Light Bulb Camera Recorder

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An easy-to-use light bulb surveillance camera that records in full colour during the day and IR night vision when it's dark.  This is the perfect motion activated home security CCTV camera for interior spaces, and as its screwed into a desk lamp should not arouse suspicion on a passing casual glance when placed in any room. 

Surveillance Recording Bulb Camera; with Night Vision for Home / Office Security

CCTV surveillance for the home, office, outbuildings etc with the Light Bulb Camera Recorder.  Simply screw this dummy light bulb into the supplied lamp to provide long term 24/7 monitoring - day and night.

The Light Bulb Camera Recorder does not require any technical skill to operate - simply insert a Micro SD card into the bulb, then screw the bulb into the lamp and its ready to go.  Using the supplied Widget software (for Windows), you can pre configure the bulb settings to record upon motion detection or record continuously.

Please note you will need to use your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.


For a limited time we are including either a small white or black coloured desk lamp in which the bulb camera is fitted.  Simply place the desk lamp within the environment you wish to monitor and the hidden camera will capture everything - even in complete darkness.

Recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card (not supplied) accompanied with audio and a time and date for evidential purposes.

  • Need to capture activity in your home or office even in complete darkness?
  • Need to catch the late night prowlers in your garden?
  • Need to surveillance a building, event, or activity?
  • Need to record activities over long periods in your absence?

Whatever your reasons, this Light Bulb Camera Recorder is easy-to-use.

Please Note: The bulb should not be considered a hidden spy camera and is noticeable as a camera when looking up close, but does work very well as a CCTV camera.

Click here if you require a more discreet surveillance bulb camera with a darker fascia.


We use a 2.8 mm camera lens to provide 110 degree wide field-of-view compared to standard 90 degree cameras.


Integrated around the bulb's camera lens are 36x invisible infa-red illuminators which provide superb recording capabilities even in complete darkness.  Furthermore, the LED indicator when recording can be disabled.

Remember, no technical skill is required, no wiring, and no complicated setup procedures - just pop a Micro SD card in the bulb and screw the bulb into the lamp to apply power.  Record real time colour video and audio during the day, black and white recording throughout the night.

Recordings can be viewed on any Windows or Mac computer - simply remove the Micro SD card and play back through Windows Media Player or any other compatible media device.

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