As an individual you have a right to a safe wellbeing and those of your loved ones to ensure that you and they feel protected - both in the home place and the work place, and you have a right to monitor your home property, valuables and ensure overall security.  As a business owner you have these rights and also to know that your employees are conducting themselves in an appropriate manner within your company and in line with your goals and aspirations.  You have a right to peace of mind and live a law abiding life. We take pride in our approach and how we deal with sometimes sensitive matters because we listen to our customers.

We are completely unbiased and we ensure that any advice is given to the best of our knowledge and that any product supplied is recommended based on that situation.  We are not sales people out to make a quick buck.. never have been and never will be.  The list below is not limited to the problems that some people may face however, the list does portray accurate situations faced by real people in the real world.

The use of surveillance equipment is one the most versatile and discreet ways to obtain solid evidence and help bring a conclusion to sometimes difficult circumstances.

We don't mess around with tin pot gadgets - we deliver real surveillance for real situations to ensure real results.

  • Is my partner being unfaithful
  • I suspect an employee of theft in the workplace
  • I suspect my sales rep of deviating from his route
  • I'm concerned about my child's online activity
  • Is my child being bullied at school
  • I suspect someone is tracking my movements
  • My neighbour is intimidating our family
  • My car is being vandalised but by whom
  • My property is being vandalised
  • I suspect my business partner of embezzlement
  • My partner is abusive and intimidating
  • I need spy equipment for mystery shopping
  • My ex-partner is turning my child against me
  • I'm receiving abusive telephone calls
  • I need to protect my agriculture equipment
  • I need to protect my farm, allotment and out buildings
  • I'm being victimised at work
  • I suspect my home / office is bugged

Whatever your concern or problem, we are confident we can help.  Please do not hesitate to call our office on 0161 537 0550 and speak to a real person who will listen, advise and support you.  We look forward to welcoming you to our company.