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SpyComp Voice Recorder

Pair this powerful surveillance voice recorder with your Windows computer, and the unique software will monitor audio levels and start recording when sound is detected, while also sending an instant email alert, and attaching a recorded voice file.  This voice activated software recorder is an essential tool for protecting home or office security, or recording conversations for evidence. 

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USB Computer Voice Recorder; with Sound Detection Recording and Email Alerts

SpyComp is a powerful voice recording tool for Windows computers and comes supplied on a standard USB memory stick.  The software program monitors the audio theshold levels through the computer speakers in the room environment then sends you an alert notification including the recorded voice file direct to your specified email address.

This is an excellent surveillance tool for the home / office to know when somebody enters your property and what is being said, or the need to record important meetings etc.  Audio file/s are recorded in high quality MP3 format and each file is time / date stamped in chronological order for evidential purposes.


SpyComp works on any Windows desktop or laptop even if the computer is running idle.  A combination of hardware and software built from the ground upwards stands head and shoulders above any similar product.. and with unlimited licenses and real-time updates for the life of your USB stick.


SpyComp acts as a digital voice recorder where access to the audio recordings are as easy as checking your email!  There are an abundance of uses for using such a product including:

  • Child welfare - who are your children talking to in their room?  Sometimes the best forms of evidence are gathered by actual audio
  • Elderly safety - now you can find out exactly what is being said in your parents care home and gather evidence of verbal abuse
  • Ex-partner abuse - record the room environment for verbal / physical intimidation
  • Use for home / office security when you are absent by gathering actual real-time audio events
  • Cheating partner - get peace of mind, SpyComp is your companion who will inform you of audio activities in the household
  • Record sensitive meetings - record your business meetings for prosperity
  • Use for various law enforcement applications

From the settings menu, simply type in the email address where the recorded audio files are to be sent.  All other fields are already completed however, default settings can be changed to best suit your requirements.  From the main menu you can change options including:


Slide this scale to determine the sensitivity of the computer microphone.


Adjust the kilobyte (KB) storage capacity in which SpyComp sends recorded audio files to you.  Input less KB storage and SpyComp will send frequent recorded audio files to your specified email address.


Select whether you want the recorded audio files to be stored locally on the target computer so you can collect the file/s manually, orremotely sent by email to a specified email address.


This allows you to see everything is working correctly before you begin using SpyComp by sending a test email to your specified email address. SpyComp is extremely easy to setup and use.


SpyComp offers unlimited licenses therefore, you can install over and over again without limitations.


SpyComp is not produced for the mass market, therefore, special attention is implemented and updates can be applied on a regular basis to keep SpyComp at the forefront of surveillance technology.

SpyComp is for use on a computer/s which you own or you have express permission by the owner.  You are responsible for how you use the software and services.  You represent and warrant to us that you will comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation all privacy laws.

More Information
Give me an example of how I could use SpyComp?

Lets assume you have an elderly parent in a care home and are concerned about their welfare.  You believe your loved one is being verbally abused and/or mistreated but have no way of obtaining proof of this.  Install the software program to the computer (small laptop will suffice) in the room of your parent.  SpyComp will monitor the room using the computer microphone and begin recording.  Check your email from anywhere in the world and you will be presented with a chronological recording list which is time / date stamped for evidence.  Audio files can be played using any Windows / Mac computer.

Why is this such a good product? Surely there is another similar?

There is no other product on the commercial market that works with the same performance and effectiveness as SpyComp.  Record high quality MP3 audio of the room environment through the computer microphone and receive the audio files to your email address!

Which operating systems does SpyComp work on?

Windows operating systems only.

Must I leave the USB stick plugged into the target computer to work?

No.  Once the program has been installed, the USB stick can be removed.

How do I obtain and listen to the recorded file/s?
  • Recorded audio can be stored locally to the computer (within a folder you specify) so that you can physically locate the folder at a later date.
  • Recorded audio can be transferred from the computer to the SpyComp USB stick.
  • Recorded audio can be remotely sent a specified email address of your choice.
Does the target computer need an internet connection?

If you want the recorded audio content to be emailed to you, then an internet connection is required.

Will audio still record if the computer is switched OFF?

No.  The computer microphone must be active, therefore, the computer must be switched ON.

How many times can I install SpyComp?

Each USB stick is provided with unlimited licenses for the life of your stick.  Furthermore, free updates are also provided.

Is it possible to rebrand SpyComp for our company?

Yes.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Technical Info
  • USB memory stick with sound detection recording
  • Records audio through the computer microphone
  • Works on Windows desktops and laptops
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Installation - one (1) second
  • Extremely easy to use - no technical skill required
  • Real-time updates and unlimited licenses for life of the USB stick
  • Lightweight engine
  • Storage capacity - four (4) GB flash storage
  • Configure settings to your requirements before installation
  • Save recorded audio files to the local drive
  • Send recorded audio files to yourspecified email address
  • Works on various email clients including Gmail and Yahoo
  • Time and date stamp for evidential purposes
  • Operates on all Windows operating systems
  • Supplied with SpyComp USB and User Guide

Please Note: SpyComp is not compatible with MAC computers.

Not for purchase using Paypal due to their restriction on computer surveillance related products.

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