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micro black box
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Micro HD Black Box Recorder

£149.00 inc vat

  • Tiny, portable black box with 720P HD video & audio recording
  • Place within any room environment for CCTV surveillance
  • 10 hours of total recording time (per charge)
  • Motion / continuous / scheduled / sound / vibration recording
  • Time & date stamp / Optional iSmart power bank

SD Card

Product Description

Tiny Surveillance Black Box; with HD 720P Video Recording

This is a super gem of a surveillance spy camera!  This tiny, portable oblong box can be placed within the target location, perhaps between books, or behind an every day object, or just sat on a shelf pointing towards the area of concern.  Due to its small size and wireless operation, the micro spy camera can also be placed inside other items for example: a tissue box or perhaps looking through the grille behind a wall.  The possibilities to gather evidential video footage with this little recording marvel are endless.

Supplied with the micro black box is a very easy-to-use Widget Tool software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and allows you to configure the device to your preferred recording modes including:


Motion Activated Recording

Movement within the cameras field-of-view will trigger recording for either 10, 15 or 20 minutes at a time depending on your setting.

Scheduled Recording

Preset a date & time to the micro box’s memory to capture the relevant footage during the hours that you specify.

Vibration Recording

A physical nudge of the micro box will trigger recording.

Sound Activated Recording

Audio levels detected above a preset threshold will trigger recording.

Continuous Recording

Although this recording mode will consume more battery, the micro box can record continuously without any breaks in recording – which is ideal to capture all activity.

Record high quality HD 720P video resolution accompanied with clear audio.

In addition, the device can also be activated with an intelligent Auto Switching mode which actively monitors the lighting conditions and then enhances the image quality to reflect the light mood.


Supplied with the HD micro box is supplied a Widget Tool software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.  The widget tool software is extremely easy-to-use and allows you to make various changes to the recording options.


Plug the micro black box to any electrical wall socket and the device will remain constantly powered 24/7.  This is ideal for situations where you need to monitor and record over a much longer period.

Please Note: As the device is receiving power from an external source (mains wall socket) there may be a lower quality of audio.  Picture quality will remain fantastic.


This is a compact, ergonomic designed iSmart power bank which measures just 90 x 40 x 30 mm and simply connects directly into the micro camera to either fully recharge the device from a drained battery, or to provide an additional 6’700 mAh of power to the camera.  The iSmart power bank is an essential accessory not just for the micro camera but also for all your other mobile devices including smartphones, iPods, and games for those crucial times when you really need a recharge for example: whilst travelling on a train, by bus, or by car etc.  Low battery power can hit us all just when we need more juice!

The power bank uses iSmart technology which detects automatically the maximum current required to charge your device safely, and controls the USB output accordingly to ensure a rapid efficient charge.  Additionally, the iSmart power bank will safely shut down in the event of a short circuit or overload output whilst the device is providing or maintaining a charge.

This is a top of the range power supply for the micro camera or for your iPhone, Android or tablet device and can be purchased from the drop down menu above for just £15.00.


To help you get the most from your product, we supply a high quality 16 GB (Class 10) SD card at no additional cost!

All recorded video footage is stored to the removable Micro SD card with a capacity to hold a total of 32 hours of HD video or 128 hours of standard video.

Footage can be played, stored or emailed on any Windows or Mac computer.

The micro spy camera can be used as a standalone video recorder or placed within / or amongst other items including: office, kitchen, bedroom, holiday home, out buildings etc.. to capture evidential video footage.

The HD micro black box recorder is possibly one of the best little recorders, and ideal for short term video surveillance and encompasses quality and performance at the highest level.

Additional Information


Without iSmart power bank, With iSmart power bank

  • A tiny micro black box with video & audio camera
  • Completely self contained and portable
  • Lightweight design
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Selectable recording modes – continuous / scheduled / motion / vibration / sound
  • Selectable light levels: day / night / auto switch
  • Video resolution – 1280 x 720 (HD) / 640 x 320
  • Video format – AVI
  • Standby time – 15 days (using vibration recording mode and all other lowest available settings)
  • Recording time – 10 hours (please note the recording mode selected will reduce the overall capable recording time)
  • Recording format – Micro SD card
  • Maximum storage capacity – 64 GB
  • SD card usage – two (2) GB per hour (HD) / 0.5 GB per hour (standard)
  • Split file time – 10 / 15 / 20 minutes
  • Circular recording – ON / OFF
  • Orientation adjustment – normal / upside down
  • Loop recording – ON / OFF
  • Time & date stamp (ON / OFF)
  • LED – ON / OFF
  • Microphone – ON / OFF
  • Camera lens – 62 degree field-of-view
  • Frame rate – high / low
  • Internal battery – 3.7 V / 1200 mAh
  • Optional iSmart 6’700 mAh power bank
  • Connect to any mains socket for unlimited standby time
  • Upgradeable firmware makes our technology future proof
  • Storage temperature – 0 – 45 C
  • Operation temperature – 0 – 45 C
  • Current consumption – 100 mA
  • Dimensions – 85 x 45 x 20 mm
  • Operating system – Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with micro HD black box recorder, FREE 16 GB SD card, mains charger, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for use within the home / office / vehicle / caravan for evidential purposes
How small is the micro box recorder?

It easily fits in the palm of your hand and is small enough to blend into almost any room environment.

What is the quality of recording like?

Excellent!  You can select between 1280 x 720 HD resolution or 640 x 320 standard resolution.  When in HD recording, the footage is pin sharp and smooth with fantastic vivid colours.

Does it record with audio?


Can it record in the dark?

No!  Although there is a setting to enable recording in low light conditions, this should not be confused with night vision recording.

Is it possible to integrate the device inside other items?

Yes.  Why not customise the micro box inside a tissue box or teddy bear or perhaps hollow out a book!  You would be surprised how easily the device blends into the environment when just placed on a shelf!  The possibilities are endless.

How does the battery performance for each full charge work?

Overall battery performance of the micro box is reflected on the quality of the settings you have selected for the device.  The higher the quality, the more battery will be consumed for each full charge.

For example:

  • 720P HD video resolution is used instead of standard 640 x 480 resolution
  • Audio is enabled
  • More than one (1) recording mode is used at the same time
  • Enabling the LED indicator
  • Increasing the recording split time from its default 10 minutes to 15 or 20 minutes
  • Enabling the auto-switch feature (constantly monitors light levels and adjusts the camera accordingly)
Is it possible to connect the micro box to a power supply or an external power bank?

Yes.  Connecting the micro box to the mains socket provides a consistent flow of power without the need to be concerned about battery drain. Connection to a power supply is ideal for longer term surveillance with the only limitation being the SD card capacity.  We can also supply an iSmart power bank which has a massive 6’700 mAh of additional battery power and generously helps maintain a consistently charged micro box when connected.  The iSmart power bank can be purchased separately from the drop down menu for just £15.00.

Are there any noises the micro box makes?

No.  Due to the absence of moving parts, there are no sounds, beeps, or any indicators that would draw attention to the box.

Where are the video recordings stored?

The micro box has a slot to accommodate a removable Micro SD card which is where all the video footage is stored to.  The SD card can be removed from the device and played on any Windows or Mac computer.

What size Micro SD card does the micro box take?

Maximum size is 64 GB – enough to hold 32 hours of HD video or 128 hours of standard video.

Can I change the time / date or other settings?

Yes.  You are supplied with both Windows and Mac software.  Simply connect the micro box to your computer then open the software to display the settings menu.  From here you can select different options to configure the device exactly how you want it to work for you.

Will the micro box record when motion activated?

Yes.  The device has several recording modes including continuous recording, motion movement recording, scheduled recording, vibration recording and sound activated recording.

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