Android Nukem Surveillance Security App

Android Nukem Surveillance Security App

iPhone / Android Mobile Defence

This is the real deal.  A professional Android and iPhone real time security software.  Worried about malware, spyware and snooping?  Sleep easy at night thanks to this professional mobile defence service for Android and iPhone devices, involving deep root analysis and real time VIP protection.  This essential phone security service esures your device is protected from all threats at all times, keeping you notified of anything suspicious.

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iPhone & Android Mobile Phone Protection Of Malicious Apps And Snooping

This unique 'one of a kind' professional service is granted exclusivity to our clients in which a thorough cyber analysis of your Apple iPhone or Android device is conducted to deep scan software configurations and to notify you of intentionally malicious applications, digital firms and remote 'spying software' which may of been unknowingly installed or remotely installed without your knowledge.

The iPhone / Android Mobile Defense provides a highly advanced and comprehensive inspection of your handset is concluded using two (2) root scans and a detailed report outlines potentially serious vulnerabilities.  In addition to the professional two (2) tier analysis, we can also maintain a real-time invisible ring fence of your device using technology beyond the capability of normal anti-virus and firewall protection.


Officially it is reported that over 7.22 billion handsets are in use every day.  We store vast amounts of personal and corporate information on our mobile devices, however, with the ever advancing cyber technology, it is our mobile phones which are easily targeted and open to interception, fraud and remote monitoring than ever before.  We are already aware of government Smurf programs, hackers capabilities, and even a novice ex-partner can target a handset with freely available software tools.

The technology the team use to effectively scan, locate, isolate and continue to firewall your handset is not available to the general public except through special invitation, however, so confident in the service we offer means you can rest assure your handset remains extremely safe from being monitored, and in the worse case scenario syphoned of private and secure passwords with vulnerabilities including unauthorised bank account access.

There are many available services from reputable security companies which provide scanning of your mobile device in an effort to protect you from vulnerabilities for a monthly fee, however, the service we offer here goes much further and much more advanced.  The license cannot be purchased as an end user license - you cannot freely obtain this professional service from anywhere.  Where other software companies offer 'deep root' scans, they do only touch the surface and provide details of installed applications and their purpose.


The software licence provides a unique pillar in the defence structure to respond in real-time interacting with you (the client) whilst maintaining your complete privacy.

  • A completely thorough deep rooted scan of every aspect of the handset and a carefully structured analysis for suspicious activity, configuration and network attacks
  • Undertakes an in-depth cyber inspection to detect trojans or spyware including details about the attacker by using reverse engineering and honey pot techniques
  • Protects you from advanced and targeted mobile malware (VIP service)
  • Keeps you protected when connecting to unsecured WiFi networks (VIP service)
  • If required, the reports provided can be used as evidence in a court of law

Established by engineers and former army officers in the field of cyber and intelligence that entails over 20 years of experience in cyber warfare and information technology.  The company is the world's only remote testing service in which the client may continue to use the phone uninterrupted.  The company specialises specifically in the detection of malicious programs & trojan horses and provides their services to leading brand names in the fight against cyber hacking.

It should be noted that this is a professional and ethical service - there is absolutely No access to confidential data.


Granted by licence from Check Point Capsule as a base to safely install the software license via server & registration key.  The installation process is very simple.  Once installed, other advanced scanning tools are used which are specially programmed for the analysis to achieve a certain result.

  • Preliminary testing will be conducted over a 48 hour period to undertake a comprehensive scan of all applications, digital signatures and files.  This initial test assess the device, the operating system, all applications and the level of risk informing you of any spyware, malware, any applications with a dangerous authorisation, and for suspicious digital signatures and processes.  The test is also possible to know where any software application was also installed from
  • A secondary testing ends 72 hours later and after a thorough and more complex analysis of the handsets artefact, thus identifying malicious 'ghost' programs and complex trojan horses that may of been unknowingly installed or specifically targeted through remote installation.  This secondary testing process entails diverse and sophisticated software and techniques

For high profile clients we offer the VIP service in which the handset remains under real-time analysis as an ongoing service.  This service is suitable for individuals, businesses, corporate company employees, private investigators, police, government and private sectors who absolutely must ensure their handsets remain secure against intrusions for complete peace of mind.

More Information
Is it not possible to purchase this professional service elsewhere?

This service is offered to us by security professionals we have built a trusted relationship with over 10 years.  This is not a service you can buy 'off the shelf' or is freely available.  This is a unique and highly advanced ethical service we can provide which offers unsurpassed protection for high profile clients.

How do I know my personal information will not be accessed?

The software is not designed to read words or images nor is it designed to access, copy or modify information stored on a handset.  If this were the case, Check Point Capsule would not license the base installation.  This is a service with over 20 years experience combatting cyber warfare technology to ensure our information remains safe and secure.

My handset is already secured by a reputable anti-virus company, why do I need this?

In this case your handset is monitored by security companies which offer the same level of interrogation as our 48 hour initial report.  This is only a preliminary examination to identify installed applications and the level of intrusion they can access.  In fact, our preliminary scan is comprehensive in itself by scanning all applications, digital signatures and files.  The preliminary scan also assesses the operating system informing you of any spyware, malware, and reports any applications with a potentially dangerous authorisation.  In addition, the scan can also identify where any software application was installed from.

It is the secondary scan that leaves all competition for dust quite simply because this is not an easily accessible service to obtain.  This secondary scan is the development of highly skilled cyber security engineers which runs over a 72 hour period deep scanning and finding the most embedded malformations.  This scan deep roots the full architecture of the device much further than any other service of its kind.

How easy is the software to install and remove?

The process to install takes around one (1) minute by accepting the license and inputting your unique numerical and alphabetical code.  The removal process is simply a matter of deleting the app and severing the connection to our secured servers.

Can I use this service again at a later date?

Yes, of course.  A new installation license and code will be needed.  It should be noted that we also offer a 24/7 'around the clock' VIP service which continually monitors your handset for ultimate ongoing protection and provides unrivalled peace of mind that your handset is bug free.

Technical Info
  • A professional and ethical cyber analysis for iPhone & Android devices
  • Developed by personnel with over 20 years in cyber warfare & information technology
  • Licensed with Check Point Capsule to base install the security software
  • Deep root scanning and device artefact interrogation
  • Two (2) detailed reports - preliminary 48 hours / secondary 72 hours
  • Capable of identifying malicious software, apps, deep rooted programs, remote spy software, trojan horses + much more
  • Real-time monitoring and security for continued usage (optional)
  • Absolutely no access to your private data required
  • Software can be easily removed any time
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