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Place this ordinary looking iDock charger in any room environment for undercover filming in incredible ultra 2K HD.  An impressive motion activated spy camera runs on mains power for unlimited standby.  A password access menu allows you to fine tune recording, picture snapshot and other neat functions. 


iDock Charger; with Ultra HD Motion Activated Recording

An Ultra HD recording camera professionally integrated inside a non functional modern iDock charger.  For complete portability, the iDock Ultra HD Camera DVR can be powered by its own internal lithium battery or for long term video surveillance can be powered from a mains wall socket.  Video footage is captured by motion movement or continuously in true HD 1080P (upgradable to 2000P).  Picture snapshots can also be taken at the touch of a button.

The iDock is supplied with three (3) interchangeable base connectors to add authenticity however, it should be noted these USB connectors do not provide real charging capabilities.  The base connectors can be switched to give the appearance for use with an older iPhone, a newer iPhone or a mini USB connector.

The iDock Ultra HD Camera DVR is a high quality product - video footage and picture snapshots are password protected and accompanied with clear audio and a time & date stamp for evidential purposes.


For short term deployment of three (3) hours, the iDock can be powered by its own internal fully rechargeable lithium battery or for unlimited long term deployment, we include a 1.5 meter USB cable and Apple USB plug so the iDock can simply be plugged into any mains wall socket and the camera rotated to monitor any room direction.


A little switch on the side of the iDock allows you to change the recording mode between motion movement and continuous recording, depending on how you prefer to capture secret video footage.

A wide angled 120 degree HD camera lens is fitted to the front of the iDock and an in-built 32 GB storage capacity can hold a total of 24 hours of total recordable footage.  This could effectively operate for many months gathering undercover motion activated video footage.


Access to recorded video files and picture snapshots, including the setup menu are protected by an encrypted password via the Widget software for Windows computers.  Once accessed, the iDock can be adapted to operate to your requirements by simple clickable icons.


The reliability of this iDock device is marvellous.  Simply place the iDock within most room environments as a security and surveillance camera ready to capture events 'on the fly'.

More Information

What is ultra 2K resolution?

This refers to the video resolution of the camera.  Most surveillance cameras now offer 720P resolution which is perfectly adequate however, very high 1080P resolution is the ceiling most professional cameras aim for.  This iDock goes another step higher with 2000P resolution although many media players do not support this super high resolution.  It should therefore be considered future proof ready for the next generation.

Where is the surveillance camera fitted?

The camera is fitted to the front of the iDock so that recording faces outwards.

Can I use the iDock to charge my mobile phone?

No.  This is a non functional iDock.  Supplied are three (3) interchangeable base connectors to give the illusion for use with iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Does the iDock support motion movement recording?

Yes.  Both motion activated recording and continuous recording is available at the flick of a switch!  All recorded video footage is captured with clear audio and a time & date stamp for evidential purposes.  The audio and / or the time & date can be switched OFF too if preferred.

How is the iDock powered?

For short term use over a three (3) hour period the iDock can use its own internal lithium battery which is ideal for deploying the device almost anywhere.  For unlimited power, simply connect the iDock to a mains wall socket via the supplied USB cable and Apple USB mains plug.

What if somebody inspects the iDock, will they suspect anything unusual?

If physically interrogated the charging connectors can be removed and will appear suspicious, however, visually the iDock looks completely authentic.  This device is best used in your own home / office environment as a security surveillance camera.

Does the iDock support night vision recording?


Will the camera angle record the entire room?

Yes.  The camera has a wide angled 120 degree field-of-view, therefore, the hidden camera will capture a decent scope area of a room.

How much recordable footage can the device hold?

The iDock is fitted with 32 GB internal flash memory which is enough to store approx 24 hours of total recordable footage.

Can I play back the video recordings on my Apple Mac?

No.  The device is designed for Windows operating systems only.

Technical Info
  • Non functional modern iDock with recording surveillance camera
  • HD 1080P full colour video resolution
  • Future proof ready for ultra 2000P video resolution
  • Motion activated recording
  • Continuous recording
  • Superior MPU A7 Amberella AV grade chipset
  • Super fast one (1) second recording once triggered
  • Old iPhone, new iPhone and mini USB interchangeable base connectors for the illusion of working use
  • Battery and mains powered operation
  • Battery operational time - three (3) hours
  • Mains powered operational time - unlimited
  • Low light sensitivity - 1900 Mv / Lux-sec 550 nm
  • Photo resolution - three (3) / five (5) / eight (8) / 12 megapixel
  • Video format - AVI
  • Photo format - Jpeg
  • Memory capacity - in-built 32 GB
  • Recording capacity - 24 hours of total recordable storage
  • Integrated audio
  • AGV and noise cancelling audio buffer
  • Time & date stamp
  • Password protected access
  • Camera sensor - 1/3.2" CMOS / three (3) megapixel
  • Camera lens - F 2.7 / 3.4 mm / 4G optical
  • Field of view - 120 degrees
  • Frame rate - 30 frames per second
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • LED indicator status
  • Battery level and memory storage indicator
  • Power supply - DC 5 V
  • Dimensions - 80 x 65 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 80 grams
  • Compatibility - Windows operating system
  • Supplied with iDock HD DVR, interchangeable base connectors, USB cable, FREE 1.5 meter USB cable and FREE genuine Apple USB plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for security and surveillance use within the home / office for evidential purposes


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