NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device

NanoMag Real-Time Tracking Device

Trackerpro Live Car Tracker

Trackerpro Live Car Tracker

Mini Real-Time Car Tracker

A mini car tracker that can be placed inside a vehicle or attached to the underside with the supplied magnetic case.  Super accurate real time location tracking from wherever you are in the world, through your smartphone or computer. This GPS tracking device is weatherproof and offers between 7 days and 12 months tracking throughout the UK and Europe (per battery charge) depending on the reporting frequency. 

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Mini Magnetic A-GPS Car Tracker; with Street-Level LIVE Tracking from Computer or Mobile Phone

One of the smartest, and smallest real time tracking devices of its class, and provided with a waterproof case measuring just 69 x 49 x 30 mm, the Mini Real-Time Car Tracker can be used both inside and outside its casing depending on deployment for example: security and anti theft purposes.

The Mini Tracker ensures LIVE tracking from your computer or mobile phone is accurate, so you can see each street level turn by turn.  Everything is supplied ready to track from opening the box and guarantees outstanding reliability and performance using the latest GPS satelite technology.


The Mini Tracker can be changed to report its live location at variable times from five (5) seconds upwards from the secure tracking console.  This allows you to really see what real time tracking feels like, or increase the overall battery performance considerably.  Under normal tracking conditions based on two (2) hours driving per day = seven (7) days battery.  To extend the battery performance, simply change the live location report timings through the secure console.


Enable the flight / stealth mode feature from within the tracking console to remotely switch the tracker OFF for any specified period of time up to 16 hours.  The flight button can help further maximise the battery performance so power is conserved when you know the vehicle isn't being used.


The GPS Mini Real-Time Tracking Device can operate throughout the UK and Europe as standard, but for those seeking further afield for example: tracking throughout the USA, then an additional data usage fee will apply.  If using overseas please contact us prior to purchase.

All tracking journeys are recorded and stored for up to three (3) months for evidential purposes to your secure tracking console.  This is ideal if you wish to show proof of movements to a client or provide accurate location movements in the event of theft etc.  Furthermore, using the Geo fencing feature nudges you by SMS to your smartphone the moment your vehicle moves or enters an area of concern.

The Mini Tracker will comfortably please the most demanding surveillance operations including monitoring employee company vehicles, rental vehicles, plant machinery, trailers and containers, or for monitoring your vehicle or other valuable assets for security and insurance.


iPhone owners can download the FREE Apple iTunes mobile tracking app to login to your secure console and display real time movements, plus make minor changes to refine your tracking experience.


Select from P-A-Y-G or Unlimited tracking throughout the UK and Europe.


For further information on which tracking option is best for you, please read the FAQ page.

More Information
How long can the battery last for each charge?

Tracking performance is estimated based on how often the tracker reports to the console and how often the tracker is being used.  Its impossible to give accurate timescales as each tracker is used differently, therefore, as a rough guide, seven (7) days is a reasonable duration based on two (2) hours driving per day.

Integrated with a 1'300 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery, a standby time of 12 months can also be achieved when not in use.

Is there any way to extend the battery performance?

Yes.  The tracking console has a 'Flight Mode' button and once pressed allows you to specify a number of hours in which to remotely switch the tracker OFF (up to 16 hours each time).  Using this feature will extend the battery and should be used for example: when you know the car / motorbike etc is stationary overnight or for longer periods of time.  The tracker can remotely switched back ON again at anytime.

Can I remove the tracker from its magnetic case?

Yes.  The actual tracking device measures just 68 x 37 x 20 mm and can be used outside its magnetic case for use inside vehicles or parcels for example.  Place the tracking device inside its magnetic case (99 x 50 x 30 mm) for use deployed to metal areas.

Is it likely the tracker can detach from metal areas by a heavy knock?

There are two (2) riveted neodymium magnets with a combined pulling force of 40 KG, so it highly unlikely the case will detach from metal areas unless physically removed.

Is the tracking console user friendly?

Yes.  You can watch the tracker move around in real-time and also view, download and print every movement activity.

Is my tracking login secure?

Yes.  Each tracker is assigned a unique access login but you can also add an extra layer of protection by applying your own specified password access of which we do not have access to.

Can I recharge the device wirelessly?

No.  The tracker must be removed from the magnetic case, and connected to the mains power socket via the supplied charger.  The device will indicate by LED when fully charged.

Im unsure which is better - Unlimited or Pay-As-You-Go tracking?

P-A-Y-G tracking is best suited for the low user, for example: if you using for a few weeks and then putting it away for a few days, or weeks before being used again.  Used this way you are not excessively using the device and conserving Position Credits.

Unlimited tracking is cost effective over the longer period especially is being used excessively.  Another advantage of unlimited tracking eliminates topping up which can be a time factor especially if the tracker is being used for live operations.

SMS credits - please explain?

An SMS Credit is deducted from your console when you send an instruction to the tracker.  SMS Credits cost £12.00 per 100.

Position credits - please explain?

A Position Credit is deducted when the tracker begins to move, when moving along roads and when stopping.

Please Note: If either SMS or Position Credits reach zero (0), this will restrict the device from normal functionality.

Can I get a notification to inform me when the vehicle moves away?

Yes.  Notification can be sent directly to your mobile phone or email address.

Does the tracker work worldwide?

The tracker will work throughout the UK and European countries as standard.  For USA customers please contact us prior to purchase.

Technical Info
  • Miniature real-time tracking device
  • Very small size
  • Weatherproof design
  • Separate magnetic case
  • Selectable live tracking - 10 seconds - 60 minutes
  • Fully rechargeable in-built 1300 mAh lithium battery
  • Battery charging time - approx three (3) hours
  • Battery performance - approx seven (7) days live tracking (per charge)
  • Low battery power consumption
  • Latest UBlox chipset technology with high gain antenna for super fast A-GPS acquisition
  • Integrated motion sensor - provides the tracker with the ability to know when to power down and wake up to conserve valuable battery life
  • Geo-fencing - will alert you via SMS message when the vehicle enters or leaves any defined area you specify
  • Full drive reports - email or print off full detailed reports of every journey via the tracking console calendar
  • Flight mode feature - maximise the battery performance by switching the tracker ON or OFF from the tracking console when you don't need to use it
  • Standby time - 12 months
  • Battery status indicator - visually see the battery performance level on the console
  • Multiple tracking platforms including Google street view
  • Accurate tracking - 2.5 meters (to street level)
  • Secure tracking console
  • Automatic screen updates
  • No sight of sky
  • Play back visual journeys on the console
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Dimensions - 68 x 37 x 20 mm (tracker) / 99 x 50 x 30 mm (in magnetic case)
  • Weight - 58 grams
  • Supplied with A-GPS mini car tracker, genuine Apple USB plug, USB cable and User Guide
  • For theft management - ideal for monitoring your assets in real-time including your vehicle, plant machinery, holiday caravan, trailers, small packages and large containers

Please Note: Battery performance can be extended or reduced based on many factors including report times and GPS signal strength.  As an example; seven (7) days live tracking is based upon two (2) hours driving per day.  Maximum battery performance of 12 months can be achieved based on one (1) location per day.

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