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WiFi Digital Radio Spy Camera

£390.00 inc vat

  • A fully functional digital radio with an internet security camera
  • LIVE view, listen and record from anywhere in the world
  • HD 1280 x 800 video resolution with clear audio
  • Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone compatible
  • Motion & scheduled recording, plus email movement alerts

Product Description

Fully Functional PURE Digital Radio; with Real Time CCTV & Motion Activated Recording

This digital spy radio is a stunning example of quality workmanship – providing excellent remote monitoring of your home, office, holiday home, outbuildings, etc through WiFi technology.  Cleverly incorporated behind the front grille of this fully functional digital radio is a tiny internet surveillance camera which allows authorised users to watch, listen & record from a mobile phone, desktop or laptop computer from anywhere in the world!

With an abundance of user friendly settings including motion activated recording, scheduled recording plus you can receive instant email notifications upon movement detection – this is top grade spy technology at its best.


The internet camera fitted inside the radio uses your WIFI signal and the setup process is extremely easy to do.  Unlike other WiFi setups, this radio automatically configures to your internet connection so you only need to input your router password for an always active super stable connection.

Now, the radio can be deployed anywhere within your WiFi range and can be remotely viewed from any Android, iPhone, Windows or Mac computer.

For example: Place the radio in the kitchen, or the hallway looking at the front / back door, or even in the bedroom etc..  From anywhere in the world, and at any time, you can remotely view the room environment through the radios surveillance camera – and without any indication to anybody inspecting or using the radio.

The supplied Widget Tool software eliminates any messy setups so you can literally boil the kettle whilst the software does the hard work.  This really is a superb investment for those looking for a HD remote monitoring solution which requires almost zero technical skill.


To further enhance your viewing pleasure, we now offer high definition (HD) WiFi cameras with a video resolution of 1280 x 800 for sharper, clearer footage.  The HD version is an optional upgrade from the drop down menu above.


The WiFi spy radio is supplied with installation software for both Windows & Mac computers, and can also be remotely viewed on iPhone & Android phones.


As an optional upgrade from the drop down menu above, we can incorporate three (3) very small night vision IR’s to the radio fascia which will provide invisible night vision (no glow LEDs to the human eye) which provides viewing capability even in very dark areas.  Night time prowlers can not bypass the radios clever recording capabilities!


Recorded video footage is stored to the hard drive of the computer from which you are remotely monitoring the spy radio from which means you are always in control of the evidential footage.  The recordable storage capacity is only limited by the hard drive of the computer which makes it possible to store many weeks, months or even years worth of evidence!


In addition to the recorded video files being stored on the computer hard drive, in the event of a WiFi signal loss or the internet connection become unavailable for any period of time, the radio will intelligently store the video footage to the radios internal 32 GB flash storage so there is no downtime. Those stored video files can still be accessed from your computer and also remotely transferred over to your computer when the internet is back online. Clever stuff!

Recorded video files can also be password protected if required.

This is a very high quality digital radio with integrated WiFi technology which provides truly excellent remote monitoring and recording capabilities for the security of your premises and almost any remote location.

Additional Information


Non HD model, HD model (1280 x 800), HD with Night Vision

  • A fully functional digital radio with remote WiFi camera
  • Professionally hand built
  • Completely portable
  • View, listen & record in real-time over an internet connection
  • No technical skill required
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Multiple WiFi cameras can be added to the viewing console
  • High sensitivity audio microphone
  • Remotely configurable by settings menu
  • Standby time – unlimited (connected to a mains power supply)
  • Manual recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Motion activated recording
  • Movement notifications sent to your email address with image
  • Time & date stamp
  • Storage capacity – computer hard drive (many months worth of recording storage depending on the computers hard drive memory)
  • Additional storage capacity – 32 GB of radio internal storage
  • Video resolution – 640 x 480 / 1280 x 800 HD
  • Auto adjusts video / audio quality depending on internet speed & bandwidth
  • Password protected access
  • Optional SMS alert capability (network charges apply)
  • Optional invisible night vision
  • Compatibility – Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android
  • Dimensions –
  • Supplied with PURE digital WiFI radio, mains charger, Widget Tool software and User Guide
  • Ideal for remotely monitoring your home, office or other premises and gathering surveillance footage
How is the radio powered?

You must plug the radio into a mains wall socket in order to power the radio and WiFi spy camera.

Can the radio be identified that it has monitoring or recording capabilities?

No.  It is ideal for long term surveillance monitoring and security of your home / office or holiday home etc.

Does the radio have night vision recording?

This is an optional upgrade from the drop down menu.  The night vision model uses three (3) very small LED’s which are fitted to the front fascia of the radio.  These LED’s illuminate the immediate area when low light conditions are detected but are not visible to the human eye when illuminated.

Do I need to configure my broadband settings for the radio to work?

No.  The supplied Widget Tool software is installed to your Windows computer / laptop and automatically configures the setup – eliminating any technical procedure.  You are required to type the network security key password to authorise access.

I have a Mac computer, can I use this product?

Yes.  The Widget Tool software can be installed to any Windows or Mac computer plus a downloadable App for Android and iPhone devices too!

Where is the camera and audio microphone situated?

These are fitted behind the front grille fascia of the radio for optimal clarity.

Does the radio have a motion activated camera?

Yes.  You may switch ON / OFF the motion recording feature and all other security features from your computer console.  Additionally, the radio will send you an email notification upon movement whilst then recording the activities too.  The email notification will also contain a picture attachment of what caused the recording to trigger.

Where is the recorded footage stored?

Video recordings are stored to the computer in which you are viewing the camera from.  So for example, if you have the radio situated at your holiday home and are viewing from another location – even another country, then the footage is recorded on the computer with you.

What if the internet connection goes offline and I cannot see anything or be notified of movement?

We have that covered.  In this case, video footage is then automatically recorded to the radios internal 32 GB memory so there is no loss of footage.  Once the internet connection comes back online, you can access the radios storage to view the contents but also remotely transfer the recorded footage from the radio over to your computer for safe keeping.

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