amongst our range of high quality models for workmanship and reliability.


Please note, if you do not have a false ceiling with power sockets above, then this product may not be suitable.

More Information
How do I power the WiFi smoke alarm?

For long term surveillance the unit requires a connection to a mains power supply via direct plug socket inside the false ceiling where the smoke alarm is to be mounted.

Can the smoke alarm be recognised that it isn’t a working model?

No.  This is ideal for long term monitoring of your home / office for security and surveillance purposes.

Do I need to configure my broadband settings for the smoke alarm to work?

No.  The supplied Widget Tool software automatically configures the WiFi setup eliminating any technical procedure.  You are required to input the internet network security key (password) so the smoke alarm is authorised to use your existing WiFi connection.

Does the smoke alarm have a motion activated recording feature?

Yes.  You may switch ON / OFF this feature and all other security features from your console.  Once movement is detected, the smoke alarm will begin recording but also send you an email notification alerting you to activity.  The email notification will also contain a picture attachment allowing you to interrogate the target location in the event of unauthorised personnel access.

Where is the WiFi camera and audio microphone situated?

Situated behind the fascia grille and pointing downwards once mounted to the ceiling.  An advantage of using an appliance such as a smoke alarm provides an ariel viewing from above without being noticed or tampered with.

Are there any ongoing costs involved with this WiFi system?

There are no costs except those incurred by your existing broadband internet provider.

Does the broadband connection need to remain active and powered for the smoke alarm camera to work?

Yes.  Disconnecting the power supply or broadband connection will disable the smoke alarms capability.

Where is the recorded video footage stored?

Recordings are stored to the computer hard drive from which you monitor the camera from.  A decent sized hard drive storage can hold many weeks or months of recording capability.

Does the computer in which I monitor the WiFi camera need to remain connected to the internet?


Does the smoke alarm record in colour or black & white?

Recording and viewing is full colour at 640 x 480 resolution for the non HD model and 1280 x 800 resolution for the HD model.

Can I remotely watch events from another country?

Yes.  The Widget Tool software can be installed to any Windows / Mac computer and a downloadable app for the Apple iPhone and Android phone too!

Technical Info
  • A ceiling mounted smoke alarm with integrated WiFi surveillance camera
  • Professionally hand built
  • Ceiling mounted for aerial viewing and monitoring
  • View, listen and record in real-time over the internet
  • No technical skill required
  • Plug and Play technology
  • Multiple IP cameras can be added
  • High sensitivity audio microphone
  • Standby time - unlimited (connected to a mains power supply)
  • Manual recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Motion activated recording
  • Motion activated email notification
  • Time & date stamp
  • Storage capacity - computer hard drive (months worth of recording depending on memory capacity)
  • Video resolution - 640 x 480 / 1280 x 800 (HD model)
  • Auto adjusts video / audio quality depending on transfer speed andbandwidth
  • Password protected access
  • Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android compatible
  • Dimensions -
  • Supplied with smoke alarm WiFi camera recorder, genuine Apple USB plug, Widget Tool software and User Guide
  • Ideal for remotely monitoring your home / office environment and gathering footage for evidential purposes

Please Note: This unit can not be used as a working smoke alarm.

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