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At first glance, this HD watch camera looks just like any other watch, and it even functions normally as a watch. Its clever secret is a full colour HD 720P video camcorder with nearly an hour's recording time per charge, making it the perfect body worn companion for discreet surveillance on the move.  A heavy duty and watch that doesnt disappoint.

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Functional Gent's HD Camera Watch; with Switchable Battery and SD Card Storage

This men's wrist watch can be worn as a normal timepiece however, it is a HD Watch Camera with a removable SD card storage, and currently the only watch with an interchangeable lithium battery.

The watch has a smart appearance with a stainless steel fascia and a comfortable rubberised wrist strap.  By visual inspection the watch cleverly blends the video camera and IR illumination for complete peace of mind.  The recording button is unmarked and the entire operation is child's play.  There are no LED's whilst recording which makes this Watch Camera suitable for people who need to obtain crucial video footage under close scrutiny.


The watch battery can be interchanged (2x supplied) so you can switch a drained battery for a fully charged battery and continue recording.  Each fully charged battery provides approx 50 minutes of video recording time.


All video footage is stored to a Micro SD card (supplied) concealed inside the watch.  Using an SD card storage is advantageous because the memory is also interchangeable and this makes play back of video footage compatible with Windows and Mac computers without any special software.


Capture 1280 x 720 full colour video @ 30 FPS (frames per second).  Recording is accompanied with audio and a time and date stamp for evidential purposes.

Please Note: Although the HD Watch Camera produces the same film quality as any other 720P watch camera, the footage is real resolution and not upscaled artifically using cheap software.


The camera lens can detect visual distance to ensure picture recording remains in focus whether you are close up or further away.


The spy watch is integrated with an invisible IR which automatically activates when low light is detected.  Realistically, we feel this is a gimmick however, if recording within a 30 cm distance is required the illumination will help.


The watch will automatically save the last video recording before the internal lithium battery drains, so should you forget to manually stop recording, all important video files are not lost.


Any computer running Windows or Mac operating systems is compatible with this watch.


The HD Watch Camera is a nice looking and sturdy timepiece, but a superb hands free body worn recording accessory for capturing evidence in most indoor and outdoor environments.

More Information
This watch is more expensive than other camera watches..why is this?

This watch has not been mass produced and provides a more robust and reliable performance not found in other watch models.  The main points are:

  • Robust build quality (fingers, clasps or watch straps will not come in your hands)
  • Records every time
  • Removeable SD card storage
  • Switchable lithium battery for extra recording time
  • True HD (not upscaled resolution)
Can I wear the watch as a functional timepiece?

Yes. The watch is heavy duty and can be worn as a normal to display the correct time.

How is the watch and camera powered?

A single lithium battery powers both the timekeeping and the recording function. A much better improvement of this watch compared to many others is that the battery can be interchanged so when one battery drains, you can switch them over.

Is it possible to tell if the watch has a recording function?


How do I charge the watch?

Simply remove the centre screw to reveal the USB charging port. Connect the watch to your computer via the supplied USB cable to recharge the lithium battery and also access the recorded footage.

Does the watch look big and bulky?

This is a chunky heavy duty watch but does not stand out from all the various shapes and sizes of modern watches available today.

How many recording modes are there?

The watch has two (2) recording functions:

  • Video (with audio)
  • Picture snapshot
Is the recording quality of good standard?

Yes. The watch is fitted with a 720P HD video camera which produces true video. So, whilst the footage may look the same as many watch cameras it is not using artificial upscaling software. In addition (although not a wow factor) an invisible 940 nm illumination will automatically activate under low light conditions up to 30 cm's.

Why is the watch camera upside down?

When you wear the watch and cross your arms the video camera is the correct way upwards.

Will the angle of the spy camera record a large room?

The watch has a 60 degree auto focus field-of-view camera to capture most indoor & outdoor environments. It is recommended to practice to understand camera distance and angle capabilities to produce the best footage.

How long is the recording time?

Each switchable lithium battery powers the camera for approx 50 mins. This is ample recording time for the majority of uses however, the watch battery can be interchanged with a spare so you can continue recording.

How much memory storage does the watch have?

The watch uses an SD card storage and comes pre-inserted with a 16 GB Micro SD card. The maximum storage size is 32 GB.

How do I play back recorded footage?

Either connect the watch to your Windows or Mac computer via the supplied USB cable or remove the Micro SD card and insert into your computer.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional wrist watch with video surveillance recording camera
  • Stainless steel fascia with soft rubberised wrist straps
  • Heavy duty design
  • Two (2)x switchable lithium batteries (rechargeable)
  • Battery powers both camera and watch
  • HD 720P video resolution @ 30 FPS
  • True video resolution (not upscaled)
  • Auto low light 940 nm IR - enhances images up to 30 cm
  • Auto pan focus - adjusts the camera (near / far) to correct focus
  • Recording modes - video / picture snapshot
  • Recording format - MOV / AVI / JPG
  • Recording time - approx one (1) hour per battery (per charge)
  • Recording storage - Micro SD card
  • Maximum storage - 32 GB
  • Video resolution - 1280 x 720
  • Picture pixels - two (2) mega
  • Picture resolution - 1600 x 1200
  • Viewing angle - 60 degrees
  • Time & date stamp (ON / OFF)
  • USB connection
  • LED indicator status (not visible when recording)
  • Used as a Mass Storage for holding documents etc
  • Battery consumption - 500 mAh / 3.7 V
  • Voltage - DC 5 V
  • Charging time - approx two (2) hours
  • Storage temperature - -20 - -80 degrees
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 60 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Dimensions - 50 x 45 x 15 mm (watch face)
  • Supplied with HD watch camera, 2x switchable batteries, 16 GB SD card, USB cable, genuine Apple USB plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering hands free video surveillance footage evidence
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