Remote Car Fob Surveillance Voice Recorder

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A law enforcement grade surveillance audio recorder in the guise of a normal looking car fob.  The windows based Widget software allows you to fine tune recorder settings depending on the working environment.  Multiple recording modes plus up to 95 days standby time and 185 hours recording time from a single charge.  Last but not least, the integrated audio microphone is one of the best in its industry for super clear quality.

Remote Car Fob Style Voice Recorder; with 185 Hours Recording Time and Voice Activation

A new addition to our professional range of surveillance voice recorders is this modern high quality Remote Car Fob.  Designed at law enforcement level, by appearance this Car Fob can be visually examined whilst providing a full range of audio surveillance capabilities.

A full charge is capable of providing approx 95 days standby time, and a whopping 185 hours (seven (7) days) of recording time.  Each cleverly engineered product is hand built and integrated with one of the best microphones in the world - capable of picking up conversations some 30 feet, and even whispers at 6 feet from where the fob is situated.

The design of the Car Fob is self contained with a single recording switch and a USB connection - both of which are neatly tucked away.  Measuring just 65 x 35 x 15 mm, this Remote Car Fob Surveillance Voice Recorder can be carried on a set of keys, or placed on a shelf, table or desk etc within a room environment to capture clear audio 'on the fly' or over time periods whien you are absent.


With selectable recording modes including voice activated recording, continuous recording, scheduled recording - and even voice activated recording during scheduled times, this fob really is a brilliant piece of spy equipment and due to the absence of moving parts, operates silently in operation and robust enough to function in a wide temperature range.


Designed for use with Windows Operating Systems, this precise Widget software allows you to pre configure the Car Fob Surveillance Recorder which is then saved to the device's internal flash memory.  Choose from a selection of powerful features to maximise the recording time, audio quality, pre scheduled recording dates, plus much much more.

The electronics board utilises a real time clock and calendar so all audio recordings can be time and date stamped for evidential purposes.  Audio files can also be password protected.  To access audio files connect the Car Fob to your Windows computer via the supplied USB cable and open the Widget software to accurately navigate each audio timeline.  You can also download recorded audio as .WAV files to your computer.

This is a professional audio recorder for those who appreciate superior high end audio with exceptionally long standby and recording times.

More Information
Can I use the remote car fob for body worn recording?

Yes.  The recorder is self contained without removable batteries or any moving parts within the casing.  It is perfect for recording high sensitive meetings either inside a pocket, or left in full view.   The car fob can also be deployed as a static audio recorder within a target location for example; home, office, vehicle etc.

How long can the car fob record for?

The Widget Tool software will display the available recording time based upon the selected audio setting, however, you can expect around 185 hours when using the lowest audio quality.  We advise using a setting between 16'000 kHz - 22'000 kHz (highest audio quality) which will reduce the recording time but produce absolutely clear and crisp audio quality.

Is the car fob easy to use?

Yes.  The fob has only one (1) recording switch so it is extremely simple to operate.

Is the car fob equipped with a voice activated recording mode?

Yes.  From the Widget Tool software simply select voice activation recording.  In addition, the car fob is also equipped with other recording modes including continuous recording, and scheduled recording - so you can pre set a time & date in advance when you want the recorder to start / stop recording.

Can I use scheduled recording & voice activation recording together?

Yes.  This rather unique feature allows the car fob to be activated for recording during pre set times you specify, but to only record when it detects audio.

Is the audio microphone sensitive enough?

Yes.  All our professional recorders use the smallest and best microphones in the industry.  In fact, the quality is so good, it can pick up whispers within the vicinity making it the perfect choice for journalists, private investigators and police forces.

How can I access the recorded content?

Recorded audio file/s are stored to the car fobs internal four (4) GB flash memory in WAV format.  Simply connect the car fob to a Windows computer using the Widget Tool software, and you can access the folder containing the files.  If you have set a password in advance, then you will need to type the correct password otherwise there is no possible way to access the files.

Is the car fob compatible with Mac computers?

No.  The Widget Tool software is only compatible with the Windows operating systems at this time.

Can the audio files be downloaded to my computer?

Yes.  Simply select the files you wish to transfer from the car fob to your computer and press the 'export recordings' button.

Technical Info
  • Surveillance voice recording remote car fob
  • Professionally engineered for outstanding quality
  • Single recording switch operation
  • High sensitivity integral microphone with a 30 feet range
  • Widget Tool software for easy record settings
  • LED indicator will notify you of start / stop recording (the LED can be disabled using the Widget Tool software)
  • Standby time - 95 days
  • Recording time - up to 185 hours / seven (7) days
  • Storage capacity - internal four (4) GB flash memory
  • Low power consumption
  • Encrypted password protection
  • Time & date stamp
  • Real time clock & calendar
  • Voice activated recording mode
  • Continuous recording mode
  • Scheduled recording mode - specify a time & date to start / stop recordings
  • Scheduled timer with voice activation mode - record upon voice activation between a specified time & date
  • Selectable sample rates - 5.5000 KHz / 8'000 KHz / 11'000 KHz / 16'000 KHz / 22'000 KHz (highest audio quality)
  • Selectable compression settings
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Dynamic range - -65 dB
  • Frequency band - 0.1 - 10 KHz
  • Signal processing by 16-bit audio codec
  • Automatic gain control (AGC with noise filtering technology)
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 data transfer to PC
  • Dimensions - 65 x 35 x 15 mm
  • Compatible with the Windows operating system
  • Supplied with remote car fob surveillance voice recorder, USB cable, Widget Tool software and User Guide
  • Ideal for police, businesses or individuals whom appreciate exceptional quality workmanship, superior audio, and excellent standby & recording times.
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