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wifi plug adapter
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WiFi AC Spy Plug Adapter

£249.95 inc vat

  • AC plug adapter with built in WiFi spy camera
  • Remotely monitor your home, office, hotel room etc
  • 24/7 security monitoring with full 1080P resolution
  • Motion activated & continuous recording modes
  • Time / date stamp evidence

SD Card

Product Description

Mains Powered AC Plug Adapter; with Motion Recording & LIVE Viewing

This AC plug adapter is equipped with a HD 1080P colour camera and simply plugs into any mains wall socket ready to capture video footage either as a standalone motion activated recorder (with audio) or stream LIVE video footage via WiFi to your mobile phone or tablet device.  Should you wish to record the video footage – files are stored to a removable Micro SD card (fitted inside the adapter) which can be removed and played on any Windows or Mac computer without the need of any special software.


Simply launch the FREE app which can be downloaded from the iTunes / Google Play Store to your iPhone, Android or tablet device to remotely view and record activities over WiFi in real time.  The app is super easy to use and allows you to set the time & date and other features without the need of connecting the adapter to your computer via messy cables.  Everything is configured and controlled by touch button from your mobile or tablet so you can sit back and watch LIVE events whilst you are traveling or even on the other side of the world!  The AC plug adapter is integrated with one of the smartest and easiest internet cameras requiring no technical skill.


If you wish to record a room environment without a WiFI connection for example: kitchen, living room, bedroom, outbuildings etc then the adapter is ready to work straight out of the box!  Simply plug the adapter into a mains wall socket and when motion is detected the cleverly fitted camera lens will capture events in full HD 1080P resolution with clear audio to a Micro SD card (fitted inside the adapter).  A time / date is also stamped on each recorded video file for evidential purposes.


To remotely view and record over WiFi, many internet cameras must initially be authorised with the broadband router by connecting the camera via an ethernet cable.  However, as the AC plug adapter has its own in-built WiFi element that setup process can be skipped and only the network password is required.  Streaming live video footage from the camera to your mobile device means you have the flexibility to monitor your hotel room whilst you are out sightseeing, or keep tabs on an elderly parent in a care home.


Recorded video or picture snapshots which are stored to the adapters SD card can also be backed up to your mobile phone through the app.  Simply go into the ‘video files’ screen and select the files you wish to download.


Because the AC adapter is powered from any mains socket, there is no requirement for batteries or to even recharge the device.  This means the AC adapter can remain plugged within the room you wish to monitor and the magnificent spy camera will be your ever watchful friend of your home, office, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, outbuildings, caravan or anywhere you feel needs extra security.


Provided with this product we also supply free of charge a high quality 16 GB Micro SD with adapter so you are ready to go straight away.  The AC device will accept SD cards up to 32 GB which can also be purchased from the drop down menu above.

There is no special software required on your Windows or Mac computer to view recorded file footage.

The authenticity of this product will pass any visual inspection and comes supplied with a USB power cord to add true realism to the products appearance.  Please note however, that this device will not actually power other electrical items.

  • A UK mains powered AC wall charger with WiFi security camera
  • View real time & remotely watch footage on your mobile phone
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • Hide SSID so other people cannot find the camera on the network
  • Can be plugged in any room and used as a motion activated recorder with audio (no WiFi required)
  • Surveillance camera fitted to the front fascia filming directly outwards
  • Full 1080P HD video resolution for superb picture quality
  • Motion detection and continuous recording modes
  • Free smartphone app for super easy setup
  • Backup recorded video & picture snapshots to your smartphone
  • Recording format – SD card
  • Storage capacity – 32 GB maximum
  • Camera detection range – 15 – 20 feet
  • Camera field of view – 78 degrees
  • Time & date stamp evidence
  • File format – H.264 / .Mov
  • Frame rate – 30 FPS
  • Operation current – 350 mA
  • Power supply – 220 – 240 V
  • Computer interface – USB 2.0
  • Dimensions – 65 x 50 x 40 mm
  • Weight – 90 grams
  • Supplied with wifi ac plug adapter, authentic connection cable, eight (8) GB SD card, FREE 16 GB SD card, USB data cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for use within any room environment including the home / office for evidential purposes

Please Note: This product cannot support audio when live streaming over WiFi due to the power consumption used. However, if using as a standalone recorder (not streaming over WiFi) then it will support and record clear audio.

Can I just plug the adapter in my room and use as a motion movement recorder?

Yes.  Simply plug the adapter into any wall socket and the camera is powered to record HD video & audio whenever movement is detected in front of the camera.  This recording mode works straight out of the box without the need to even use WiFi.

What does WiFi enabled mean?

Normally, a surveillance camera initially needs to be connected to a computer to setup the camera, however, this process has been removed by using the FREE app on your iPhone, Android or tablet device.  The AC adapter syncs with your smartphone through the app so you can set the time & date and any other settings by touch button control.  Its very clever technology made very simple with the app – and no technical skill is required.

Where is the internet camera situated on the plug adapter?

The camera is located on the front of the adapters facia camouflaged amongst writing.  This means when you plug the adapter into a wall socket the camera is directly facing outwards.

What picture resolution does the hidden camera provide?

Stunning video resolution in high definition 1080P for the very best image quality.

Is audio supported and can the AC adapter power other electrical devices?

Audio is supported if you use the adapter as a standalone recorder by plugging it in to capture activity upon motion detection, however, audio is not supported when streaming LIVE video footage over WiFi to your mobile device.  Please also bear in mind that although authentic in appearance, it can not actually provide power to electrical devices.

Does the AC plug adapter need batteries?

No.  There are no batteries or recharging required.  The power is received to the internet camera when plugged into the mains socket.

Where is the recorded video footage stored?

All video recordings are saved to a removable Micro SD card fitted inside the adapter.  The maximum capacity SD card that can be used with this product is 32 GB which we can supply for just £5.00 from the drop down menu.

How do I play back the recorded video footage?

Remove the SD card from the adapter and insert the card into your Windows or Mac computer.  Launch your computers media player (we recommend installing the free media player from videolan.org).  No special software is required to play back the recorded video.

Can I back up the video files?

Yes.  From within the app press the ‘video files’ screen to open the folder where the video files will be displayed and then select which files to download to your smartphone.  Please note that your smartphone must have an SD card inserted or have enough memory storage to accommodate the files.

Will the camera record at night time?

No.  The camera is not designed to capture footage during darkness or very low lighting conditions.  Ideally the pinhole camera requires a decent flow of artificial indoor light or better still natural lighting conditions.

Can the adapter record if it is unplugged from the mains wall socket?

No.  The camera is powered from the mains electrical supply, therefore, if the device is removed there is no power being fed to the unit and live viewing or motion activated recording cannot happen.

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