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Trident Live Tracking Device

When only high performance will do, choose this heavy duty real time tracking device.  One of the most robust trackers on the market, this magnetic GPS device is sealed, water resistant and offers an astounding battery life of up to 3 months per charge.  It is compatible with all mobile and computer devices and perfect for car security, caravan, holiday home, and plant machinary.

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Powerful Magnetic Tracking Device With Three (3) Months Live Tracking

The Trident Live Tracking Device is a most powerful magnetic and real time tracker with offers exceptional battery performance of up to three (3) months on a single charge!  Extremely robust and waterproof to IP67 compliance, the Trident tracker always gives excellent performance to track from any computer or mobile device.

The Trident tracker is completely sealed with a riveted case with access only to a watertight charging port where you can recharge the tracker via any mains wall power.  The Trident tracker gives super accurate full colour street level tracking throughout the UK and Europe.


The Trident's oblong design and three (3) very powerful magnets provide a solid attachment to metal areas including the underside of your vehicle, boat, caravan, motorbike, agriculture - in fact just about anything you need to monitor the security of your property.

The Trident Live Tracking Device is ready to go from opening the box - see every street-by-street turn and know when the tracker moves and when it parks stationary and for how long.  Full journey reports are made available to download to your computer plus much more!


From within the tracking console, you will see a button called 'Flight Mode' and when this feature is enabled the tracker will completely switch OFF for any period up to 16 hours that you specify.  This means the battery can be considerably extended especially during times when you know the asset will not be moving.  Once the specified flight mode period expires, the tracker will resume normal tracking.

The Trident Live Tracking Device will operate throughout the UK and Europe as standard but if you need the tracker to operate further afar please contact us prior to purchase.


The tracking console is much more than just eye candy,.  All tracking journeys are recorded for prosperity and / or evidential purposes which is ideal if you wish to show proof of movements to a client.  The Geo Fencing feature alerts your mobile phone when the Trident enters a defined area that you specify, or moves out of an area you specify.  There is lots of neat little features which can be used to fine tune to your preferred needs.


iPhone users can also download the free tracking app available from the iTunes store which provides a convenient way to log into the console directly from within the app.


The Trident Live Tracking Device can be purchased as Pay-As-You-Go or Unlimited.  Low users are best suited to the Pay-As-You-Go option, whilst the heavy user is best suited to the Unlimited option.  For further information on which option is best for you, please read the FAQ page.


The Trident tracker requires no software installation nor complicated set ups or other silly nonsense procedures.

More Information
Shall I choose Unlimited tracking or Pay-As-You-Go?

Please select unlimited tracking if you intend using the tracker quite intensely each day and for long periods.  Also, unlimited tracking removes the inconvenience of topping up and provides 24/7 real time tracking without any downtime. Please select P-A-Y-G tracking if you intend using sporadically as a low user or for short trips each day.

What is the cost of unlimited tracking?

A one-off cost of £149.00 per year is applicable but gives peace of mind that you can track as much as you like every day.  Unlimited tracking is available from the drop down menu.

Why does Pay-As-You-Go tracking use Credits?  Why not apply a voucher to top up?

We've stripped away the inconvenience of visiting the newsagents / supermarket, purchasing a network voucher, and dialling up to apply the funds.  P-A-Y-G Credits however, make topping up faster and more convenient, but also removes the uncertainty of wondering what the remaining balance is, by actually showing you the remaining credits on your tracking console.  Credits also work the tracker throughout UK, Europe and most of the USA.

How do Position Credits work?

Your tracking console displays how many Position Credits you have remaining.  One (1) position credit is automatically deducted when the tracker begins to moves off, and also during intervals along its journey, and finally when the tracker stops.  For example: you have the interval set to report every 60 seconds and the vehicle sets off on a journey that lasts one (1) hour before parking.  In total around 62 position credits will be deducted for that particular journey.

How do SMS Credits work?

SMS Credits are applicable whether you have either P-A-Y-G or unlimited tracking.  Your tracking console displays how many SMS Credits you have remaining.  One (1) SMS credit is automatically deducted whenever you command the tracker to change interval times, or if you activate an invisible perimeter around the trackers location (so it notifies you when it enters or leaves the vicinity).  Any command you instruct the tracker to undertake by remote changes made from your console will deduct 1x SMS credit.

Explain P-A-Y-G tracking costs?

Tracking costs will vary for each customer depending on usage.  The P-A-Y-G costs are:

  • 2'500x position credits - £25.00
  • 100x SMS credits - £12.50 (these are applicable to both unlimited and PAYG)
What size is the tracker?

Measuring just 145 x 55 x 45 mm, the trident is an oblong shaped tracking device which is fitted with three (3) powerful integrated magnets for a professional finish and easy deployment to vehicles, 4x4's, caravans, horticulture, lorries, heavy goods transport etc.

Are the magnets strong?  Is it possible the tracker can accidentally fall off?

The magnets are very strong and if deployed correctly the tracker will not fall off.  This is an extremely robust tracker with all elements of construction applied for heavy duty use.

If I don't use the tracker, can I turn it OFF when not needed?

Yes.  There is a feature called 'Flight Mode' on the tracking console which allows you to remotely switch OFF the tracker for a period up to 16 hours.

How is the trident tracker charged?

The top of the tracker has an access point to connect the supplied USB cable to the supplied Apple plug - then simply plug into any mains wall socket to recharge.

How long does the tracker last before I need to recharge again?

The trident can work for up to three (3) months live tracking when reporting in every 60 seconds (depending on usage).  The trident can also work for up to two (2) years when reporting in twice a day.

Where about can the tracker work?

The trident is fully operational throughout the UK and European countries.  For use in USA please contact us.

Can I get a notification to prompt me when the trident device moves?

Yes.  Your mobile number or email address can be inputted into the console to automatically receive notifications when the trident tracker moves into, or outside a specified zone.

Technical Info
  • Magnetic live tracking device
  • Sealed & water tight to IP67 level casing
  • Three (3) powerful fitted magnets
  • Watch real-time tracking intervals - minimum 10 seconds
  • Records full journey routes for download and analysis
  • Watch journey routes in play back mode
  • Flight mode - remotely switch ON / OFF the tracker for up to 16 hours to enhance battery performance
  • In-built fully rechargeable 12'000 mAh lithium battery
  • Battery charging - mains power
  • Battery charge time - approx 10 hours
  • Battery performance (per charge) - approx three (3) months @ 60 second live tracking / two (2) years when reporting twice per day
  • Latest UBlox chipset technology
  • Motion movement sensor - 2G acceleration scale-3-axis
  • Geo fence - alert your mobile phone or email when the tracker enters or leaves a defined area that you specify
  • Battery indicator - see the remaining battery level on the tracking console
  • Accurate tracking - 2.5 meters street level
  • Operates throughout the UK, Europe and most of the USA
  • Dimensions - 145 x 55 x 45 mm
  • Weight - 415 grams
  • Supplied with trident tracking device, genuine Apple USB plug, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for theft / security management of your vehicle, agriculture machinery, caravan, trailer, boat, containers etc
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