GSM Long Life Listening Bug

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Need to listen into your home or office for longer?  Choose this long life GSM audio device, offering up to 6 weeks standby time per charge.  Dial into the SIM card to listen in live from your smartphone, or receive an alert from the sound detection function - another clever feature that can help to preserve the battery life and notify you in the event of a security breach.  

GSM Long Life Listening Bug; with Six (6) Weeks Battery and Sound Detection Feature

This is a relatively small audio device which uses the GSM network to allow you to listen into the environment from your smartphone.  The GSM Long Life Listening Bug with Sound Detection measures 70 x 35 x 40 mm and fitted with a 5200 mAh lithium battery which provides up to six (6) weeks standby time on a single charge.

The GSM Long Life is ideal for security monitoring of the target environment for example: in a room, vehicle, stockroom etc.  Not only can you call the unit at any time to listen to the surrounding events in real time (from your mobile phone) but it can also call your mobile when sound is detected.  This allows you to confirm unauthorised access to your property whilst you are absent.  Simply insert any standard SIM card and you are ready to go.


Once enabled, the GSM Long Life will actively monitor for audio waves, and then call your mobile phone to notify you sound has been detected.  It should be noted that standby time is reduced by up to 70% when sound activation is enabled.  This is due to the unit constantly monitoring for sound threshold changes above 60 dB and therefore, using more battery resources.

Please Note: We will supply a pre-fitted SIM card however, if you purchase the optional Sound Detection feature which notifys your mobile phone when sound is detected then you will need to top-up the SIM card with credit (or any SIM card you use) in order to use the Sound Detection feature.

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