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This clever device serves two purposes - it's a fully functioning LED torch and a GPS tracking device all in one.  Keep a close eye on your vehicle or property with this SMS tracker torch, which offers up to 10 days standby time and real time SMS location alerting straight to your phone. 

Fully Functional LED Torch; with SMS Location Street Name & Postcode Sent To Mobile Phone

Is it a torch?  Is it a tracker?  Its both!  This functional LED torch takes a twist on modern vehicle tracking without the need to place the device out of sight from potential thefts of your valuable assets.  The Torch Tracker can be placed in the boot of your car, under the seat, in a safe box of your motorbike, not only to shine a light in dimly lit areas but will actually send its real time location directly to your mobile phone by using simple coded SMS messages.


To operate the torch tracker only requires your mobile phone - there is no computer needed.  In addition, the fitted SIM card inside the torch uses a Pay As You Go SIM card, therefore, no subscriptions or contracts are required either.  You can of course, if you wish, change the SIM card for a more suitable network either on the Pay As You Go or other for maximum performance.

The torch has an in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery which provides approx 14 days of standby time or 10+ days of active tracking (per charge), and is ideal for short term location tracking.


Whenever you wish to know the current location, simply send a coded text message to the Torch Tracker from your mobile phone to obtain back the full street name & postcode as a readable text message.  Additionally, should the Torch Tracker be inside an area with a poor GPS signal reception, the Torch Tracker will return its nearest location using cell tower technology so you will have a general idea of the location. Each SMS text message command you send to the tracker will return a confirmation message so you know for sure your request is being actioned.


We've applied £5.00 credit to the SIM card inside the Torch Tracker, so you can commence tracking straight away!


The Torch Tracker is a modern twist on tracking devices whilst still maintaining an omni directional antenna for fast acquisition, and a GSM quad band modem for worldwide operation all encased within the functionality of a working LED torch.

More Information
Can I use the torch as a real working LED light?

Yes.  The tracker is designed for the appearance of a fully functional torch and therefore, can be switched ON and used as a functional working torchlight.

Is the torch a big bulky thing?

No.  As you would expect from our quality products, the torch looks and feels just like a standard sized LED torch.

What if somebody picked it up, would it be obvious it was a tracker?

No.  It would be obvious it was a working torch.  There is nothing to indicate the torch has tracking capabilities.

Is the torch waterproof?


Whats the best way to obtain the torches location?

Simply send the torch a coded SMS message from your mobile phone to receive back the street name and postcode of the torches current location.  There is no requirement to use a computer as only your mobile phone is needed.

Does my phone need an internet connection to obtain the torches location?

No.  Your mobile phone only needs to be able to read a text message.  It really is that easy!

What is the average battery life of the tracking capability?

Each full charge will give approx 14 days of standby time, or approx 10+ days of active tracking use.  Realistically, the battery performance really depends on factors including how many times you request the torch trackers location because this is when the internal GPS Receiver is activated and most of the battery power is used.

What are the ongoing costs to operate the location tracking?

We use a Pay As You Go SIM card which costs 10p every time an SMS is sent to you.  This is regardless of whether the SIM card is used in a mobile phone or a tracking device - sending an SMS message costs the same.  The ongoing costs really depend on how often you request the torches location.  If you request the location twice a day thats 20p, if you request the location 50 times a day thats £5.00.  We do recommend fitting a SIM card which offers lots of text messages or unlimited text messages included in the tariff.  For example Vodafone offer unlimited texts for just £10.00 per month.

Are there any restrictions to the torch trackers capability when used overseas?

No.  The torch tracker uses a quad band GSM modem and will accept any standard sized SIM card for use in any country worldwide.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional LED torch with SMS tracking
  • Camouflaged appearance
  • Request the torches location at any time by sending a coded SMS message
  • Obtain the torches full street name and postcode location directly to your mobile phone
  • No computer required - fully controllable by text messages
  • Battery standby time - 14 days
  • 10 days+ of potential tracking from a single charge
  • Fully rechargeable 2'200 mAh lithium battery
  • No sight of sky required
  • Accuracy - 2.5 meters
  • Quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • GPS channels - 50
  • Internal GPS antenna for a neat design
  • GPS cold start - 27 seconds
  • GPS hot start - one (1) second
  • Working temperature - -10c - +55 C
  • Absolute temperature - -35c - +70 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - +85 C
  • Dimensions - 155 x 60 x 55 mm
  • Supplied with torch tracker, USB cable, FREE genuine Apple USB plug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring your vehicle, motorbike, or other personal assets for anti theft and security purposes
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